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Entryway coat hooks – Design*Sponge. I’m a big, big fan of diy projects that call for only a few materials and make use of odd space. put them both together and you’ve got my dream project. so i was thrilled when julia crawford sent in this simple but beautiful diy project from her entryway. by simply taping off a small area with painter’s tape and then filling the square with her color of choice, she created a coat-rack area without the bulk of an actual coat track. after the paint dried julia hung “mr. and mrs. hang up” hooks ($15) and called it a day. not bad for a project that makes such great use of otherwise un-used space. i’d love to play with this idea and test out a painted pattern, wall vinyl or even wallpaper square (capped off with a molding square made from wood at the hardware store). thanks to julia for sharing- if you need more detailed steps just click here or “read more” below for directions. materials needed: steps: 3. once dried, mark the placement of your hooks and screw into place. ta-da!

entryway coat hooks – Design*Sponge

Cost: DIY Wallpapered TV Trays – Design*Sponge. We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve eaten our fair share of meals off of TV trays.

DIY Wallpapered TV Trays – Design*Sponge

We love them for their casual convenience, but do our best to stash them out of sight when company comes around. These, on the other hand, cleaned up so nice with so little effort, we think it’s about time to organize our first TV dinner party. CLICK HERE for the full project* after the jump! *This project is an excerpt from Lauren and Derek’s new book, Wallpaper Projects: More Than 50 Craft Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art. Sewing 101: curtains. [today i’m thrilled to welcome brett bara of manhattan craft room to d*s with a special guest column. you’ve been asking for more sewing how-tos, so brett will be joining us for a sewing 101 primer, covering all the basics for getting started with home sewing. welcome, brett!]

sewing 101: curtains

Hello there! I’m very happy to be here at design*sponge to spread a little sewing love. I hear a lot these days from folks who want to learn to sew, but don’t know where to start. Sewing 101: making a duvet cover. I don’t know about you, but I never cease to be shocked at the price of bedding.

sewing 101: making a duvet cover

And nothing sets off my “I could make that myself so much cheaper and better” instincts like duvet covers. It’s just a big flat case of fabric, yet even the simplest options easily soar into the three digits—but all it takes to make your own is a bunch of fabric, a few straight seams, and a spare afternoon. Teapot flower arrangement how-to – Design*Sponge. Last week sarah brysk cohen from blossom and branch joined us for a fun floral arrangement how-to using a cocktail shaker and coffee tin. this week sarah is back for another fun arrangement how-to using something we all have around the kitchen- a teapot!

teapot flower arrangement how-to – Design*Sponge

I always love learning how to use everyday household objects for beautiful arrangements, so i’m thrilled to have sarah back this week. thanks, sarah! {the amazing photos are from maggie harkov photography} ps: sarah is still teaching “bodega flower” workshops in new york right now, so email sarah here to sign up and get more info! Karen’s portable fire pit. I greatly admire Karen’s penchant for discount shopping; it’s particularly awesome when she shares her results with the rest of us.

karen’s portable fire pit

We’ve posted her tutorials before, but this fire pit might be my favorite. And it couldn’t come at a better time — the leaves are falling outside my window and I am desperate to make a cup of something warm, sit outside and savor the late sunsets while they last. She crafted this beauty from such simple materials as a planter, cheap frames and a can of gel fuel. One trip to the hardware store and you’re set! The simple modern shape and neutral rocks make this budget-friendly fire pit look totally luxe. Ashley’s floral tray table. The television tray is a charmingly outdated invention, but it still appeals to me.

ashley’s floral tray table

Ironically, the last thing I want to do with this tray is use it for its main purpose, which is dining. Don’t get me wrong, I can rival any fifties family when it comes to eating meals in front of the television. I prefer to hold my plate — usually heaped with pizza or a burrito — in my lap. I also slouch and slurp my drinks. I’m your basic etiquette nightmare. Top 5 sites for crafters – Design*Sponge. D*S editor Kate Pruitt is my crafting idol.

top 5 sites for crafters – Design*Sponge

She oozes creativity from every fingertip and seems to be an endless well of amazing ideas and can-do attitude. So when I need crafty inspiration, she’s the first person I ask. Kate’s pretty paper coat rack – Design*Sponge. April showers bring may flowers, right?

kate’s pretty paper coat rack – Design*Sponge

Let’s hope so, even though oakland is still in the showers mode. I found some gorgeous spring floral papers from snow & graham at my local art store and have decided to make may the month of pretty paper diys. have fun! – kate CLICK HERE for the full project after the jump! Patterned key rack – Design*Sponge. Yesterday i was sitting in the living room looking at my fluffy co. key rack and thought to myself- wouldn’t it be fun to have a few more of these around the house for other hanging objects like kitchen aprons and necklaces?

patterned key rack – Design*Sponge

So i started looking online for something that had the sort of pattern i was looking for and couldn’t find any (though i did find these lovely key racks by erin lang norris). so i figured, why not make one myself? I’m always looking projects that lets me take advantage of the absurdly huge collection of gift wrap i have around so i gathered up my supplies and created my own “custom” key racks using the same dwell pattern paper i used for my jewelry shadow boxes. start to finish it took about 5-6 minutes per rack and cost maybe $5 for all four. the options for decorating something like this are endless but for this specific style and the basic instructions click here to rest of the post with details (or just click “read more” below). what you’ll need:

Sewing 101: fabric boxes. It seems no matter what I do, I can never get a handle on all the tiny odds and ends that accumulate around my house. From craft materials to hair ties, the bits and bobs are constantly trying to take over, so in the never-ending quest to corral them, these little fabric bins were born. You can make one of these soft boxes in almost no time, and in almost any size, so you can customize them to perfectly fit whatever you need to hold. Folded Clay Jewelry Dish – Design*Sponge. With an ever-increasing supply of jewelry, I often find my key pieces get lost amongst the pile, down the backs of sofas or mixed in with keys and loose change at the bottom of my bag. Organization is not my strong suit and it usually takes losing something special to me to change my attitude. Recently, that was a ring from my first-ever serious relationship.

His grandma bought all the “daughters” of the family a ring with their birthstones set into it. DIY Geometric “To-Do” Magnets. Like many people, I’m a big list-writer. I always have at least one to-do list on the go, either for specific days, weeks or more longterm planning. Usually my lists are written in my agenda and are full of things that I need to get done. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that the lists I make for weekends affect both me and my boyfriend.

With this in mind, I made this simple clay “to-do” magnet — and matching minis — so that I can keep the list up on our fridge. DIY Plastic Bag Holder – Design*Sponge. I want to start off by saying that I’m not a big fan of plastic bags. I keep cloth tote bags in the car for our big weekly shopping trip, and I know that plastic bags aren’t good for the environment. Sometimes, though, despite my best efforts, I’ll end up with a few from an unexpected grocery run or errand. I have a very small kitchen without a pantry or closet, so my cupboard space is very precious. DIY Clay Desktop Paper Holder – Design*Sponge. For a long time, I’ve had a tall stack of scrap notepaper in my desk drawer. The paper started out as single-sided notes from college, but years later when I was ready to recycle them, I cut them into smaller squares to reuse instead. They come in really handy for writing notes and directions that I don’t deem worthy of cuter notepads (because trust me, I’ve got a whole separate drawer for that stash).

The problem is that the pile of papers became a mess in the drawer every time I opened and closed it, so I came up with this notepaper box to put atop my desk. I’m a huge fan of the handmade pottery and ceramic trend that’s been going on lately, so I decided to give it a try. Design from A to Z – Design*Sponge. 10 Essential Sites And Apps For The DIY Renovator – Design*Sponge. DIY Clay Desktop Paper Holder – Design*Sponge. DIY Opalescent Drawer Knobs – Design*Sponge.

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