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Grimms Fairy Tales - Godfather Death. Godfather Death A poor man had twelve children and was forced to work night and day to give them even bread.

Grimms Fairy Tales - Godfather Death

When therefore the thirteenth came into the world, he knew not what to do in his trouble, but ran out into the great highway, and resolved to ask the first person whom he met to be godfather. The first to meet him was the good God who already knew what filled his heart, and said to him, poor man, I pity you. I will hold your child at its christening, and will take charge of it and make it happy on earth. The man said, who are you. Classics, Philosophy, Myth. Six Word Stories. Anthology of English Literature. Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides.

“Literary Curiosity” From the Salem Observer, 1840: “The following letter was written by a young gentleman to his ‘lady love,’ under the direction and eye of a rigid old father.

“Literary Curiosity”

The understanding, however, between the lovers, was, that she should read only every other line, beginning with the first. Love is full of expedients.” Madam, – Annotated Fairy Tales. Literary Encyclopedia. OPIUM MAGAZINE. The Literary Gothic - the premier webguide to pre-1950 Gothic literature. SourceText.Com.