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DIY Totes & Boxes & Bins

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Jeff McNamara Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Who says storage has to be unsightly?

Learn how to make fabric-covered boxes from Ty Pennington. Skill Level: Beginner. For a lot of us, January represents a time to get.things.organized.

Regardless of what you’re organizing (jewelry, home goods, pantry, toys, etc.) I’m willing to bet that more than a few of these fabric bin and basket tutorials can help you out! Now before the word FABRIC gets you running away, not all of these tutorials involve sewing. A few have no to little sewing involved! So which ones of these suit your style and needs? So who else loves the Container Store or the organizing aisle at Target?

They are my happy places. I think because when I’m standing there looking at the hooks and bins and gadgets it feels like there’s a dimension where life could really be completely clean and organized and magazine worthy all the time. A place where you can always find everything and your kids neatly put away one toy before playing with another. Decorate and Organize with These Fabric Baskets!

Storage baskets are often utilitarian, and while you want them to be attractive, they probably weren’t selected to be part of your decor. These flared baskets are as decorative as they are useful. You’ll find many ways to put them to good use and any number of places to display them. The pattern by designer Lisa Amundson from Around the Bobbin comes in three sizes, making them even more versatile. Large is 7″ H x 10-1/2 W (6-1/2″ W at base)Medium is 4-3/4″ H x 8″ W (5-1/4″ W at base)Small is 4″ H x 6″ W (4″ W at base) Several years ago, I found a neat idea from Martha Stewart.

She {or her people} had taken a coat hook shelf and hung it at counter height in an entry way. It served a great purpose and allowed the shelf part to actually get used since it was now at a height that was usable. To make these baskets, here's what you'll need...

-Baskets (mine are from the Dollar Store, nothing fancy) -Glue gun & glue sticks. January 18, 2011 by Sandy I really am not the queen of office make overs.. lol But I do want to share another one that I helped a client with.

I shared with you last week Jerry’s office. After recently moving Miss A's room to the loft that had contained the Craft Room; it became necessary to find storage space for all those craft items.

Finding a new home was a bit of a challenge but, Right now, all my craft supplies are just thrown into empty shoe boxes, and I figured it was about time to jazz those old boxes up!

I followed the directions for my 'That's a Wrap" Fabric Covered Boxes tutorial, and before long I had some pretty storage that I could proudly display on my shelves. Turns out that old, drab boxes just need a little pretty fabric to get all dressed up... As I was designing the console for our super awesome coffee bar, storage was a must!

I try really hard to declutter, I throw away stuff all the time. I even got caught throwing out my kids artwork. Yikes! By the end of this series you are all going to think that I am ridiculously cheap. Like, I'd rather spend my afternoon gluing my fingers together with spray adhesive than shell out 12 bucks sort of cheap. But it's true, I am. Especially when it comes to things that are essentially a cardboard box covered in fabric and paper. Written by: Cathy Carroll, Vintage, Paint and more... I love decorative storage boxes. You know those pretty ones that just make you drool when you see them. As work continues on the Happy Room, it's become glaringly obvious that we've a big need for storage. Let me rephrase - we've a big need for cheap, attractive storage. Simply put, I have a lot of craft stuff. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the great Canvas Bins made out of diaper boxes that Amy @ Positively Splendid made.

When I saw them it got my gears turning. I have a space in between my kitchen cabinets and the ceiling that is basically useless. I figured bins like those would be great for that little space! I started out with some boxes leftover from our move and cut them down to the height of the space. Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by! Please sign up for email alerts so you never miss a fun DIY.