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Baskets, Liners & Buckets

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A beautiful mess. I've got toys and stuffed animals a-plenty. I've got blankets and pillows galore. You want bouncy balls? I've got twenty! So I figured it's time to make more cute storage solutions for corralling all the loose stuff in our home. These fabric storage bins are the perfect storage solution for soft items that can be stuffed inside, like extra blankets or stuffed animals. And bonus—storage bins have become fashionable home accessories! It's the best thing to happen to interior design in...well, ever, if you ask me! These reversible fabric totes are the perfect simple sewing project to productively fill an extra couple of hours in your day.

Supplies:-stiff coordinating fabric—I used home decor fabric, but if you want to ensure washability, you could use a bottom-weight apparel fabric. Supplies Not Shown:-sewing machine-iron and ironing board-round object to trace (I used dishes with a 48" and 37" circumference.) Step One: Trace the outline of a round object for the bottom of your bins. Anderson + grant. There are days when I want to create, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that I have purchased to DIY....too many choices to work on with no clue what to do with anything.

Normally during those times, I go shop for more so that I can feel inspired by something new. And yes, this just makes the problem worse! Yesterday, though, rather than going to my local Goodwill to find something to create for you, I went to the pile of stuff in my basement that I was going to be donating to Goodwill.

I got to "shop" through things that I wasn't seeing any value in anymore. Not only did this avoid adding more finds to my stock, but it was free! I chose a sauce pot out of the pile and brought it upstairs to figure out something to make. Believe it or not, choosing a random item and forcing yourself to figure out something to do with it is wonderful for developing a little creativity. What I decided to do with my old pot was to turn it into a storage "basket" using hot glue and sisal . Apartment therapy.

There are plenty of bicycle baskets on the market that are both affordable and attractive, but if you're a "ride or DIY" type —this project is for you. It's easy, super affordable, and the best part: your look will be one of a kind! I usually retreat to flea markets or thrift shops when shopping for baskets because they are really easy to find, but for this project I wanted to be able to provide my source just in case you wanted the same basket. For the rest of the supplies you can hit up a thrift shop—or your own closet. Your choice of belts is all totally dependent on your own personal style, however, I recommend trying to find belts with similar colored buckles. What You Need Materials Basket 2 belts Zip ties, twist ties, or string Wood glue or Gorilla glue Tools Scissors Leather hole punch (or drill with bits) Marker Scrap wood Instructions Note: Before selecting your basket, size up your bike. 1.

Step back, take a good look and make sure you're happy with it before moving on to step two. Attempting aloha. Birchfabrics. Bringing you guys a super quick and super useful tutorial today. Made from the dreamy new collection by Teagan White, Fort Firefly, these nesting bins are equally cute & functional! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m always on the lookout for a cute way to bring a little more organization to my crafty chaos.

These would also make an adorable baby shower gift - I can just see them filled with tiny baby socks or as a diaper caddy on a changing table. So many uses!! I was able to make this 3 bin set in just a little over an hour. This is a great project for beginners - If you can sew a straight line, you can make these!! Notes before you get started: There are two ways to make this bin, both are equally simple! Finished Dimensions: Small: 5x6in base Medium: 6x7in base Large: 7x8in base All bins measure 8in tall before folding down. Supplies: 3 outer fabrics, 1/2 yd of each (You may need more, if your fabric is directional) 1 1/2 yrds fusible Pellon®, I used Décor Bond 809 for this. Templates. Under the Table & Dreaming. Under the Table & Dreaming. Confessions of a plate addict.

I’m excited to be joining a group of very talented bloggers for the very first No-Sew Decorating Showcase! Today we have all put away our sewing machines to show you that you can create some fabulous projects for your home without even sewing a stitch! Everyone loves baskets, right?... Especially those pretty baskets with liners! But they can be so expensive! So I am going to show you how to take the baskets you already have and add liners…the no-sew way! Baby Kitty says we have to ‘fess up that we sort of pinched this idea from Martha Stewart and ran with it…except that she didn’t give any instructions whatsoever and she used oil cloth. Here’s what you will need: a square or rectangular basket fabric of your choice (I used natural duck because I liked the little flecks of brown in it.

Now you are ready to give a finished edge to your liners. Press in one-half inch on all four sides of each strip, overlapping at the corners. So that's it for my part of the No-Sew Decorating Showcase! Confessions of a Serial Diyer. Hello to the sweetest readers ever! Thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback on the doll clothes I made for my niece that I shared on Tuesday! I had THE best time making them. Today I’m sharing a quick update of this giant thrift store basket I scored recently: It’s hard to see how large it is in that photo, but this thing is a good size and a bargain at $10. I knew it could be perfect for so many uses, but was a bit plain in its current state. A little spray paint to the rescue! Seeing it beside my sectional shows how large it really is. Updating this was quick and easy! I started by using my shop vac to vacuum away any dust, then I gave it a couple of coats of Rustoleum Primer: For baskets I like a matte sheen, so I only use primer.

Next I used FrogTape for delicate surfaces to tape off my stripes: Then I painted with Rustoleum in Fossil that I had left over from another project: I thought this color combo would give the basket a coastal feel. And voila: Perfect stripes! Decorating cents. You may remember this plant from the family room. Well it no longer looks like that. I've tried watering it just enough to keep the soil moist and sitting it in front of the window during the day but it doesn't seem to be working. I think the colder weather last winter just took its toll on the poor thing. I've never really had a green thumb but this one has lasted quite a while. I've seen several people get fiddle leaf fig trees but have also read they are fickle and can die on you quickly. Or how about the simple palm tree? Any suggestions on a new house plant?

Delia creates. Today’s post combines two unlikely craft supplies into a useful, practical, cute, stylish little basket! Okay…maybe not “stylish”… that’s like what your mom used to say when she’d hold up something your 13 year old self would never ever want to wear while you finger gag yourself, and she’d say, “but it’s so stylish!” (so sorry Mom!) So, maybe more like…on fleek or snatched…is that what kids are saying these days? Ha! Now, I’m the dorky mom. ;) Well, whatever you want to call it, it’s basically da bomb and it’s a breeze to put together.

Cool beans? Well, what-ever, here’s the 411… ;) Wooden box* Vegetable tan leather strips** Upholstery tacks Hammer, pencil, ruler Paint (optional, I used Americana Decor Deco Art Maxx Gloss paint) Rotary cutter, self healing mat, quilter’s ruler (optional) * You can use any wooden box but my box is actually a shelf! ** I used the vegetable tan leather belt kit sold on the leather aisle at Michaels. STEP ONE: Prep and paint box. STEP TWO: Prepare leather straps. Delia creates. I have one update to add. Instead of using just any stiff interfacing (I used Pellon 809 Decor bond), I recommend using Pellon 520 Deco Fuse, a fleece interfacing, or maybe 3-4 layers of interfacing instead of just two. It seems that might hold up better over time. Hi Ucreate fans! I am super excited to be here for the Summer Fat Quarter Series. Today, I am sharing a simple project that takes just two fat quarters and some interfacing. It’s reversible too! Let’s get right to it, shall we? Materials: two fat quarters 1/2 yard of stiff fusible interfacing contrasting or matching thread rectangular fabric scraps (preferably matches your fat quarters and no smaller than 4×4 inches) fabric glue That’s it!

Please note: I made two baskets so you will see the fabric interchange in some of the steps. -Wash and press your fat quarters. . – Following the manufacturers instructions, fuse each piece of fabric with interfacing. – Cut five by five inch squares from each corner. . – Pin the corner edges together. DIY beautify.

Update a basket or fishing creel with paint! Are you old enough to remember hand-me-downs? They were usually clothes that didn't fit right, but your mom made you wear them anyway! I still have nightmares about a pair of checkered corduroy pants that were passed down to me! I'm all about budgeting and saving when someone asks if I want something, I usually say yes! I was offered this little fishing creel basket by a friend of my m-i-l, and while I love the size and style of it, I wasn't crazy about the colors woven around the top.

So what did I do? Painted it of course! Supply list is included at the bottom of the project I was eager to try some samples of Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint that I'd received. The initial plan was to dry brush the whole basket, but as I looked at it more closely, I really liked the color of the basket...all except for those 90's country stripes along the top! Three coats later... Oh, and the basket got a new leather button closure too! DIY beautify. Today's post is a long way from a July 4th project! I've inundated your inbox with red, white and blue DIY projects recently, including my easy patriotic pinwheels and my Fourth of July mantel. I'm ready for some pink, how 'bout you? This project couldn't be simpler. Don't believe me? I bought it because it's cute. BUT...unless an open-weave basket or trash can comes with a liner, it's really hard to keep it cute. If you line it with a trash bag, then it just looks ugly. I set out to make a permanent, solid basket that still looked cute, using just strips of fabric.

This is a NO GLUE project! This post contains affiliate links (*); click here for my full disclosure policy. In fact, this is all you need... That's it! Supplies: an open-weave basketa yard or so of fabric - I used a twin sheet but wouldn't this pink and green buffalo check* look cute too? TIP on fabric choice...lighter, thinner fabric will be easier to weave than thicker, upholstery-like fabric! Step One: Step Two: Step Three: DIY Decorator. Buy or DIY? Sometimes you can’t find what you’re looking for or your budget doesn’t allow you to buy what you want so you DIY it. Sometimes you don’t have the time, skills or patience to make it, so you just buy what you need. There’s no right or wrong answer. We do both. If your looking for basket projects we’ve got both the Buy and DIY covered. Buy top – Square log basket on wheels from The Beach Furniture Buy bottom – Square storage basket on wheels – set of 2 from RG Imports DIY Tutorial for a Pottery Barn inspired rolling basket DIY castors to attach to the bottom of your basket from Masters Buy top – Pacific laundry basket from The Dharma Door Buy bottom – Thick Stripes laundry basket from The Dharma Door DIY tutorial for a fabric basket Aqua chevron fabric from Fabric Traders Buy top & bottom – painted wicker baskets from Wallace Cotton DIY basket from Provincial Home Living DIY paint – Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure white Join DIY Decorator Success!

Related. Diy decorator. Diy enthusiast. Decorating Ideas Are you tired of your boring wicker laundry basket? If you are in an uplifting mood and want to see pops of color everywhere in your home, then this is the perfect DIY project for the summer. Moreover, such baskets are usually light in color and if they get wet, grey spots on the surface can spoil their look. But don’t worry. You can easily renew your wicker clothes basket and transform it into a beautiful piece of art by decorating it with paint in bright colour and decoupage with fabric.

You need paint, acrylic or oil for wood products, and a piece of fabric with a cheerful bright pattern. Select paint colors that will blend and highlight the selected fabric for decoupage. Cut out the flower pattern Lay on white glue on the fabric Glue it to the the wicker basket using a rag Add another layer glue on it For a more natural effect draw flower leaves with green paint in darker hue After drying, cover the entire wicker clothes basket with varnish. Diy fun ideas. Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by! Please sign up for email alerts so you never miss a fun DIY. And I would love for you to pin the above image and share with your friends! Today we are getting organized. Or at least I am getting organized. So I finally decided to give myself a kick in the rear and get my stuff all organized in one place. Notice the silver underlayment in the lower left hand corner.

When I finished reviving this storage space, it looked so nice, except for the unfinished floor. My fabric storage boxes cost me zero dollars! I started out with this mess of boxes… I had a bunch of drop cloth fabric left over from my last project: a DIY Song Lyric Wall Art piece… DIY Song Lyric Wall Art So I used a hot glue gun to cover the boxes with the drop cloth. The handles are made of twine that I had in one of my piles. You can see that I also lined the inside of the boxes. Then I cut the painted panel into strips and adhered them to the boxes and labeled each box. xoxo, ~Jenise. Ehow. You can never have too many baskets! At least, that's the motto in our house. Use your favorite fabrics to make a reversible fabric basket that you will love (not to mention, it's perfect for holding all your knick knacks).

Simply download the free basket sewing pattern HERE to get started and make your own fabric basket in under an hour. As long as you can sew a straight line, you CAN MAKE this basket! Things You'll Need Free fabric basket pattern Fabric scissors 2/3 yard exterior fabric 2/3 yard lining fabric 1 yard mid-heavy weight interfacing Coordinating thread Pins or binder clips Universal heavy duty sewing needle 90/14 Fabric marker or chalk Sewing machine Tip Home decor fabric works best for a nice, sturdy basket.

Flash plugin failed to load Step 1: Cut Out Pattern Pieces Print out and assemble pattern according to the instructions that come with the free download. Step 2: Iron On Interfacing Step 3: Sew the Basket Side Seams Together Step 5: Sew the Basket Handles Comments. Ehow. Flamingo toes. Flamingo toes. For Rent. Haberdashery fun. Haberdashery fun. Haberdashery fun. Haberdashery fun. Haberdashery fun. HelloGlow. Homedit. Homedit. Homedit. Homelife. IHeart Organizing. iLoveToCreate. In My Own Style. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. JoAnn. Katies farm. Life in Velvet. Life is sew daily. Life With Lorelai. Like a Saturday.

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