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Yarn, thread & cord

Ribbon wrapped. Tassel. Dainty. Multi Strand & Pearl. DIY Braided Padlock Bracelet with Key [Step-by-step tutorial]

You are pretty much guaranteed to find a plethora of belts at any thrift store.

BIG ones, small ones, leather ones, fabric ones, plastic get the name it they've probably got it. I have been on the lookout for a white, skinny leather belt. I have been wanting to do this little project for a while now, just had to wait till the right belt came along..and it did! This is part 2 of the recycled belt bracelet.

I hate throwing away perfectly good left over leather. Plus I really love the color and the slight wear of this leather belt so why not use it to its full potential! *Disclaimer: This post is brought to you courtesy of

I received samples of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company. Bangles of all sorts are not friendly to this particular tiny Asian girl :( While others have the luxury of lovely arm parties, any bangles I do own either travel their way up my arm or slip off completely.

Having seen these around the web by French Connection, Ted Baker, and Michael Kors, I put my own spin on this adjustable version for less than $10. (Side story: One time I walked into Michael Kors and asked to try on the beautiful rose-colored one in the hopes that it would fit my teeny wrist...I literally walked out all sad.) DIY Belted Buckle Bracelet (Difficulty: Easy) Supplies (1) Slider charm buckle band (I got mine for about $5 at a swap meet...the sellers found it odd I wanted the band and no charms) (2) Jump rings(3) Scrap chain + Charm (optional) or necklace extender (4) Jewelry pliers Steps. Hello Sweets!

Today I’m going to share you two types of very easy bracelets that use leather cords. First of all, my first inspiration was this: Macramé bracelets by Honestly WTF. Aren’t these just gorgeous? They have a very easy-to-follow tutorial for the bracelets, but… no, I didn’t have the right knotting cords and used leather cord (1mm) instead, and it turned out way too bulky. I was so excited to share these DIY Leather Friendship Bracelets with you.

They are so quick to make and look amazing stacked with other friendship bracelets, chain bracelets, you name it! You can never have enough friends, or friendship bracelets for that matter. They say “more is more” and with these bracelets you can add a pop of color to your arm candy while keeping it subtle with leather, you CAN have it all! Zarte Armbänder schmücken mittlerweile nahezu jedes Handgelenk.

Sie haben meist eine Bedeutung, sei es ein Freundschaftsarmband oder ein Mitbringsel aus dem letzten Urlaub. Deshalb können wir von ihnen auch nicht genug bekommen. Für alle, denen es genauso geht, haben wir hier eine sehr feine DIY-Anleitung von Nadine von anmutig. Die süßen Armbänder sind blitzschnell gemacht. Also schnell Material besorgen und loslegen, jede Menge Komplimente sind Dir sicher! Garn zuschneiden und mit Knoten beginnen Schneide zunächst ein ca. 40 cm langes Stück Garn ab und knote einen Spaltring fest. Nun steckst Du den Spaltring mithilfe einer Sicherheitsnadel, z.B. an der Hose fest und beginnst mit den Knoten. Dabei wird das kurze Ende des Garns immer in der linken Hand festgehalten, während der lange Faden immer rechts um den kurzen geknotet wird. Knoten an Knoten. This will more than likely be the first of many chainmail DIY posts here on Fall For DIY.

I tend to get obsessed with materials and idead and right now this is my new favourite technique. Creating chain takes you right to the heart of DIY jewellery making as well as being pretty therapeutic. Another fantastic aspect of making your own chain is being able to make your own jump rings as delicate or bold and as big or small as you wish giving you creative control over your chain. 1. To update spikes for Spring 2014 give them a couple of coats of pastel nail varnish. I am just loving the look of stacked bangles for summer!

They are easy to make and are a perfect accessory for a variety of outfits. You can make them in different colors and mix and match them as you please. You can even vary the wire color that you use for an entirely different feel. Learn how easy it is to make DIY bangles! Step 1. Moreover, for an even easier time, you can use memory wire and just cut 4 coils for each bracelet – you will not need to form your wire onto a spherical object anymore as memory wire already comes in a coiled shape. Learn how to make these fun braided leather bracelets. You can wear them alone or all together for a stacked look. Something that's caught my eye lately in jewelry, is stacked leather bracelets. I've seen them in all sorts of fun colors and with trendy charms. If you like to make your own jewelry and accessories, then stop searching for other websites: you have reached the right place. Take a few minutes to browse this page and we’re sure you’re going to love these next tutorials.

Below you will find some great examples of handmade bracelets that will match any taste, from more colorful ones to some that are easier to make and have a simple look. You can make bracelets from yarn, wire and even safety pins, such as those in the picture. Happy Hour Projects.