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English cloze test activities

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Using Articles 1. Prepositions of Time. Shops and Shopping. 1) When you buy things over the Internet, you usually have to pay the company for ________ the goods to your house. 2) If you plan to buy more ________ a few items, get a shopping cart when you enter the store. 3) Sometimes you can get things at a ________ price if you buy a large quantity. 4) Many people ________ to shop at discount stores because they like the cheap prices. 5) Check the bill for mistakes and add ________ the total yourself before you pay. 6) Count your change carefully because the cashier might ________ a mistake.

Shops and Shopping

The Future. Noun, verb, adjective or adverb? At the Travel Agent's. Cloze Test 'Food (4)' Preposition practice with Idioms. Word order: Drag and drop the words and phrases into the correct order. Practice English Verbs.