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Posts. Hearts, Robbons & Pearls. Tassels. Do you like rhinestones?

And, do you have lots of nail polishes? If the answers were two yeses, then today’s knockoff is made for you :) I was browsing Miu Miu’s E-store recently, and found a gorgeous pair of earrings with primary coloured rhinestones. This is the original Miu Miu version, selling at lovely jubbly £110 (photo credit: Miu Miu). Lots of strong colours, yet very simple – and you know what, they are quite easy to make, too! So, ready for the tutorial? I’m a big fan of vintage bric-a-bracs, especially I have a thing about vintage glasses – glass buttons, glass bottles, glass anything!

So when I found these lovely chandelier parts the other day, I couldn’t resist bringing them home with me. See? They are absolutely beautiful! And the best part was that the whole lot cost me only £1. Foliage. Proseguiamo con la nuova collezione autunnnale.


E non è autunno senza un tappeto di foglie. These earrings are made from recycled soda cans.

I love to recycle and craft new stuff with ‘junk’. I think these earrings turned out pretty nice. I painted them white, but you can paint them in any color you want. Can you still see a soda can in these pretty earrings? Read the full instructions for this soda can earrings after the jump. . . (Find out how to make these here)

Materials: Two popsicle sticks; scissors, sandpaper Jewelry wire; wire cutters Paint; paint brush Stud earring components; glue Carefully cut your popsicle sticks in half length-ways.

Now, cut your sticks into approximately 1 3/4 inch posts, but you may like them longer or shorter. Trim down the sides of your ear studs to about the width of your posts. Glue the studs near one end of each of your posts. Cut approximately 6 inches of wire. Who doesn't love Anthropologie??

Considering how beautiful, unique, and often ethereal all of their products are, I can't imagine that there is a single woman out there who doesn't swoon. I ran across these beauties (the Callais Earrings) and fell in lust. They're stunning and so perfect for summertime but for $138 they are a splurge, and not one I was willing to take.

What's a girl to do? Why make them of course. Pretty, right?? I don't wear dangly earrings often, though my earring collection says otherwise.

I often feel like stud earrings are more appropriate for my workday attire, which I try to keep fairly simple. These DIY thread earrings, however, might be the exception to this rule. With their shorter drop and clean shape, they're easy elegance in an earring, and I love how they dangle and catch the light. Read on to find out how to make your own DIY thread earrings.

It's a piece of cake! Tools and materials:Ear threads (mine are 3 1/4 inches in gold, but other sizes and metals are also available, like in 4 inches in silver) Jewelry pliersCrystals dangles (from Etsy) Making these earrings is as simple as opening and closing the loop attached to the ear threads. I adore raw brass findings and stampings, and already carry several styles in my shop, Alyssabeths Vintage.

These pieces are so easy to use as is or to age or patina using several different methods from fumes, to chemicals and even paints. These sweet little flower stampings are found in my shop, I often used them as cabochons in jewelry creations but decided to punch a hole into them to create connector pieces (I found my metal punch at Michaels in the jewelry section) Then I cleaned with brass pieces and buffed just a bit with a low grit file to give the pieces extra texture to hold the paint.

Once good and dry apply paint, I used regular acrylic craft paint in pink, again let dry completely. This Sizzix Design Team post contains affiliate links.

Thanks for supporting Pitter & Glink! Hey, y'all! I am a huge fan of handmade jewelry. Why? Well, I love that with just a few inexpensive supplies you can quickly and easily create beautiful jewelry that looks pricey. I admitted a few days ago that I've relegated my jewelry stash in the corner of my craft closet - but today I had a hankering to create some pretty earrings - it's Summer, after all - and Summer calls for fun, boho earrings in my book! Supplies: First and foremost, you'll want to mark your blanks - I just eyeballed the spacing for mine you can measure if you want. I made five holes on mine, but you can add more or less. Use your metal hole punch pliers to punch the holes where you marked them.

Can't get enough marble in my life. This tutorial is beyond easy and I love how the earrings look (heart eye emoji). MATERIALS: Hexagonal Gemstones Two Earring WiresRound Nose Pliers Use your round nose pliers to open up each earring wire and thread through each of the hexagonal pendants. I bought the pendants off ebay and was very happy with them!

There's a heap of different gem types besides marble. Hey! Welcome to all my new readers or followers. If any of you are new moms or know a new mom, then be sure to enter the Ruby Red Handmade onesie giveaway. That little darling will look so cute in one of those. Today's earrings are just charming- pun intended. This pair is made from chain, charms and jumps rings. It's time to start thinking about what you will make or purchase for mom, sis, aunt, and all those special women for Mother's Day. It will be here before you know it. Introducing Sapphire Dangle Earrings made from Stainless Steel Elegance products from Prima Bead. Want to make your own? Supplies needed: 12 Curved Tube Spacers - 2 Fishhook Earwires - 72950511. Whether you’re a DIY maven or a design-obsessed fashionista, there’s a good chance that you’ve spotted the druzy trend.

Here's the final pair in my March Madness earring series.