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Fabrice Leclerc

science (biology, RNA, bioinformatics, evolution, openscience, etc), environment (biodiversity, climate, ocean, etc) medias and tools, news


Informatics. Environment. Health. Science. About Pearltrees. Cool stuff. Pearltrees videos. Pending. People.

  1. rdrewd May 11 2012
    I see you picked my "Other people's Python Pearltrees" pearltree. I set that up as a way to keep in touch with additions to other folk's Python stuff. If I may be allowed to toot my own horn, please do take a look at my Python pearltree (up above the Pearltree you picked). I think my Pearltree is bigger than most, but I've tried to keep it reasonably organized. My work at mastering Python has been continuing pretty much along the lines of the list I included at the end of this 2009 blog entry: I'm getting fairly comfortable with Python and it's eco-system, but there seems to be no end to it. That is, I suspect I could go on learning for years to come and still not have mastered every nook and cranny of the topic. Fortunately, I enjoy learning new things, so learning Python has become a pleasant and enjoyable hobby. Drew (rdrewd,