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Framed DIY Art

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I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

When we have nice long weekends I think to think to myself "D, how can you make a perfectly good weekend stressful and un relaxing?!?!? " Don't worry... I'm very very good at figuring out these little riddles of mine : ) This past weekend was Ms. Amber's 1 year birthday. Just take my word for it :) I made these little paper blossoms a few months ago and have been toying around with them ever since, trying to decide which wreath, box or other item to attach them to.

I finally decided that they were cute enough to make a simple little display of their own. What do you think? I started off by taking one of the books that I use for all of my book page crafts and cutting out a bunch of circles in various sizes. I made sure that the circles were very rough so that piling them on top of one another would be more interesting-looking, meaning that some that were more oval than circular, and several had straight edges or points. Once I had a good stack of circles, I grabbed my brown stamp pad and inked the edges. I then stacked a pile from largest to smallest, trimming up a few circles and sliding some of the “petals" out of the center a bit to make them stand out more. I then removed the push pin and replaced it with a brad to secure the blossom. Ta da! It is our 100th post (hooray!)

And we are celebrating by having a work-free day, eating cup cakes and giving away one of our button pictures (mondo cherry girls love a good freebie!) We have had such fun writing this blog - who knew that blogging could bring so much satisfaction. Sometimes it can be challenging writing on behalf of all three of us, but being so similar we often come up with the same ideas. We are just so blessed that we enjoy each other's company so much.

Thanks for all your comments, we love reading them and appreciate the feedback on our work. Before we started mondo cherry we had absolutely know idea that such an addictive blogging world existed. Back in the last craft room I had a wall of frames with a quote in them.

I wanted to reuse the frames in the new area, so I sprayed them all yellow and gray. I decided to go for a bolder, more interesting layout this time around and I added objects. Here's how it turned out. We laid out the frames on the ground first. I'm way too impatient to do the whole make-frames-out-of-paper-to-test-the-layout-thing. After all the frames were up I started hunting for random objects to put in them. I absolutely adore this “bird cage” illustration by Emma SanCartier.

And I wanted to make this small piece of art stand out. I could have mounted it in an up-sized frame with generous matting. I decided to make a frame-within-a-frame instead, mostly because I already had all the supplies on hand. The frames were thrift store finds, and the fabric was a scrap I picked up from Fabmo. To buy your own “bird cage” print or any of Emma’s other gorgeous prints, go to her Etsy shop. I kind of have an obsession with frames.

I love them-not matter the shape or size. In fact-the funkier the better. We have been very busy making different colour ways in our vintage petals design and I have been keen to see a selection hung as a group.

This spot above the sofa is where I normally hang my six different coloured butterflies, and is the first thing you see when you walk in the room. Quick!

Rush over to Target and hit up the dollar bins! You're looking for the white frames that look like this: Trace the insert onto some cute scrapbook paper and cut it out. Fit the paper into the frame. Cut out some letters that spell LOVE and glue them down. Assemble it back together in the frame with the glass. Use a glass tile and cut a piece of old book paper to fit. I am SO excited to be back at U Create with a project that I hope you’ll love!

My name is Jamie. I am an interior designer and the author of the blog, [kreyv]. My favorite projects are [so cheap, so easy], and today, I am sharing a project that is both…plus, it’s super chic: Jute Twine Art. Jute TwineTape (I used painter’s tape, because it can be removed easily from the mat if needed, but any strong tape will work.)Poster Board for BackgroundPaint for Background (I used Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage.)Paintbrush Now for the whopper of a tutorial: one) paint your poster board, and cut it to size; two) tape the twine to the back of the mat in the pattern of your choice; three) assemble your frame, and hang it up! There you have it, cheap, easy, and chic art!