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Presentaion. 30-Day Action Plan To Help Black Women Fix Finances Fast. In 2016, the National Institute of Retirement Security found that women are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished in retirement.

30-Day Action Plan To Help Black Women Fix Finances Fast

This is coupled with the facts that Black women often head multi-generational households on a single income and are risking financial ruin repaying their children’s student loans. This tremendous financial distress necessitates that we make changes in how we handle our money. The following 30-day action plan can do just that by helping Black women make weekly and monthly goals that support their financial wellness and overall wellbeing. Week 1: Get Organized During the week, you’re not going to focus on paying bills or crunching any numbers. Centralize. Use this week to also create what I call a “Financial Freedom Fund,” which is a mason jar or unused cookie jar to deposit all of your loose change on a daily and weekly basis. Schedule. Week 2: Run the numbers. Outstanding Debt: Sometimes outstanding debt is confused with bills, but there’s a distinction. CMO Ericka Pittman On The Lack Of Black Women Execs. It’s always been hard for Black women to climb to the top of the ladder in Corporate America, but it seems it has gotten even tougher, as there are very few women who are CEOs in Corporate America.

CMO Ericka Pittman On The Lack Of Black Women Execs

And while there have been 15 African Americans as heads of Standard & Poor’s 500 companies, right now we have no Black women in such positions. As we recently reported, “In Corporate America, Women of color comprise only 16.5 percent of people who work for S&P 500 companies and they represent less than 10 percent of managers and a very low 3.9 percent of executives. Girls Like Us. 12 cool indie magazines for women who know better. While the term "print is dead" might still apply to mainstream glossies that are struggling, smaller niche magazines are actually thriving.

12 cool indie magazines for women who know better

Last year, according to The Telegraph, Stack, an independent magazine subscription service, reported a 78% increase in revenue and a 76% growth in subscribers. Between Kickstarter and social media, creators with a vision are finding funding, contributors and readers. In an interview with The Independent, Ruth Jameison, author of "Print Is Dead. Long Live Print: The World's Best Independent Magazines," said that in order for an indie magazine to be successful, "It needs to have a really pure, original idea.

And it needs to know who its audience is and speak to them. " These standards of success allow independent magazines the opportunity to speak to audiences mainstream magazines rarely address—which means, by default, the content is more diverse and inclusive, making up for the lack of new points of view, women of color and a spectrum of sexuality. Flower photography. a4 box envelope. The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing.


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Gen viz. First idea. Digital Download – July 2016. Deep Teal – Colour Alert. Dazed & Confused Dazed. Arthoe2. @andicsinger Andicsinger instagram. Top 40 Social Media Trends in October. By: Riley von Niessen - Oct 29, 2016 By looking to these October 2016 social media innovations, it's shown that an increasing number of brands, organizations and celebrity figures are seeing the value of appealing to consumers through easily accessible mediums.

Top 40 Social Media Trends in October

In one recent example, Victoria Secret model Taylor Hill was able to promote a slew of makeup products by simply supplying her followers on Instagram with a quick tutorial via the 'Stories' feature. Not only did this allow her to market products in a more genuine way, but it also gave her fans a look into her exclusive everyday routine that they can appreciate. Meanwhile, a YouTube star named Casey Neistat documented his luxurious journey on a Emirates airplane after his seat was upgraded to first class -- which is valued at over $21,000. Although the video blogger claims that his humorous documentation wasn't sponsored, it racked up millions of views and highlighted the airline's high-end features candidly. Online Positivity Campaigns : fueling possibilities. Hardship fund statment. Cv updates. First idea. First idea. Social emotions. Youth ICYMI – September. Wah nails. Social emotions. Selfie esteem. Petra1. Male positivity.

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Bluebelle. Visual statistics. Apprentice winners: where are they now? Doctor Who series 9: The Girl Who Died spoiler-free review The Girl Who Died raises more questions than it answers, not least of which is the story behind Maisie Williams' mysterious character...

Apprentice winners: where are they now?

Well, crikey. The Girl Who Died is the first story in this run of Doctor Who to have a co-writer credit, and that, in my mind, usually (but not always) hints at something else going on besides the front and centre story. After all, on the one hand, you've got Jamie Mathieson - back after last year's triumphant Flatline and Mummy On The Orient Express - and on the other, there's Steven Moffat. Turns out it's quite a combination. Den of Geek.