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Infographie - [INFOGRAPHIE] L'affaire Bettencourt au jour le jour. Connexion à votre compte. Create timelines, share them on the web. Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines. Army edits its history of the deadly battle of Wanat. The Army's official history of the battle of Wanat - one of the most intensely scrutinized engagements of the Afghan war - largely absolves top commanders of the deaths of nine U.S. soldiers and instead blames the confusing and unpredictable nature of war.

Army edits its history of the deadly battle of Wanat

The history of the July 2008 battle was almost two years in the making and triggered a roiling debate at all levels of the Army about whether mid-level and senior battlefield commanders should be held accountable for mistakes made under the extreme duress of combat. An initial draft of the Wanat history, which was obtained by The Washington Post and other media outlets in the summer of 2009, placed the preponderance of blame for the losses on the higher-level battalion and brigade commanders who oversaw the mission, saying they failed to provide the proper resources to the unit in Wanat. Google Maps. Maps.