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72 Uses For Common Natural Products That Save Money & Avoid Toxins. How to Keep Your Home Clean Naturally. Jag brukade hata det. Men nu slipper jag oroa mig att göra rent ugnen. Det här är genialt! Det finns få saker i ett hem som är så tråkiga och jobbiga att göra rent som ugnen.

Jag brukade hata det. Men nu slipper jag oroa mig att göra rent ugnen. Det här är genialt!

Eftersom vi använder den ofta och flitigt så är det lätt hänt att det samlas smuts och beläggningar. Men nu har jag hittat den här metoden, som gör rent ugnen så enkelt och smidigt att det nästan känns som att den gör rent sig själv! Met det här knepet slipper du dessutom att använda kemikalier och rengöringsmedel. Vi tar det i två steg: Först rengöringen själva ugnen och sedan av glasfönstret. Det här behöver du: Vatten Sprayflaska Bakpulver Trasa eller Disksvamp Vinäger En liten skål. 75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda.

Baking soda is a chemical compound that appears as a fine powder.

75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda

It releases bubbles of carbon dioxide when it interacts with an acid and a liquid. It’s most commonly used in baking, where it acts as a leavening agent. The following are 75 other uses for baking soda aside from making muffins soft and fluffy. Health Uses. 60 Wonderful Ways To Use Baking Soda - Little House on the Valley. I am so excited to share with you 60 ways to use baking soda!

60 Wonderful Ways To Use Baking Soda - Little House on the Valley

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, this ingredient has been around for years and still remains one of the most versatile household items that goes far beyond baking. The ways to use baking soda range from home and garden, to cleaning, to health remedies, and everything in between. No home should be without baking soda, and you will see why, when we explore these 60 wonderful ways. The best part of it all is that baking soda has no scent, and no harmful chemicals! As you know I love homemade natural cleaners and just as we explored some ways to use vinegar, I couldn’t wait to talk about baking soda as an equally useful natural living product no home should be without. 1. DIY Natural Room Scents. Don't miss my follow-up post to this one withNATURAL ROOM SCENTS FOR DIY GIFTS & CENTERPIECESCLICK HERE This post was featured in the April 2013 issue of Woman's Day magazine.

DIY Natural Room Scents

Here's the thing. I'm married to a man who hates artificial scents of any kind. That goes for air fresheners, candles, perfume, soaps and anything else that is scented. We buy unscented everything. Turns out that King-Man may just be ahead of his time. But, the air in my house gets stale sometimes. There is a simple, all natural, truly lovely solution. Keeping the supply list simple. How to Make Natural Room Scents Fragrant items for naturally scenting your home: citrus -- I've tried other fruits. View whole spices on Amazon: cinnamon sticks, anise stars, allspice, cloves, vanilla beans Five Natural Room Scent RecipesThese are all scents that my nose likes.

General procedure: Combine the ingredients in a 2 cup (pint) jar or container, or in a pan on the stove top. View on Amazon: ♦pint jars ♦plastic lids for jars. 10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks. Homemade Air Fresheners: Room & Carpet Deodorizers. Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products. Hopefully all this de-cluttering is getting you all excited for the deep, deep cleaning that is going to happen soon!

Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products

I don’t know how it is for you, but with every box of stuff I get rid of I feel like another little load has been lifted off my shoulders. We are still going to take some time in the next week for more weeding and purging, but in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to also start gathering some of the necessary tools you’ll need to get your space spic & span. I have always had a bad habit of thinking that more cleaning supplies would result in a cleaner house. At one point we had so many mops and brooms in our broom closet that my husband finally exploded in exasperation: “You do realize that none of them actually clean the floor for you, right?”

He snapped. The thing is, until he said that, I actually thought they might. Here is my magic list of 10 essential green & thrifty cleaning products: {P.S. And here is how to use them! 1.