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Far Infrared heating therapy

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Far Infrared Therapy, FIR, Benefits, History, Cancer Therapy. - Far Infrared Technology: For many decades, scientific evidence has found that deep heat can enhance the beneficial effects of healing therapy.

Far Infrared Therapy, FIR, Benefits, History, Cancer Therapy

Scientists have looked at ways of how to develop more effective forms of thermal treatment that target specific areas and enable deep heat penetration. Traditional forms of heat therapy can be hazardous, uncomfortable, unhygienic, inefficient and ineffective. Traditional saunas create exposure to extremely high temperatures causing heat stress which can have detrimental effects on health, especially for people with a heart condition or high blood pressure. Thermal compression's and wraps are uncomfortable, heat is easily lost, temperature does not remain constant and maintaining a thermal compression or wrap is problematic and inconvenient.

FIR Pad - Far Infrared Heating Pad. - FIR Pad - Far Infrared Physiotherapy Healing, Heating Pad.

FIR Pad - Far Infrared Heating Pad

A delightful gift complete with storage carry bag, for yourself, someone you love or even your pet. How Far Infrared and Negative Ions Therapy Effect Cancer. Many people have asked if Healthy Line FIR mats are helpful in the treatment of cancer.

How Far Infrared and Negative Ions Therapy Effect Cancer

It is important to note up-front that Healthy Line FIR mat is not recognized as a cancer treatment in the United States. Furthermore, the addition of any device to cancer therapy or the treatment of any serious medical condition should always be cleared with the physician who is managing treatment before implementation. If the doctor is unfamiliar with far infrared and its benefits, it would be a good idea to refer him or her to this book as an educational reference. The term “medical refugees” was coined by Dr. Yoshimizu in reference to people whose cancer has been deemed untreatable.

Dr. ICAM - Cardiac Care. Healing With Heat. An Alternative Cancer Treatment using Far Infrared Heat The BioMat uses quantum energy technology for health and wellness to help patients with a natural alternative cancer treatment option.

Healing With Heat

A portable and readily available health and wellness tool, the BioMat reduces stress and fatigue, improves sleep patterns, eases joint pain, reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins in the body and increases blood circulation. If that weren’t enough, the patented BioMat technology is now being used as an alternative cancer treatment. Since many cancer patients struggle with fatigue, pain, inflammation, circulatory issues and other issues, the BioMat offers a new type of alternative cancer treatment that can help those facing cancer feel better from the inside out. Some doctors and alternative therapists have even reported people with breast cancer and prostate cancer being healed in as short as a few months using the properties of thermo-therapy treatments that can be achieved by using the BioMat. Infrared Studies - 1-844-BIOMATS. Since our inception we have made it a point to present the latest Far Infrared (FIR) Studies and research to our customers and medical and healthcare professionals alike.

Infrared Studies - 1-844-BIOMATS

We realized from personal experience that the internet can be filled with vastly contradictory information; and unfortunately, even down right out lies. Which is why at 1-844-Biomats we felt compelled to provide real and scientific backed relevant research & information. We hope that this will clear up the mystery and half-truths that you have encounter on your journey to better understand the true benefits of Infrared.If you have knowledge of more current research that is backed by standard scientific documentation and would like us to included that so others can be better informed.

Please let us know and we will review the information and if accurate will include it for others to benefit from its content. Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews. 1.

Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

Therasage Infrared Heating Pad 2. Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad To make sure a Fir Heating Pad is something that’ll actually help you, I’ve included the following 5 things in my Therasage review: List of conditions it will help to healMy own personal reviewPositive & Negative Consumer reviewsProof from a government study.Who shouldn’t use one Infrared heating pads for spinal problems work great but back pain isn’t all they’re good for. WARNING – There are some people who SHOULD NEVER USE an Infrared Heating Pad. CAUTION – If you’ve just pulled a muscle or had a bad injury, you should wait 48-72 hours before applying heat.

Infrared therapy for chronic low back pain: A randomized, controlled trial. Amethyst Richway Bio Mat. Explanation of Technology. The BioMat: Explanation of Technology The BioMat is very different from a standard heating pad.

Explanation of Technology

It does not contain heating coils, or any point sources of heat, so it does not present the practical dangers associated with heating pads. It also has EMF protection built-in. And yet, the BioMat can transfer far more heat into the body, compared to a heating pad. This is because the heat transfer is radiant, not conductive. The radiant heat is produced by hot crystals that cover the surface of the mat, and there are settings to control the desired temperature of the crystals. Far Infrared Light: This is the same phenomenon as visible light, but the wavelength is longer, so we cannot detect it visually.

Negative Ions: These are air molecules that have an extra electron, hence the negative charge. Far Infrared Heating Pad FIR Pad Far Infrared Therapy. FIR Pad On Sale!

Far Infrared Heating Pad FIR Pad Far Infrared Therapy

USA - Individual FIR Pad $199.00 Add FIR Pad to Cart Buy 2 for $299.00 Add 2 FIR Pads to Cart.