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Literacy-across-the-curriculum: Support reading in all subjects. Home Page | Skills Workshop. 27 Simple Ideas To Stimulate Creativity. Test Yourself | E.L.L. Practice, March 10, 2014. Andrew Testa for The New York TimesBen Wilson lying prone to paint flattened gobs of chewing gum. Related 2011 Article 1. Fill in the blanks in the passage below, taken from the article “Whimsical Works of Art, Found Sticking to the Sidewalk.” Mr. Wilson ... paints tiny pictures on flattened blobs of discarded chewing gum on the sidewalks of London. So familiar is he here, _________ in any kind of weather, that he has become something of a local celebrity and mascot. “He brings _________ lot of joy to a _________ of people,” said Peter Kyriacou, who owns the local Snappy Snaps photography store, which has a number of Wilson works out front. ✔ painting; a; lot painting; a; many sleeping; a; lot eating; a; lot Redo Quiz Teaching Ideas: Exploring Art: Invite your students to think about the question “What is art?

Or, invite students to create their own artwork online with easy-to-use tools that require no registration like ArtPad, Drips or AWW. New Year's Resolutions with Bob Dylan. You are going todiscuss new year's resolutions listen to some popular new year's resolutions and do a gap-filllisten to a radio clip about the history of new year's resolutions and do a comprehension quiz 1) Discuss Do you make new year resolutions? Do you promise yourself to learn some something new, do something better or stop doing something bad in the next 12 months? What do you think are the best kind of resolutions to make? What are your resolutions for the new year?

Will you keep them or will you break them? What do you think are the most common resolutions that people make? 2) Listen Listen to Bob Dylan on the Theme Time Radio Hour read the most popular new year's resolutions. What are they? Listen again Fill in the gaps with the right word 3) Discuss What do you think of the resolutions in the list? 4) Listen Making New Year's Resolutions dates back to medieval times ( = from the 5th to the 15th centuries AD) What sorts of resolutions do you think people were making in medieval times?

Downloadable lesson materials. CrowdWish Level: B2/Upper Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking, reading and listening Language: idioms (dream come true, like magic, step in the right direction etc) and wish (including wish + would) ELT Resourceful – Crowdwish The lesson is about a new online service, CrowdWish, which invites people to post their wishes on their website. You’ve got to have a dream Level: B1/Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking and writing Language: reason and result linkers, adjectives of personality A free downloadable lesson, based around a Russian advertising video for shampoo. ELT Resourceful – You’ve got to have a dream Orangutan asks for help in sign language Skills: speaking and listening Language: environment vocabulary (e.g. deforestation, consumers, sustainable) ELT Resourceful – Orangutan asks for help in sign language The lesson starts with an activity to find out what students know about orangutans.

Gratitude Skills: Reading, speaking, listening and writing ELT Resourceful-Gratitude A good deed To R.P. Lessons with Maps 2: Europe According To … This is a well overdue post from me, especially considering it was supposed to appear to coincide with the designerlessons presentation on “Classroom Cartography” at the TESOL Spain event at UAB back in February! Still, better late than never, and I hope you find this lesson as fun and productive as I and my students have.

I have chosen the European map as the context for this lesson, but this can easily be changed as the Alphadesigner website, from which the maps below are taken, also includes maps of other continents. Moreover, as with a few of my lessons, there is a “bad” language warning, so please study the maps carefully before you offend anyone in your class! Level: Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency (B2-C2); Adults Lesson Aims Preparation Procedure 1. I must say that my students did better at this than me – I struggle the further east we go. 2. From What do Americans eat at Thanksgiving? 3. Other examples: 4. 5. The second group had: Film English | by Kieran Donaghy. Learn about Europe: England. Home Page : SEN Teacher ~ Free teaching resources for Special Needs.