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Siddath Kumar

Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier Bed, Bath, Table Linen & Work wear for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Restaurants, and Healthcare + Beauty Salon Towels & Apparels.

Buy 3 Ply Children Face Mask Wholesale. 3-Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks with Ear-loop Wholesale. $0.54/Ea.Blue, 3-Ply Masks Guard against Bacteria and Particulates, Highly Breathable & Fluid Resistant, Nose Bridge, Elastic Cord, Space-keeper, Pre-filter, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

3-Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks with Ear-loop Wholesale

Please note: The mask is disposable, so return and refund are not supported. Note:1 Case = 50 Pieces / Box Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date ) PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save Product Descriptions: Grams Weight: 20+20+25gsmSize: 17.5x9.5cm (6.89*3.74 inch)Material: SPP+MBPP+SPPColor: BlueMeets En14683 Rating - Type IIR StandardFluid Resistance - 80mmHgBFE >95%PFE=98.5% @ 0.5 MicronDelta P (breathability) <4.0 H2O/cmFlame Spread Class 1 Provides Potection while keeping the wearer cool and Comfortable: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Wholesale PPE Mask for Funeral Homes We offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Masks on wholesale exclusively for Funeral Homes.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have a distinct variety of Masks like 3-PLY Disposable Masks, KN95 Respirator Face Masks, Surgical Face Masks, Fashionable Face Masks, and Face Shields. Sort by Display per page 3-Ply Elastic Loop Mask (Sold in 50 Pieces/Bag) $3.21/Ea. to $3.75/Ea. 3 ply (2 outer plies are a loosely woven broadcloth and the middle layer is a tightly woven twill),Elastic Ear Loops, Washed, Bleached, and Dried. Funeral Home Linens Wholesale USA.

Disposable Surgical Mask. Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) is a piece of special equipment, on wearing act as a barrier between the user and germs.

Disposable Surgical Mask

It reduces the chances of touching, being exposed to, and spreading germs. It helps in preventing the spread of germs in Hospitals. Why PPE is Important? KN95 Respirator Face Mask. Disposable Surgical face Masks. Precautions: 1.

Disposable Surgical face Masks

This product is a single-use product, please destroy it after use.2. Do not use it if the packaging is broken.3. The Face mask should not be worn for too long, and any skin reaction should be removed immediately.4. Before wearing, please confirm the front and back of the mask. Instructions: Bed linen supplies for Hospital. Welcome to Patient gowns page. Hospital gowns wholesale. Healthcare Gown | Medical Wear: During Covid -19 Pandemic Situation, We're here to help you in Supplying Premium Quality, Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment such as Barrier Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Fluid Resistance Gowns, Patient Gowns for Healthcare Industry.

Hospital gowns wholesale

Our Wholesale Medical Gowns helps healthcare professionals by preventing the transmission of microorganisms from patients. You can avail, a wide choice of Hospitals Gowns in distinct quality, variety, and colors at the minimal price compared to other suppliers in the marketplace. Barrier Gowns Fluid Resistant Operating Room Gowns with knit cuffs. Option: One-Ply with Ties & One-Ply with SnapsTwo-Ply with Ties & Two-Ply with SnapsOne-Ply Carbon with Ties & One-Ply Carbon with SnapsTwo-Ply with TiesTwo-Ply with Snaps Quarpel Barrier Gown Full Barrier Quarpel OR Gown from yoke to hem and from cuff to above the elbow. Options Quarpel Gown w/ Tie Closures Quarpel Gown w/ Snap Closure Sort by Display per page. Industrial Laundries Towels. Welcome to Table Linen page. Microfiber detailing towels. Enrich Your Hospitality with Table Linens.

Table Linens can make a simple event into an extraordinary one in just a few seconds whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, award functions or company luncheon.

Enrich Your Hospitality with Table Linens

There are many choices of tablecloths like Plastic, Paper or Linen. The plastic or Paper tablecloth is the least expensive but it creates more trash and bad for the eco-friendly environment. Normally, Table linens that are made of cotton and spun polyester will last as high as 300 washes and easy to wipe will give luxurious feel and appearance. Are you renting the table linen? Think twice before you do it again, because Two or three times renting table linen = One time buying the table linen. If you do not have the facilities to wash the table line yourself and would like to send it industrial laundries to wash and clean, you still can buy and own the linen ask the laundries to just wash for you.

Selecting the color is also plays a vital role. i.e White is the popular color for formal dinner next comes ivory and half white.

Gym Towels | Sweat Towels

Gym Towels Bulk. White Hand & Bath Towels: These Gym towels are available in 100% Cotton quality and high absorbent quality in different categories like Economy, Standard, and Premium in distinct sizes direct from the manufacturer.

Gym Towels Bulk

Ideal for Gym, Fitness Centers, Training Institute, etc... Sort by Display per page Gym Hand Towels ( Sold in Dozens) Chef Uniform. Wholesale Towels | Wholesale Salon Supplies. Tablecloths | Restaurant Tablecloth | Wholesale Table Cover. Wholesale Towel Supplier | Bulk Towels. Wholesale Towels | Bleach Proof Salon Towels. How to Choose the Best Salon Towels.