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Current. 1/8/17
Finished. 4/12/17

Small Space Style: Budget Decorating for a Small Home. Having recently downsized to a house half the size of my previous one, I know a bit about decorating a small home!

Small Space Style: Budget Decorating for a Small Home

As an interior decorator, having my home present itself as a showcase for my personal style is important to me. Here are some of the best ways to add small space style to any home decorating project! Don’t look at having a small home as a handicap. DIY TV Frame: Disguise that Flat Screen! Most of us have faced the dilemma of what to do about the all important TV when we are decorating our home.

DIY TV Frame: Disguise that Flat Screen!

It’s not an easy thing to get past as a designer… some designers won’t even allow them in their design unless they are fully enclosed and hidden! We know you and your family live in the real world, however… and if you are like me, you want to have easy access to your TV, or have it available for the kids without some big production. Oh, and did I mention those “cabinets” that can fit a large flat screen TV’s are expensive? At our recent city wide Parade of Homes, several builders were utilizing a great idea to frame in your flat screen, and it can be done DIY! Painted Furniture Projects. We all have those old, boring, or even damaged furniture pieces that we are tired of looking at.

Painted Furniture Projects

Instead of replacing them with newer models, you can use paint to update and freshen your furniture, and it isn’t a difficult project! Painted furniture adds color and style to a room without having to repaint the walls, and gives the furniture pieces themselves unique personality. Fabric Painting Projects. Creating custom looks in your home decorating gets easier when you take on a fabric painting project.

Fabric Painting Projects

You don’t have to be an artist to create a one of a kind pattern, print or art piece, and it’s inexpensive as well as creative! Follow along as we showcase some great bloggers’ DIY fabric painting projects. You probably have the materials at home right now to create a quick craft or decor item… (Or it’s just a craft store trip away!) Our featured project is from the wonderful Rachel from Oh No Rachio via the equally wonderful Poppytalk! DIY Closet Organization. I don’t think it matters if your home is small or large, does anyone ever have enough closet space?

DIY Closet Organization

The answer, for most of us anyway, is no, to the no…and no some more… Closet space is at a premium, and even if we are lucky enough to have a nice walk in, do we want it in shambles, or do we want to be able to find what we need, when we need it? I vote for the latter, so let’s get started with our round up of DIY closet organization projects! Design Build Love made this DIY closet organizer, and shared their complete tutorial and supply list.

Plus, they did it for less than $50! Cookie Loves Milk has a DIY shoe rack for us made from inexpensive PVC pipe… Perfect for all your shoes! Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of! Small homes need storage, and sometimes they need storage ideas that are a little new.

Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of!

We all get tired of buying plastic containers and bathroom organizers. Time to find some clever, unique and inventive storage ideas you never thought of! Check out these inspirational projects and ideas for small space storage in your home! Staying on the pallet trend with everyone else, check out this creative use of a recycled wood pallet. More DIY Mirror Projects. Yep, the mirror is a big deal in a small home.

More DIY Mirror Projects

But I don’t know about you, I get tired of the same ol’ thing… So since our first post on DIY mirror projects was such a hit, we’ve taken another shot at it. Our featured project, above, is by Thats My Letter, and this letter is “m”, for DIY “mirror”! Find out how to create a wood slice mirror from an inexpensive Ikea find. Mimi from Blue Roof Cabin created this DIY Trumeau Floor Mirror from plywood, paint and a special doo-dad she had hanging around for accent. DIY Decorative Trays.

Decorative trays are here to stay, and I love ’em.

DIY Decorative Trays

West Elm trays in five different colors are on my Christmas list! Why are they so cool? They update any table arrangement by pulling it all together, and can be used from the office to the bathroom. If you are looking for help in learning to style your accessories, a tray will wrap it all up for you. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want a pretty tray to serve guests on? Pretty Pegboard Storage! Storage and organizing has long since had a time tested fallback…pegboard.

Pretty Pegboard Storage!

While most people think of pegboard as a utilitarian material, pegboard can be pretty! I love how decorator’s today think about using things in new ways, and are creative. Home Office Organization Ideas. Most of us have a home office of sorts these days… whether you actually work at home, or just use your spot to pay bills and coordinate your family, home office organization can make or break your space.

Home Office Organization Ideas

Here are some clever, easy and space saving home office organization ideas for you to use to create a space that works for you, not against you. Our featured idea above, is a DIY project by ‘Freutcake’… I love this tutorial because this DIY desk organizer was made with glass, not plastic, so it looks elegant. Easy, and you could paint them any color that works for your decor… Chelsea at ‘Two Twenty One’ did an entire home office/craft room makeover!

Storage Solutions All Around the House. I’ve said it before – if you have a small house, you have storage issues. Nothing makes a small home look smaller than a bunch of clutter. These storage solutions all around the house will have you celebrating your home just a little bit more. 10 Awesome Ideas for Tiny Laundry Spaces. Laundry rooms are supposed to be the place where everything gets clean, crisp and looking sharp… But does your laundry room itself live up to the task? If you can’t find the pre-wash and you are navigating through open piles of unwashed laundry, you have a problem. And if your laundry space isn’t very big to begin with, it’s a catastrophe zone! Use these awesome ideas for tiny laundry spaces to get the “organized” back into your “clean”! This first idea we found on ‘Pinterest’, and it is AWESOME! Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces. If you are a DIY’er, chances are pretty good you’re a crafter too.

It doesn’t take many craft supplies before your home can feel cluttered and supplies are lost. I know having a small home can make it even worse…especially if you can’t have an entire room devoted to your crafts. I know I can’t! 12 Projects for Fabulous DIY Drapes & Curtains. Curtains are back. I know, where did they go? Well it seems for awhile there, the design world felt that simple roll up blinds were quite enough. And they had a point, keeping your windows as clear as possible does help make a room look larger and brighter.

14 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home. PVC is one of those inexpensive construction materials that is easy to cut, paint, drill, glue and create with. You can purchase straight tubes of different sizes, and matching connectors as well. Whether it’s to create a cool storage unit, or just something pretty, this is a great material for the beginning DIY’er to use. We got inspired by a PVC hair dryer / curling iron holder we spied on Pinterest, and put together this quick DIY project for all of you to help you corral that bathroom chaos! Then, since we got so jazzed about the idea of using PVC, we found some more DIY PVC projects for all around the home! Let’s start with our PVC hair dryer stand. 10 Tiny Home Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space. 10 Quick Bathroom Repairs for the DIYer.

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