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Functional Apartment Entryway. We know how it is in are provided with a somewhat long, narrow hallway with bare walls on both sides.

Functional Apartment Entryway

Sound nonfunctional? We can change that! Here's the reveal of the entryway I just updated in my apartment, (it used to be completely empty): This is the view from when you enter the apartment. And the view from inside. This cute little stool works great for holding my son's diaper bag and is of course also meant for sitting on while taking off and putting on shoes. The stool is on clearance at Target right now for $29.98, originally $59.99. Decorate a Small Foyer. Thanks to Cost Plus World Market for kindly providing the gorgeous, shiny things for this makeover.

Decorate a Small Foyer

Affiliate links are used in this post. My teeny tiny foyer has been in a sad state. I painted it a few years ago, added that DIY custom built corbel floating shelf, and then promptly neglected it since then. That light fixture has been a thorn in my side, too. So ugly. The space is small, and technically only the left half of it is usable since the door has to open. That meant I needed a new light fixture (top) and a new rug (bottom) plus some accessories in between to tie it all together. I ended up going with the Brass Starburst Collin Chandelier.

I am so thrilled to share my latest project with you.

I decided to convert the coat closet in our foyer into an all purpose utility closet. I needed a place where I could store all of those odds and ends that I seem to use everyday into one central location. The closet before was just a catch all for alot of useless stuff. Let me take you on a step by step tour of what I did..... I first started by clearing all of the clutter out of the closet and hanging a piece of scrap pegboard that I found in the garage. The white pegboard needed a little color so I took a roll of fabric tape (washi tape) and placed it on the board. I wanted all of my tools in one location in the house. This unit is the ALEX unit from IKEA.

The Mudroom Entry project is finally done!

AFTER It is finally finished and I am content with the outcome, hurrah! Let's go back to the beginning of this project, shall we. It began here! After Mr. [This is day 2 in a series called 31 Days to an Organized Home.

Click here to see all of the series posts to date.] What better place to start organizing our homes than in the entry way? It's the first place you encounter when you come home, and by necessity it is often a small space that holds a lot of stuff. This is especially true of the coat closet. Here is my coat closet. I created a dry erase memo board to remind me of things I need to take with me when heading out. Drum roll please.....

It's finally done! Our once small, useless, overly-cluttered-builder-grade coat closet has officially turned into a functional, prettier, more organized entryway nook! If you've missed out on our Entryway Closet Makeover journey, you can check out parts 1 & 2 first, to see how this crazy-awesomeness came about! It's been such a fun, challenging, LONG journey to get from a boring closet with a door that basically blocked our entire entryway, when opened... to an airy, fresh, larger space that definitely brings personality, visual interest and comfort into our home.

I knew that the finishes in this space needed to be ones that could stand lots of traffic, dirt and well... kids! I found the hanging star from Joann's and the intricate white frames and organizational baskets (for light bulbs, batteries, extension cords, flashlights, etc...) from Pier 1 Imports. The cute print hanging on the wall beside our nook is from Brightsides Designs and the frame is from IKEA. I am SO excited to finally share this project with you!

Along with building in cabinets and counters in my laundry (coming soon!) , this was the heftiest DIY project I have ever taken on. (OK, my husband helped a little too, but only because you can’t mount cabinets single handedly.) I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out! When we moved in, there was about a six foot empty niche just beyond the laundry room. So, I began to dream, and plan, and sketch, and price, and here’s what I envisioned. We used some premade (assembly required) Utility Cabinets by ClosetMaid that we purchased from Home Depot on this project. First I framed out the bench to span the whole niche, screwing the 2 x 4’s into the studs to make sure everything was super sturdy. I pre-stained some 1x8 planks to run the length of the niche and screwed them down to the framing. Once the cabinets were up, I started all the finishing work. And got ready for some paint!