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Cute And Funny Bedding Designs. Why settle for plain and boring when you can have fun and unique? We’ve put together a collection of awesome bedding for kids and adults that will jazz up your bedrooms. They are all available right here on Awesome Inventions so if you see something you love then you know where to get it. Our favorite is the trampoline bedding set, because who doesn’t love to jump up and down on their beds?! Princess Bedding Set Your little girl will love climbing into bed and instantly turning into a real life Princess! Find it here: Princess Bedding Set Flamenco Bedding Set If your little girl loves to dance then she’ll love this stunning dress she can wear when she gets under her covers! Astronaut Bedding Set Make your little space explorer feel great as he gets into bed at night. Firefighter Bedding Set Let your little man save the day with this awesome bedding!

Trampoline Bedding Set Jumping on the bed will be even more fun! Her Side His Side Bedding Set Finally, some bedding that actually makes sense! Make It Sew | Unicorn and Stars Wall Hanging - Cloud9 Fabrics. We have had a great response to our Holding Horses quilt for Aneela Hoey’s Stay Gold collection and there was more than one request/suggestion to make it a unicorn. And here it is! We modified the silhouette a little and we think this version, appliquéd expertly by Linda Spiridon and quilted magically by Sue Papalia sparkles in We Are All Stars. This is only a template. You can scale it to any size you like but this is printed at 100% the size you see in the photo. Use whatever appliqué methods you like best on whatever size panel you care for. You can also make an entire quilt by piecing blocks together. For a more whimsical wall hanging, try some fancy trims. Download the 4 page template here.

A New Outfit for Dolly... Hello out there in bloggy land! Today I'm showing you the little dress and matching bib that I sewed for Sophies new doll...who's name is officially Dolly by the way:) It's a cute little wrap around dress... using only 2 fabrics and it could be reversible if you wanted to make it that way...but first...on to the bib.

I chose a yellow Sew Cherry print and the yellow Sew Cherry solid for the bib...I also used white flannel for the back of the bib. I chose the red Sew Cherry gingham for the front of the dress and the red Sew Cherry daisies for the dress lining. I used a really cute baby bib pattern by Amy at Lots of Pink Here...thanks Amy! I copied it at only 33.3% to make it small enough for Dolly. Click here to go visit Amy and her cute blog and also to download her free pattern! I sewed the front of the bib together and added some ric-rac... Then I layed it face down on the flannel and sewed 1/8" around the edges. I left an opening at the bottom for turning... And I cut out the flannel to match the xx. 20 Brilliant Ideas for Parents and Their Kids. Parents are not only strict teachers, but often very inventive people who always think of new and fascinating ways to improve their everyday life and make it brighter.

We at Bright Side have collected 20 amazing ideas of such improvements for you to take a look at. Drawing canvas If your kid loves drawing, you will definitely like the idea of a paper roll and a picture frame on your wall. Colorful sneakers Take a couple of felt-tip pens and some alcohol, and you can create your own unique pattern on white sneakers. Magnetic cups If your kids can’t reach the high kitchen shelves, use some magnets and glue them to your kids’ cups. A no-spill cup Use plastic cups with lids from coffee, ice cream, or yoghurt for making works of art — glue, paint, or water won’t spill on the table. Anti-sliding glue If your kid slips in their shoes, use a glue gun — a couple of glue strips on the soles will help prevent a fall. A bed-desk You can easily remake your kid’s bed into a writing desk. Never miss a pill Bathing. Princess Pinky Girl. World Inside Pictures. Hey, hey, are you trying to find some inspiration for the lazy holydays? This post is exact what you need.

All you need is will for doing something fun for your little kids or nephews, and some old socks or winter knitted glows. The inspiration, let be given by our side. We want to show you how to surprise the little ones with some new toy – doll without spending a dollar.So, are you ready? Firs, find few old without pair sock, it is preferable to be in different color.

Second you need needle and thread, and finally you need cotton for filling the toy. 1.Baby Sock Monkey source 2.sock caterpillar source 3.Plush soft sculpture monster. source 4.Sock chicken source 5.Plush sock snail source 6.Sock Giraffe source 7. Source 8.sock giraffe doll source 9.Socktopuss and Sock-Cock source 10.Sock flamingo source 11.plush elephant source 12. sock mouse source 13.sock alien doll source 14.plush fox doll source. Duck Tape® Cupid Wings for Valentine's Day! All opinions are 100% mine. Duck Brand® Cupid/Angel Wings! Super simple to make and would be ultra adorable in baby size! Imagine a super sweet Valentine photo shoot with a little naked bum and tiny wings on baby's back! Maybe a little Duck Brand® Arrow too! You will need some Duck Brand® Duck Tape! Any of these colors would be awesome... I went with WHITE. I know my daughter can use these wings for Angel costumes around Christmas...or for Halloween...maybe some kind of winged warrior!

Super Versatile! Okay, here goes! Roll out about 12 inches of tape Fold it over on itself carefully Then cut and repeat. I used about 1 1/2 rolls of tape. These wings fit an adult if you are doing baby size, you will use 1 roll or less. Cut the tips like feathers. Repeat. Next you will need: White craft foam more Duck Brand® Duck Tape 1/4" Elastic eyelet setter/eyelets scissors hot glue/gun craft sticks Cut 2 big wings out of foam. I used large 12 by 20" pieces...they are like big commas. and craft sticks. Set the eyelets. DIY Beach Fairy Garden Tutorial - Shrimp Salad Circus. DIY Nesting Dolls - The Pretty Life Girls. 35 Craft Stick Crafts and Activities. Craft sticks, popsicle sticks, lollipop sticks, tongue depressors.

Whatever you call them they are a fabulous, versatile and inexpensive craft and art material. There are so many things you can do with them and to inspire you we have a super round up of craft stick crafts and activities. How adorable are these craft stick super heroes. Simple to make and perfect for pretend play. Tweens and teens with love making Craft Stick Bracelets. You can paint them, wrap them in yarn or use washi tape. These craft stick flowerpots would make a brilliant teacher appreciation gift. This craft stick wall hanging makes the perfect collaborative art project Craft Stick Robots – These are totally adorable.

My boys never tire of making craft stick catapults. adore anything miniature and these craft stick skateboards are the perfect size for dolls and LEGO! These magic wand reading pointers are perfect for emerging readers. Explore the science of sound with these craft stick harmonicas. Animal Craft Stick Crafts. Make a mother and child heart necklace. Today I want to share with you how to make a mother and child heart necklace with polymer clay. This is inspired by one of my favorite preschool books, No Matter What by Debi Gliori (UK Link/US Link). No Matter What is the story of Small and his questions about love and life. “Does love wear out?” Said Small. A mother and child necklace is the perfect accompaniment to the book as they remind children that they are always in your heart and you love them no matter what. We made our necklaces with polymer clay which we marbled inspired by these clay heart charms by Buggy and Buddy for Red Ted Art.

Materials: Polymer clay – we used FIMO Kids (UK Link/US Link)Heart shaped cookie cutters (UK Link/US Link)Heart Fondant Plunger Cutters (UK Link/US Link)Rolling pin (UK Link/US Link)Silicone mat (UK Link/US LinkBakers Twine (UK Link/US Link) Start my marbling your chosen clay (you can see how to do this on our video) and then rolling it out to your desired thickness (about 3mm). Great Crafts and Activities for Summer Fun. LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM REVEAL — Colors and Craft. When we moved in almost 6 years ago, we used this room as our bedroom, then I painted it grey and it was our guest room for just over three years. When Elly moved out of the nursery, I moved her in to this room.

I liked the grey, but after painting the trim white in her room, the grey just looked a little drab. I decided to give the room a new paint color and add some new things to make this a little girl's room. I had a whole color scheme worked out with the grey so that I wouldn't have to repaint the walls... but as I got working on it, I just didn't like it. I kept thinking that this needs to look like a little girl's room-not a guest room. {I painted the walls, the trim, got new blinds, added a bookshelf, two gallery walls, a new light fixture and new cushions for the glider} {My two little gallery walls} {I switched out the IKEA knobs for some from Hobby Lobby} {I got the birdcage, bird and ampersand (those two I spray painted gold) from Hobby Lobby.

{My homemade hair bow holder} 16 Gifts To Make Any Unicorn Lover Go Nuts. Sandy Shores DIY Volcano. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy RightsRevised and posted as of October 28, 2016 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically. In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document.

This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights.How we collect information and what information we collect.How we may use information.How we may share information.Your choices regarding the sharing of information. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/YOUR AGREEMENTCompany websites are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 or those who are not legal residents of the United States. HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION AND WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We also collect information through our web server applications. HOW DO WE USE THIS INFORMATION? Alice and LoisDIY Tooth Fairy Pillow. Calla lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. Harper wanted to make her a tooth fairy pillow just like the one I had made her a few years ago. One thing that Harper wrote on her “Summer List” was to sew with her mama. Perfect! This pillow is very simple and is a great sewing project to do with kids. You can really add personality to this simple project by your fabric selection.

Read more for the full tutorial. Supplies: quilting weight fabric (half yard) // pocket fabric (linen) // pillow filling // black fabric pen // sewing machine Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios, all rights reserved. Tooth Fairy Tradtions. There is one thing we ALL have in common……….we all lose our baby teeth. And most all of us remember the excitement and mystery of visits from the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is a tradition that has stood the test of time with so many great customs from trailing fairy dust, to miniature doors and tooth-shaped pillows to special coins or just good ole hard cash … all for the magical fairy in exchange for the pearly whites. Your little one is in bed with a shiny, baby tooth under the pillow — now what? Here are some fun ideas to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy a special event! Special Tooth Fairy Door my life my loves and nest of posies This has to be one of my favorite ideas!

Magic Fairy Dust and Gold Coins moore minutes Most fairies leave a trail of glittery fairy dust, and how about leaving a special gold coin instead of a dollar bill? Tooth Fairy Pocket heart made blog Tooth Fairy Pillow Martha Stewart I love this cute little DIY Tooth Pillow craft. Glittered Tooth Fairy Money. 15 Summer Boredom Busters. Cute Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern. You know what I love to do? Make up cloth doll patterns and sew up cute little cloth dolls for all the darling little girls in my life. Wait what?! Right-I don’t have any little girls in my life. In fact, I had to borrow my adorable little model from a friend. Let me tell you really why I sewed up some cute little fabric dolls and created a pattern this week. A few months back I was contacted by a wonderful agency-Enchanted Makeovers-about working with them to make Women’s and Children’s Shelters a more welcoming place for the little ones there. So I did. The thing they didn’t know when they contacted me is that I was a social worker before having kids.

It was a challenge for me to create this pattern-but it was a fun challenge! So, I am giving you this pattern and you can sew it up for all the little girls in your life. Here is the address to send it to: Enchanted Makeovers 12663 Hipp St Taylor, MI 48180 I encourage you to go to their website and see all the wonderful work they do! Doll Pattern & Tutorial. Hey guys! We’ve got another great sewing contributor debuting on Crazy Little Projects today. It’s Karly from Paisley Roots sharing a doll pattern for you to sew! This project could be a great gift, whether for the holidays or for anytime, because you can personalize and customize and make it perfect for your recipient.

Change the skin, the hair, the clothes, to whatever works for you! Bet you’ve got some kiddos who will LOVE this doll pattern and tutorial! One of the best things about this pattern is that it’s great for scrap busting. The doll measures 19.5″ tall, which is just perfect for kiddo’s to snuggle up with! Once you have that downloaded and printed, we can now get on with the instructions! Pepper Doll Pattern: Supplies Needed: Fat Quarter Cotton PrintFat Quarter Cotton Solid1/4 yard Felt or FlannelMatching ThreadPoly-fil Instructions: Cut out all of your pieces from the pattern.

Now let’s dress your doll! Pepper Doll Dress Pepper Scarf Cast on 20 stitches. That’s it! 20 Crafts to do with Kids This Summer. Silly Sludge. Hi Sugar Bee Readers! I’m Shatzi from Love and Laundry. I’m a mom of three kiddos and I love crafting, cooking, sewing, and especially playing with my kids. (I don’t really love laundry, though. That’s kind of a joke!) My kids love to do all kinds of arts and crafts! I’m not much of an artist, so I just let them handle that part. Silly Sludge is goopy and droopy.

Plus, it kind of acts like Silly Putty and copies things from the newspaper! I love it because it’s not as messy as Play Dough. Here’s what you need: For one small batch:1/2 bottle of glue (or 1/4 cup)a little less than 1/4 cup of water + 1/4 cup hot water1/2 teaspoon boraxFood Coloring Borax is so easy to find! To make Silly Sludge, first start by measuring and pouring the glue into a glass bowl. Then add a little less than 1/4 cup of water and stir it until it’s mixed up pretty well. Add in a tiny bit of food coloring. Set that bowl aside. Now comes the fun (and educational) part! Thanks for reading! About the Author.

How to Make ANY Pinata for Cheap: 7 Steps (with Pictures) 200+ Dough and Clay Crafts for Kids. {diy with style} Tutorial for a Play Tent with a Roof Covered In Old Ties | Blue i Style. 100 summer ideas in mason jars. Make DIY Wood Shim Flowers! #LowesCreator -- Tatertots and Jello. 9 Easy And Fast Clay DIYs To Excite Your Children - Shelterness.