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Effective Communication. When I began my consulting and training practice, my first significant contract was with a technology deployment firm to provide Presentation Skills training for the sales team and other customer-facing personnel.

Effective Communication

This included IT job functions involved in pre-sales support and technology implementation. Effective Communication. Presentations Skills are crucial for anyone who has to speak or outline plans in public.

Effective Communication

In last week’s blog, I outlined some suggestions developed from my consulting and training practice and from work with a technology deployment firm to provide training for sales and other customer-facing personnel. Here are four more suggestions for IT and technical professionals to help them create and deliver impactful presentations. 1. Introduce yourself. Then share your recommendation. Repository-based EA Business Benefits. In my previous blog posts I’ve talked about the capabilities of Repository-based Enterprise Architecture (R-b EA) and a roadmap for implementing it.

Repository-based EA Business Benefits

But what is of greatest interest to business owners and financial stakeholders is how this approach can improve the efficiency of an enterprise. Let’s be clear: The bottom line is always going to be the bottom line. The areas of greatest potential value are going to be different for each enterprise, as they will depend on the enterprise’s current capabilities and competitive situation. Still, we can usually boil down the potential enterprise architecture benefits into four major categories: Strategic alignment throughout the enterpriseAgile, controlled changeEfficient technology managementImproved business performance. Business Intelligence Implementatio. What’s most important to a developer in Business Intelligence (BI) implementation: Data accuracy?

Business Intelligence Implementatio

Performance? Look and feel? The truth is, all three are important, but disproportionate weight is often given to the first two. Security in the App Age. If you’re developing apps and you’re not performing vulnerability scans, then you probably aren’t paying attention.

Security in the App Age

Whether using malware or stolen passwords, hackers today are highly sophisticated and apps are a huge target. Testimonials. Our clients recognize our commitment to excellence.


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Vendor Authorized Training

Preserving Message Integrity. Whether you send a message through a private network or the Internet, via your desktop computer or a mobile phone, you hope and expect that the message will arrive intact.

Preserving Message Integrity

The truth is, however, that there’s quite a lot of potential for the message to get lost or damaged along the way. Imagine yourself traveling by car, using a mobile phone app to pay your electricity bill. You’re probably using a client program from the electricity company that allows you to key in a check number, and then you hit the transmit button to send that information through. Now let’s say your phone loses the signal midway.

The app may still tell you that the transaction has gone through, but the next thing you know, you get a notice about late payment. Training for IT and Business. Linkedin. Sub Categories for: Leading a team effectively is an integral skill for any project manager, and LearnQuest is able to help project heads anywhere acquire the important skills they require.

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Project Management has developed into an enterprise level management system that bridges the gap from executive strategy to tactical implementation. However, embracing and integrating formalized project management within an organization or Government Agency involves more than merely instituting a Project Management Office (PMO), conducting training, and leveraging a scheduling tool. The most effective Project Management organizations support Project Management from the top down and have created a living framework consisting of practices, competencies, and techniques scaled to their specific project demands.

LearnQuest - Bala Cynwyd - Organisation. At LearnQuest, we understand that staying on top of the latest procedures in your field is integral to running a successful business. That is why we strive to provide the best training classes for a wide breadth of programming skills. The latest Java training courses are designed to help you expand your knowledge of Java and other relevant technologies for enterprise application development. Browse online and search through our large collection of classes on the topics that are important to you, from the basics of Java and Object-Oriented Programming to J2EE and its associated runtime components. View online all of our training course offerings for popular J2EE-based component frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and Java Server Faces and the use of Java Data Object (JDO) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) for access to “back end” resources.

Rational Software Modeler. When I first started in IT, a programmer wrote a single program that was intended to run on one machine. As we all know, systems are much more complicated today than they ever were before. Today, teams of people write applications that are made up of hundreds of “bits and pieces” that run on a cluster of machines. Managing all of those artifacts and files as systems age is exceedingly complicated. LearnQuest (LearnQuest) sur Twitter. LearnQuest Blog. When we use the Internet for any function, we count on getting a reliably fast response, but with an ever-increasing number of Internet devices — and an ever-increasing number of people connecting — that reliability may be jeopardized. The sheer number of transactions happening every second can overwhelm systems. Depending on where a given server is located, the kind of mechanism used to connect to the server and the server’s hardware or software, the performance of the Internet can vary widely.

IBM Software and Systems Training. Home > Course Catalog As an IBM Global Training Provider, LearnQuest covers everything from Cognos training, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere, and many more.