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Current. 1/7/17
Finished DIY 4/15/17

DIY Utensil Holder. Oh hi there, ATT readers.

DIY Utensil Holder

I’m both excited and (very very) nervy to be here today. You folks are an intimidating crowd! I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, to tell you all about… who I am! I’m Mekenzie, with an E. But that doesn’t matter, because everyone calls me Kenz. Make a Duvet Cover, it is EASY! If you missed our posts about Home Fabrics and their $1.00 a yard fabric sales, then you may not realize how inexpensive you can make a duvet cover.

Make a Duvet Cover, it is EASY!

To make a king size duvet cover, my best guess is that you will need 12 yards of fabric (depending on the width of the fabric). If you fabric cost 5.99 a yard (which is pretty cheap) it would still cost you around $72.00 to make your own duvet cover. But, if you can get your fabric for $1.00 a yard…then that cuts your costs significantly.

I’m not an expert seamstress, but making a duvet was pretty darn easy. Tutorial: Fork and Knife Curtains. I am really excited to show you how I made Jilly’s fork and knife curtains from her kitchen/dining room makeover today!

Tutorial: Fork and Knife Curtains

The curtains are inexpensive, easy to make, and most of all they are whimsical and UNIQUE!! But before I get started on the instructions, I want to show you the inspiration photo that gave me the idea for the curtains. Photo Source: Marie Claire I searched for store-bought fork and knife curtains to no avail! When I love something THIS [——————————————————–] much {that was me holding my arms out as far as I possibly can}, I absolutely cannot sleep until I figure out how I CAN HAVE THEM.

Creativity with Embroidery Hoops. I wanted to make an art piece for my little girls’ room and I decided to create it by using embroidery hoops.

Creativity with Embroidery Hoops

Making art yourself is always cheaper than buying something already created. Everyone that I show this to, just absolutely loves it. Items you need to make this art:1 Sheet of ply woodAs many embroidery hoops as you want (I got a bunch of different sizes to create a lot of dots)Craft paintWood Glue It’s DARLING isn’t it! This is a cheap way of decorating any room. Why you should make your own pillows. I have been making my own pillows for years.

Why you should make your own pillows.

Here are the reasons why you should make your own pillows:1. They are MUCH cheaper to make than to buy. Let’s be honest here, great looking pillows cost right around $25.00 each…maybe even more. Yes, you can luck out every so often and find a sweet deal or a clearance item. Add character to your kitchen with decorative painting. I love red, but before you knew it, my ENTIRE house had been overtaken by red.

Add character to your kitchen with decorative painting.

So, when we moved into our new house, I was bound and determined not to allow red to dominate. I am however, still using it as an accent color in several rooms. Tutorial: Decorative Wall Art. My husband Dan and I have been talking about this project for about 3 months.

Tutorial: Decorative Wall Art

It’s been on my to do list, and he has been so great to talk me through the “nitty gritty” parts of what tools, what type of wood to buy…etc. Items you need for this project:One sheet of MDF: $25.002 Yards of Black felt: $6.00A projector to get the image onto the wood. (I borrowed a friend’s)Tools to cut it out (my hubby’s jigsaw)Staple gun and staples (a smigen)Spray paint in the color of your choice (about $5.00) Make a Duvet Cover, it is EASY! TUTORIAL: Felt Flower Pillow. Supplies needed:Sheets of felt (or you can buy it by the yard.

TUTORIAL: Felt Flower Pillow

I used less than 1/8 of a yard)Needle and ThreadA Pillow cover. If you need to know instructions how to make a pillow cover, go HERE for instructions. Step #1: Begin by cutting the felt into circles (mine were about 3 1/2 inches across). Step #2: Pinch the felt at the back to create your petals. Step 3: With the needle and thread, tack the felt so that each circle is scrunched for good. How to create patterned walls with painters tape.

Adding paint to your walls is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your home your own.

How to create patterned walls with painters tape.

When we moved into our house, every wall was tan. I felt like I was drowning in T.A.N. Don’t get me wrong, I love tan to a certain extent, but I needed a little variety. Below is a picture of my office. Do you want to know how to create this wall in your home? Super cute window valance idea! A few days ago, I posted about a window valance idea.

Super cute window valance idea!

I have to share another idea of what you could do with a window valance. First of all, window valances are a great way to add some dimension to a wall with only windows. That is how my wall was. Because of the windows, I couldn’t hang any art, and I didn’t want to paint the wall. (In my case, there was plenty of color on the other walls in the room.) Tutorial: How to hang a window valance. I’ve had a lot of questions on how to hang my window valance idea. I have to give a little “plug” in here about Dan the man…the most handiest man I’ve ever met. Yep…he’s my hubsters. Everything I know about Spray Paint! This post contains affiliate links {just keeping it real folks}. I get quite a few questions about spray paint, and I thought the most useful way for all of my readers would be to answer those questions publicly. So here it goes. DIY super projects! Doing things yourself has its MAJOR perks, and for the last two years (almost) All Things Thrifty has been demonstrating how decorating can be inexpensive.

Doing things yourself is a big strategy to lower costs for decorating, and that is why I tend to do my own projects. A few months ago, I started giving Blue Ribbons to those that meet a few criteria. In order to qualify for a blue ribbon, the project must be: 1: Ultra Unique 2. Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art. Finding custom decor items can get VERY pricey, and since most of us don’t have a lot of extra cash these days, DIY decorating is getting more and more popular.

Making custom decor pieces yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, and the great thing about All Things Thrifty, is that I TEACH YOU how to do it! I decided to update my master bedroom wall art to a quatrefoil design, and I wanted to make them big (as usual around here) go BIG or go HOME, huh! How to Create a RAISED STENCIL! {A Guest-Post Tutorial}

It’s crazy how fast the months pass… seems like I was just here guest-posting last week! I guess summer festivities have that affect on us. Am I right? Oh yeah, I should say this is BETH, stopping in from Sawdust and Embryos! I love stopping in here at ATT! Man… major privilege! Dresser inspiration. How to paint outdoor furniture. Stenciling Furniture {Giveaway closed} My entryway makeover {REVEAL!} How to paint a floor {and what NOT to do}. GUEST POST~ How to build your own Custom Closet Shelving! Basic plaid painted wall and a HUGE Sherwin-Williams SALE!! Beautiful rooms come to those who wait. Kitchen Signs {Made with my Silhouette} Decorating with Books {How to recover books with paper} DIY Greek Key Molding Tutorial. Getting Organized in the Office!! DIY Utensil Holder. One Hour, One Spray Paint Can Challenge: High Style Craft Storage. Flower Crafts and Recipes. Entryway Makeover! The Power of Paint.

10 Tips to Help Make Your House Feel More Inviting. Tutorial: Fork and Knife Curtains. All Things Thrifty.