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Twenties Wedding Dress from Lindsay Fleming - Clara. Clara was inspired by the most iconic twenties style, the 'flapper'.

Twenties Wedding Dress from Lindsay Fleming - Clara

Perfect for any girl wanting to ''charleston' or 'bunny hop', Clara is made from sandwashed silk crepe, with a deep band of pale gold embroidery embellished with AB crystals around a dropped waist. The AB crystals are also around the neckline, shoulder straps and down back. However the most stunning part of the design is the 'handkerchief' skirt made from 20mtrs of pure silk tulle, which gives the dress an uneven hemline reminiscent of the 'roaring twenties', which floats elegantly as you walk.

As with all Lindsay Fleming designs, Clara can be changed to suit your own taste. For example many clients have preferred to have their dress made with silver or coloured embroidery. The headdress 'Deco', used in many of the images on this page can also be purchased. Made to Measure: :when clients visit our studio for all fittings, or Lindsay Fleming Roadshow: :at various locations around the country. Horseshoe Cape pattern by Sarah Wilson. Chi-Chi Cowl pattern by Sarah Wilson. Pattern update: magazine errata will be issued soon, but in Abbreviations, 3/3 RC should read: Sl 3 to cn, hold in back.

Chi-Chi Cowl pattern by Sarah Wilson

K3; k3 from cn. Proceeds from individual pattern sales go to the designer; proceeds from the eBook go to the publisher. Having been generously provided with two skeins of gorgeous silk and camel blend yarn from Anzula Luxury Fibers, I wanted to create something that was a little unexpected. Knitting chunky lace with cables? Why not? Finished Size Height: 17 (17, 22.5, 22.5) inches Circumference: 38 (47.5, 57, 66.5) inches Shown in 38 inch size Materials Anzula Oasis (70% Silk, 30% Camel; 375 yards per 114 gram skein); 2 (2, 3, 4) skeins Spruce US 11/8 mm 24 inch circular Stitch Marker Cable Needle Blunt Needle Scissors.

Big Red Shrug pattern by Sarah Wilson. The oversized knits gracing fall catwalks this season inspired me to design an easy, roomy shrug with grand sleeves, bold cables and easy construction.

Big Red Shrug pattern by Sarah Wilson

Just cast on, knit, cast off, and wear! What could be chicer than that? I settled on the name “Big Red” because I can picture Little Red Riding Hood trading in her cape for this after she’s all grown up and found a fashion sense! This shrug is worked in one piece from side to side, being cast on at one cuff and bound off at the other. The size given here should fit shoulders up to 16” wide – if you have particularly wide shoulders, or if you would like a roomier shrug, you can achieve a better fit by adding an extra repeat of the cable pattern while you are knitting the back. Size Adult; one size fits most shoulders –pattern includes notes regarding fit for shoulders wider than 16” Actual Measurements 40” long x 26” wide Materials Gauge 16 sts/24 rows = 4 inches in stockinette. Quick and Dirty, 2- Needle Fishnet Stockings pattern by Joan McGowan-Michael.

Baile pattern by Heather Dixon. Medieval and Celtic Wedding Gowns. Ann Mayburn's (Kinky) Playlist. I've always loved dark, moody and powerful music for writing my intense sex scenes.

Ann Mayburn's (Kinky) Playlist

The hard bass, the melody that tugs at your soul and stirs your heart, and the beat that drives your lovers body into your own. Whew, excuse me for a second while I take a cold shower. For sex scenes with BDSM and D/s elements I always put on Nine Inch Nails. It is utterly, absolutely, perfect for putting me in the mood for a good, hard f...well, you know. ;) We're not talking making love with sighs and cuddles, or sex with a little slap me on the ass and call me Sally. No, I'm talking about the kind of sex that leaves you in a shaking, endorphin filled, sweating heap of satisfaction. Yum. In my upcoming 1 Night Stand story, Bound for Pleasure, Lara Hernandez has been given the gift of a strong and powerful Alpha male that will be her submissive for the night. Below is a list of some of the Nine Inch Nails songs I listened to while writing 'Bound for Pleasure'.

30 Totally Amazing Umbrellas To Get You Through The Rainy Days. Beautiful Driftwood Horse Sculptures. Cake Art. Female Disney Characters in Real Life by Jirka Väätäinen. Art 1. Optical Design. 99 Tiny Stories to Make You Think, Smile and Cry.