Course: Introduction to Learning Technologies Instructor: Heather M. Ross, Instructional Design Specialist at GMCTE Location: This is an open online course. Feel free to do it wherever you please. Open Educational Resources (OER) Open Educational Resources (OER)
Open Educational Resources Project (Collections Strand) - OeRBITAL UK Centre for Bioscience OER project - Phase 2 The UK Centre for Bioscience sucessfully bid for funding to undertake a 'Collections Strand' Open Educational Resources project over 2010-2011 following its success with the phase 1 (OER pilot projects) Interactive Laboratory and Fieldwork Manual for the Biosciences project. Working with ten discipline consultants from across the country we have produced a wiki for the benefit of the bioscience community to explore the potential of OERs across a range of disciplines. The intention is to guide staff new to Open Educational Resources in the Biosciences towards those which we believe are valuable examples, and the routes to find them. The OeRBITAL project wiki is available at: The story behind finding, evaluating and enhancing OERs is also captured here, so that we might share and develop a realistic approach to assist other OER users (and developers) with JISC and HEFCE funded projects. Open Educational Resources Project (Collections Strand) - OeRBITAL
Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER)