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And the top headline on the front page of today’s The Beijing News is Fonterra’s apology, accompanied by a photo of Theo Spierings looking suitably contrite. Unfortunately today also brings news that another brand is affected by the contaminated whey protein – Abbott, whose website prominently features a notice announcing the recall of two batches. The main article on page A04 is headlined: 恒天然:问题产品48小时内召回Fonterra: Affected products recalled in 48 hours It goes on to explain: bezdomny ex patria bezdomny ex patria
2011年08月18日 新浪娱乐讯 “世界看见”大型系列纪录片完成后期制作,详尽生动地展示了2009年至2010年间,由朱哲琴牵领走过的“世界看见”民族音乐寻访之旅和手工艺采集之旅全历程。 这套纪录片分为“让世界听见 音乐寻访之旅”和“让世界看见手工艺采集之旅”上下两部,在旅游卫视《行者》栏目陆续播出,自8月11日起,每晚22:20播放一集,共17集。在本次播出的17集全新纪录片中,前7集为“音乐寻访之旅”,最为值得期待的是后10集首次独家曝光的“手工艺采集之旅”内容。 2009年,由联合国开发计划署和著名音乐艺术家朱哲琴共同发起的“世界看见――民族文化保护与发展亲善行动”于北京启动,随后,朱哲琴带队奔赴贵州、云南、内蒙古、西藏、新疆五个区域进行民族 7月20日,著名音乐艺术家朱哲琴受四川卫视和光线传媒的隆重邀请,为“第二届中国藏歌会”启动晚会做特别开场嘉宾,献出气势强大的表演。现场,朱哲琴以超现实主义造型登场亮相,并演唱了以西藏人文背景为题材创作、在中国现代音乐史上具有里程碑式地位的经典歌曲《阿姐鼓》,以及歌曲《羚羊过山岗》,向观众们展示了完美的舞台艺术。 dadawa dadawa
| Kitaj | Kitaj Kineški zid 27. June 2012 “Kitajci so imeli z nekim sosednjim kraljem vojsko.
Poetry Night in Beijing: Call for Submissions Poets! Yes, you. Beijing Cream and Pathlight: New Chinese Writing are excited to present Poetry Night in Beijing at the Bookworm Literary Festival on Sunday, March 16, a curated community event to promote English-language POETRY in this wonderful city of ours. We need your help. Paper Republic Paper Republic
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China News, China Business News, Taiwan and China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Former Zhou aide Guo in graft probe China's top prosecutor's office is carrying out a criminal investigation into Guo Yongxiang, a former vice governor of Sichuan province who was expelled from the Communist Party this week. Guo was for a time the secretary of Zhou Yongkang, the now retired head of nation's public security affairs. More than 300 people linked to Zhou have reportedly been taken into custody or questioned in the past four months, and assets worth as much US$14.5 billion seized. (Apr 11, '14) Manila files South China Sea claim After a year of futile diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving the South China Sea disputes, the Philippines has risked estrangement with China by pressing ahead this week with an unprecedented arbitration case before a United Nations court at The Hague. - Richard Heydarian(Apr 3, '14) China's long view obscured by smog Beijing's ambitious scheme to move 100 million rural dwellers into cities is about economic stimulus as much as social engineering.
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Področje Slovenije in Kitajske je povezano že več kot 200 let. Čeprav ne moremo niti primerjati narave vzpostavljanja stikov v preteklosti in v sodobnem svetu, pa vendar še dandanes ne moremo z zagotovostjo trditi, da je navezovanje stikov med tako različnima državama in kulturama enostavno. Seveda imamo Slovenci in Kitajci tudi mnogo skupnega, vendar kljub temu na začetku vsi laže opazimo medsebojne razlike kot podobnosti. V zadnjih desetih letih je povezovanje in sodelovanje med državama iz leta v leto boljše in plodnejše. Kitajsko Društvo Kitajsko Društvo