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How To Get More Leads On Mobile Devices - Maritime and Offshore Blog - Quora. Mobile device usage continues to grow and will continue growing for the coming years.

How To Get More Leads On Mobile Devices - Maritime and Offshore Blog - Quora

That is why it is important to optimise landing pages and get leads from users for you to stay relevant in the future. Here are some few tips to level up your digital marketing and how to get leads on mobile devices: Use The Correct Keypads One of the common issues for lead generation on mobile devices has something to do with submitting a form. There is not enough space on a phone to see all of the characters on a typical keyboard. Make Everything Interactive Visitors will click on everything. Reduce The Number Of Form Fields Visitors on mobile devices are less willing to fill out a form unlike visitors on desktop device.

Why You Should Keep Doing Mobile SEO. PAY PER CLICK HACKS FOR BEGINNERS. Developing the right PPC strategy can be tricky.


You might think that all you have to do is set up a campaign, get traffic and clicks but as days go by and your clicks and impressions decrease, you begin to realize that it’s not as simple as that. If you are a search engine marketing beginner who is about to venture down the path of PPC without the help of a digital marketing agency here are a few Google AdWords tips and tricks that are perfect for you. Explore Search Terms The search terms report shows search queries that triggered one of your ads.

You can see the keyword’s clicks, impressions, and cost. Social Media Dos And Dont’s - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora. Social media is a great way to market your business.

Social Media Dos And Dont’s - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora

It helps you reach a vast number of audience using different platforms. How To Find The Perfect Digital Advertising Agency. Choosing the right digital advertising agency for your brand is no easy task.

How To Find The Perfect Digital Advertising Agency

There is a lot of evaluation and decision-making that should be done before closing any deals. Here are some handy tips on how to find the perfect agency for your brand. Know the agency’s core values. How To Make Your Subscribers Love Your Email - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your audience.

How To Make Your Subscribers Love Your Email - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora

According to a survey done by Campaigner, nearly two-thirds send a welcome email to new subscribers within 24 hours and nearly one-third of new subscribers make their first purchase within 24 hours of subscribing. HOW TO MAKE YOUR DATA VISUALIZATION MORE EFFECTIVE. One of the best ways to attract customers is by your product, services, etc with showcasing data visualization.


Not only does publishing one create trust, it also sets you apart from your competitors and establish product worth. It can be in the form of a graph, infographic, or charts. Yet Another Change Is Made To SERPS by Google Without Too Much Fanfare. Over the coming days you will notice that your search results begin to look very subtly different again, and you’d have to say that this confirms that it’s in the quest to increase click through rates of the paid ads.

Yet Another Change Is Made To SERPS by Google Without Too Much Fanfare

The previously yellow AD box indicating this was a paid listing will be yellow no longer. The box will be changed to green, further increasing the very organic look and feel of paid ads at the top of results. This comes after changes earlier this year by Google to remove right hand paid search results and increase the number of results at the top of the page. There’s no doubt that those changes have already had an effect and the latest change will most likely further increase click through rates.

Are you Relevant? Are you Found? Are you Social? The Internet for Marketing Purposes.

Are you Relevant? Are you Found? Are you Social?

It’s no secret that the digital world is growing fast, really fast. In 2015, 93.1% of the Australian population had a stable internet connection; confirming that the audience of digital marketing is enormous. We can no longer say, “The Web is the way of the future.” It’s here now and it’s only going to get bigger, stronger, faster. It’s a giant moving feast of opportunity, but how do we; 1. SEO Tips Beginners Should Know (with image) · leapfroggerau. Use relevant keywords It is very important where you place your keywords in your articles, URLs, image captions etc. in order for your site’s rank to increase.

SEO Tips Beginners Should Know (with image) · leapfroggerau

Imagine if your business is a hotel with their own website and someone is searching the internet for a hotel in Melbourne what keywords or terms do you think he/she is going to use? They’ll probably type “best hotel in Melbourne” or “affordable hotels in Melbourne” keywords like ‘affordable’ or ‘Melbourne’ should be found in your site in order for Google or Bing to increase your rank and include you in the first page.. Wrong keywords means less chances of gaining visitors in your website. Leapfrogger - Get Ahead on the Web.

Most Popular Search Terms On Google. Most Popular Search Terms On Google. Digital and Business - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora. Photo credit: The world right now is dominated by the digital revolution.

Digital and Business - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora

We as individuals rely on the usefulness of these technologies. Right now the whole world is dominated by interconnected ideas that can spread through the internet with just a flick of a finger. By these means we should be able to adapt and respond to the fast paced movement of the world.Ideas spread through so fast that it can reach different parts of the world in just a second. With this idea, the corporate world is recuperating their means of reaching their consumers.

One major thing that they are using is the SEO, search engine optimization. Social Media advertising is another way of advertising through digital. Will Video Content Be The Standard Of SEO? - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora. In the current state of SEO written content, it is considered as the standard in achieving the desired rankings. Dating back to the first days of SEO written content is the main tool in succeeding. Right now, video content is stepping in the limelight. Search Engine Optimisation Services. Tips & Tools For An Effective Mobile Marketing (with image) · leapfroggerau. 5 Reasons Why Your SEO Is Failing - LeapFrogger Blog - Quora. Melbourne Digital Agency. Leapfrogger Digital Agency. Four SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid. A little mistake in SEO can have huge consequences to the overall traffic and ranking of a website. This is why you must be very careful and critical when implementing your SEO strategies. Reasons Why You Should Invest In SEO. Google Changes To Watch Out For.

You are probably familiar with Google changing its algorithm each year. These changes happen for over 600 times and continue to rise as the year passes. 2015 has been a big challenge for SEO practitioners. Big algorithm updates such as Mobilegeddon rolled out last year, and expect to see more this year. Four Biggest SEO Trends This 2016.