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Current. 12/6/16
Finished. 4/11/17
Tagged. 6/22/17

My Colortopia and Help With Paint Colors - Decorchick! ® I’m so excited to introduce you all to an awesome new site called My Colortopia, from the makers of Glidden. You may have seen them around blogland the past few weeks because they have a great new panel of bloggers (that you all will recognize) that will be contributing their expertise on colors and how they gain their inspiration. Now, we all know I’ve had my fair (or unfair?) Share of painting mishaps around our house. I would do things backwards and try and choose a color in my head that I knew I wanted, and then tried to match it to the walls.

Not a good idea. But now I know and understand that I need to be inspired first by something, whether it be a photo, a place I like to visit, books, etc. Hence the reason several rooms are still untouched in our house. Well things could be a little easier now because the My Colortopia team has created a fun new personality test asking you certain questions, and then it will come up with a color palette for you based on your answers! Xxoo, Decorchick.