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10 Signs Your Child Might Be at a 20th Century School…and What to Do About It – HonorsGradU. Your child might be attending a 20th century school if: Silent seat work is more common than collaboration with peersThe teacher asks all the questions (and most speaking in general…)Students wait on the teacher for most everythingBasal reading programs and other delivery/content-based programs are heavily depended uponTechnology is only used to consume–never to create, connect, and exploreSeats are in rows facing the teacherWorksheets are the go-to in almost every lesson.Signs of extrinsic motivation through charts, cards, tokens, etc. for behavior control are more prominent than cultivation of intrinsic motivation through student voice, choice, and ownershipThe day is portioned into individual activities without interconnection between subjects or overarching conceptsQuestions like “Can I go to the bathroom” are frequently asked ***Bonus flipped sign: Play is a rarity.

Send positive and supportive communication to the teacher. Featured image: DeathToTheStockPhoto Like this: Mary Wade. 10 Big Ideas From #TCEA16 - Leading, Learning, Questioning. I recently had the chance to engage with so many influential educators at TCEA in Austin, and I have a lot floating around in my head that’s waiting to find a landing place. That conference is definitely one where part of the challenge is managing all the new ideas and considering what challenges you’ll accept before planning them all out over a period of time. Since I find myself in the thick of wading through a sea of good ideas, I thought I would blog about it. I’ve picked ten ideas that stood out to me. These ten ideas stand out as concepts I’ll continue to come back to in order to push my thinking, especially with regard to technology in the classroom. Admittedly, a lot could be done to unpack each of these ideas, but rather than sharing a series of mini posts, I simply wanted to share the big ideas that have stuck with me from my learning last week.

“Our kids will not know the difference between a social media site and a website. “Quit telling people to think out of the box.