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Getting Organized: Tackling the Craft Space. For any part time or full fledged crafter, keeping an organized space can be one of the most challenging parts of being creative.

Getting Organized: Tackling the Craft Space

Who wants to sit down and unwind with your favorite hobby when the very environment is enough to cause a panic attack? Turn Old Switch Plate Covers Into Desktop Planters. Taking objects that was bound of the landfill and making something useful out of it is something we can get behind.

Turn Old Switch Plate Covers Into Desktop Planters

We have talked at length about the benefits of having plants in the home office, so why not create a great planter for them out of old switch plates? ReadyMade reader Kelly D. sent in this project made from old switch plates. She got the idea after helping a friend paint and noticed that old switch plates were being discarded. 12 Patriotic Ideas for the Fourth of July. John and Lauren's DIY Vinyl Record Shelf. Camerino Valet Stand from Brose Fogale. How To Show Off Your Records With Style. It seems like Record Store Day 2013 is marked down on more than few calendars among vinyl loving types.

How To Show Off Your Records With Style

With special vinyl releases set for April 20th, you'll discover new music and full album artwork that is often worth displaying. I've compiled some of my favorite solutions for displaying or storing your favorite records once you get back home with your pile of good sounds... 1. LP Record Rack ($80.00)2. 2 Tone Record Frame ($34.80)3. Rubbermaid Jumbo Incline File Sorter ($15.04)4. I found Etsy to be a great starting point for LP storage ideas. My personal favorite, the Rubbermaid clear file sorter was designed for sorting paper files, but the design is perfect for record collectors and allows storage of about 10-12 LPs while displaying the whole LP cover. Finally, for the large collector, the Rekordit system modifies your IKEA Expedit to allow LPs to act as hinged doors (heads up, it's 20% off today), granting you access to your LP storage.

Fabric Storage and Fabric Organization Ideas. {happy friday!}

Fabric Storage and Fabric Organization Ideas

Was organization one of your New Years resolutions this year? Well, today I’m going to share a few ideas for Fabric Storage and Organization to help you achieve your organized resolution even in the craft room or where ever you get your craft on! This is how I store my fabric in my craft room: In my craft room I hung a curtain rod {from Ikea} on the wall and then used curtain rings {you know, the circles with little clips on them} to hang my fabric. Create Some Color: 30 DIY Projects for Labor Day Weekend. Menu Sign In top special.

Create Some Color: 30 DIY Projects for Labor Day Weekend

10 Alternatives to Plastic Storage Bins. If you live in a small space, you know that organization is key.

10 Alternatives to Plastic Storage Bins

We don't all have the luxury of garages, attics and basements to hide all those plastic bins full of 'stuff' that seem to accumulate with life. Nope, we must cohabitate with the 'stuff' and stare at it every day. If it's going to be out for everyone to see, it should look good and intentional in your space.

Here are some stylish storage alternatives to keep you organized with style. Pictured above: 1. DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System Apartment Therapy Tutorial. As DIY projects go, this is one of my favorites.

DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System Apartment Therapy Tutorial

A photo of one popped up here on Apartment Therapy last year, and it's been in my crosshairs ever since. I love this shelving system because it's simple, yet pretty, and can be configured in multiple ways. 10 Beautiful Real-Life Closets of All Sizes. We talk a lot about closets here on Apartment Therapy.

10 Beautiful Real-Life Closets of All Sizes

Closets turned offices. Closets turned nurseries. Even a kitchen in a closet. But what about looking at closets as, you know, just closets? Although it stays behind closed doors when company comes over, there's no reason to neglect decorating the closet. Here are 10 stunning and thoughtfully decorated walk-ins, reach-ins and coat closets to inspire: Clever Craft Storage: 10 Ideas for Using Vintage Crates & Trays. Like many crafters I find myself with a surplus of small items.

Clever Craft Storage: 10 Ideas for Using Vintage Crates & Trays

Whether it's thread, or twine, or more thread, or paint, or even more thread, I seem to have amassed quite a collection of tiny, necessary objects. Lucky for all the crafters out there, vintage crates and drawers are perfect for stowing the little things that accumulate. 1. Letterpress Drawer thread storage from Disdressed. 2. Make This DIY Storage Bin from Old Belts and a Cardboard Box! I love reusing everyday materials, particularly for organizational purposes, and Michelle at Iron & Twine has come up with a DIY project that elevates the average cardboard box into something much more sophisticated, while remaining every bit as functional.

Make This DIY Storage Bin from Old Belts and a Cardboard Box!

All you'll need to make these decorative bins is: A cardboard box Rotary cutter and mat or scissors Fabric Spray adhesive Old leather belt Binding post screws Flat head screwdriver Industrial hole punch or X-acto knife or something to make holes in the box and leather This is an elegant way to convert everyday materials into something beautiful and functional.

I love the simple, organic, modern look of these bins, but the style possibilities are endless, since any fabric pattern would do. DIY Home Decor: 8 DIY Projects for Clever & Custom Corners. In small all homes, space is at a premium, and even the oddly shaped space in corners can (and maybe even should) be maximized. But what do you do to take advantage of a corner? DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Small Entryway Wall Organizer (with Magnets!) — Apartment Therapy Tutorials. As renters, we take what we can get, and what we often get are miniscule (or non-existent) entryways and a lack of built-in storage. This multi-faceted organizer has a variety of ways to hang your stuff — coats, bags, and umbrellas — so they are at your fingertips as you head out the door, and stay tidy when you come back in. As a neat bonus, it also has a magnetized area for keys. You can learn how to make one yourself, right after the jump!

DIY Wire Mesh Baskets. It's not news that the IKEA Expedit/Kallax is a long-time favorite, but what we talk about less are the options for filling it. Francesca at Fall for DIY came up with a cheap, low-fuss, and minimalist option for making the most of her storage cubes and her beautiful yarn supply. But these baskets are so simple, classic, and versatile that they easily could be of use in every room in the house. Materials: Galvanized wire mesh 0.5mm wire Wire cutters or jewelry wire cutters Flat pliers (if you're using regular cutters) White spray paint Tape measure The how-to is just as simple as the materials list, requiring only a few cuts, some wire wrapping, and some paint spraying.

Head on over to Fall for DIY to get the full scoop, including step-by-step photos and instructions. Small Space Living: 5 Craft Storage Secrets for Small Homes. So you love to craft but don't think you have enough room in your home to store the necessary supplies? Before & After: Closet Turned Colorful Office Nook. Small Effort, Huge Impact: 10 DIY Bookend Ideas. Before & After: An Extra Closet Gets a Crafty Makeover. How To Make a DIY Bike Basket. Modern Pegboard Storage Systems. Pegboard is having a moment right now. How to Customize Baskets For Any Design Style.

Baskets are, perhaps, the most versatile home item in existence. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can hold just about anything you can think of (ok, maybe not liquid). No Entryway, No Problem: 50+ Solutions for Small Spaces. Apartment Therapy.