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Three Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Lean/Six Sigma Consultant. The Lean 7 Wastes - Everyday business wastes - LeanScape. Five Why’s Improve your Critical Thinking. Five why's improve your critical thinking - LeanScape. One of the most famous and simple problem-solving methodologies introduced by Toyota has become known as the five why’s.

Five why's improve your critical thinking - LeanScape

It’s a tool where you simply keep asking “Why” 5 times to identify the root cause of the problem and potentially a simple solution. We all naturally ask Why all the time? The last figure I heard is that kids ask around 90 questions a day many of them “Why?” Style questions. And often when trying to explain the best way to imagine how the ‘Five Whys’ work is to imagine children asking “why” … again and again. But asking why without the threatening and undermining tone is an essential way we all began to learn. As a parent, I know the feeling in the car when your own child in the back asks a question. It does not take long within this cycle of asking “why?” The ‘Five Whys’ is this simple in theory.

How to Avoid Waste, Unevenness and Overburden in the Business. Muda, Muri, Mura - Lean Wastes - LeanScape. And lets be honest – its often the best employees that get overburdened.

Muda, Muri, Mura - Lean Wastes - LeanScape

Its not the average or poor performers that get pulled into various projects. It’s our best people – the ones we can count on to make a difference. The managers role The focus as a manager must first and foremost be on getting the front line team to understand “muda” and how to remove waste from every process to drive efficiencies and great value. However, as managers, we must take a high level view of the end to end process and by removing silo’s, functions and departments from our thinking we must find ways to ensure a consistent flow of work across all sections to support our teams. Extreme Ownership and Lean Management - LeanScape. Grow Leaders from Within. Lean Thinking to Drive Results. Starting at the front line - LeanScape. His initial approach was to to send out an email literally telling them about the change that was needed – and as of next week, please start doing it this new way.

Starting at the front line - LeanScape

Obviously, nothing happened – the colleague grew frustrated that no one was doing what he wanted so he escalated to the operations senior management in the head office. Lean thinking to drive results - LeanScape. As consumers, we have little patience.

Lean thinking to drive results - LeanScape

We have access to anything we want 24/7 from almost anywhere. We have notifications hitting us all day and our attention is continually being fought over. So any activity which does not add value to consumers at a physical and/or emotional level is quickly shifted to the side and forgotten about. The goal is designing or improving services, developing physical and virtual products that continually enrich the user experience and drive value creation. And at a personal level, the same is true – reducing the non the value add activities from our daily routines is essential.

Principles of Lean-Grow Leaders from Within. “Get out of the office is one of the underlying principles of Lean” With the consistent hiring, firing and the cult personality culture surrounding CEO and Senior Managers, this concept seems to go against the current status quo.

Principles of Lean-Grow Leaders from Within

The difference is that within Lean and the TPS system (Toyota Production System), the role of the leader is more aligned to a teacher. It’s a teacher who not only understands the work, but someone lives the culture of the organization. It is someone who leads teams by spending time understanding the actual work. It’s someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the daily work so that they are best positioned to be the best teacher. “Get out of the office” is one of the underlying principles. Call to action: So let’s close our office and stop spending hours talking about front line operations from the comfort of meeting rooms and away days.

We all need to be as close to our customers, and our operations are where things happen. Principles of Lean – The 3 Second Rule to Visual Management. Principles of Lean Use Tech that Sopports your Process. Principles of Lean Six Sigma Standerdise to Grow Your Organization Creativity.

Lean Consultants London, HongKong, Dubai

Principles of Lean - Use tested technology that supports your process and your people. With technology advancing so fast, evaluating the impact technology will have on the culture of the organisation in the short and long term is extremely difficult.

Principles of Lean - Use tested technology that supports your process and your people

The eighth Principle of Lean is to ensure that before you adopt any technology, make sure that it’s been thoroughly tested and that it serves the people and the process. When we say thoroughly tested, this does not mean running UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to ensure the technology works correctly but more importantly, you have to ask “does it add value to the process?”. Technology that does not help your people do what they need to do more efficiently is a waste. If your end customers will not directly benefit from it, is it even worthwhile doing? The first step, before you try to automate any process, is to ensure the process is as efficient as possible – otherwise, you spend money to automate waste. Find out more about our process optimisation services designed to help companies who are looking at automation and RPA.

Principles of Lean - Standardize to Grow your Organisations Creativity. “Standardise what you do to create the space you need to change what you do.”

Principles of Lean - Standardize to Grow your Organisations Creativity

If you and your team are firefighting at work, the chances are that you have some great people, but you do not have standard processes. Only when you have well good, well-trained people and standardised processes can you get anywhere near good performance. 10 Reasons Why a Lean Six Sigma Certification Will Benefit Your Career converted. 10 reasons to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification - LeanScape. So here’s the point.

10 reasons to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification - LeanScape

If you want to be relevant and uplift your career earning’s you need to focus on meta skills such as the ability to be critical in your business thought processes and be continually on the outlook for ways to deliver more value to companies and customers. One of the vital meta-skills out there is the ability to problem-solve and how to be operationally excellent in everything you do.

Problems will not go away, especially as change only accelerates. We will have to integrate not only new technology such as AI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Blockchain into our businesses but also how we manage and organise our people to deliver maximum value. 5 Business Benefits of Lean Six Sigma - LeanScape. You do not have to look far to see how Lean Six Sigma has been used to drive extraordinary financial benefits within leading companies worldwide.

5 Business Benefits of Lean Six Sigma - LeanScape

GE, Motorola and Honeywell are well-known examples but today you can find companies like Amazon, Apple, Kimberly Clark, Lego, Xerox, BAE and Hertz all developing their Lean Six Sigma programs with success. The initial financial benefits come from the projects candidates undertake as part of the Lean Six Sigma training program. When we mentor candidates, we work with the company to identify projects which are important to the business as such we target around 20x ROI on average.

So for a training that costs $2000, we are expecting a project to deliver somewhere around $40,000 saving on average with a single batch on average achieving around $350K. Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate London. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course and Certification in London, UK. The Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate is equivalent to a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate which will be included as part of your certificate.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course and Certification in London, UK

Gaining the knowledge and being able to apply the understanding in real environments is essential for all professionals today. By earning the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate, you will have not only gained excellent experience but also learned how to apply the different tools in different areas. This will ensure your skills and career opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma Courses & Green Belt Certification HongKong, Qatar. 10 reasons to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification - LeanScape. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma – Free Webinar - 90 Mins Session with Q&A. Five why's improve your critical thinking - LeanScape. Six-Sigma Consultants London, Dubai, Qatar. 5 Business Benefits of Lean Six Sigma - LeanScape. Lean Six Sigma Training Course. Foundations in Lean Six Sigma Certificate - Lean Masterclass LeanScape. Our Lean Masterclasses are online schools where anyone can unlock their problem-solving capabilities and learn to solve complex problems through Lean Six Sigma. Across the world today from large corporations through to NGO’s, public sector, small to medium-sized business, there are no shortages of challenges to tackle. At LeanScape, we believe that applying Lean Six Sigma can help solve these challenges and provide benefits across all sectors.

We use these techniques every day and hope you will too. Foundations In Lean Six Sigma Certificate Syllabus LeanScape. Six-Sigma Consultants London, Dubai, Qatar.