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Leadtech is the best political Consultancy firm in India. We, at Leadtech helps in decision making, optimizing the available resources for gaining the best possible results

Everything You Should Know About Political Consultancies. Best Geotagging Company - Add Geographical Data on Your Media's. Every year crops worth Rs 44, 000 crores are destroyed due to farmers being unable to properly their crops in the effort to combat this problem the government of India has decided that geotagging the warehouses is the way to go, so that farmers can easily locate warehouses for storage and government can track its Agro Storage System in real time.

Best Geotagging Company - Add Geographical Data on Your Media's

Geo tagging is the process of adding geographical data to media like photographs, videos, websites or RSS feeds. It is a common norm on social media or in data collection. You can use photographs to find places or the other way around. It allows for huge amounts of data to be collected and collated graphically which can then be interpreted easily by the layman. This allows to study norms, behavior patterns, development activities, keep track of infrastructure in real time and so allow for development activities in a practical and efficient fashion. Political Consultancy Company: A Helping Hand for Political Campaigns. The word “consulting” won’t be new to you.

Political Consultancy Company: A Helping Hand for Political Campaigns

Different fields require the use of consulting for that extra effort and work. Even the field of politics is not untouched by this superb and professional helping hand. Whether you want to hire a consultancy company for Lok Sabha election preparation or any such needs, a consultancy will always be helpful. This information piece will provide you with a deep insight into the importance of hiring the right political consultancy. Political Campaign With Modern Technology - Leadtech.

You Have Got Your Work Cut Out : Managing a Lok Sabah Election. A Lok Sbaha constituency is bigger than the whole provinces or even whole countries and a population which is as diverse as one can imagine and sometimes even more, it isn’t going to be one shoe fit all.

You Have Got Your Work Cut Out : Managing a Lok Sabah Election

One needs to be able to delve into the minds of the people and leave an imprint to have any chance of being elected and this requires a huge machinery fighting on multiple fronts. An average Lok Sabha constituency represents 15 Lakh voters and close to 25 Lakh citizens. this is more than the population of 50 countries worldwide. This creates major issues in effective communication with the voters. A Lok Sabha constituency accounts for a diverse group with different aspirations and desires : a high rise locality would have different demands and needs from a low income underdeveloped locality.

How Election Results Are Influenced by Campaign Promotion? Have you ever wondered what key factors influence the voters’ opinion and decisions and consequently election results?

How Election Results Are Influenced by Campaign Promotion?

Well, it’s no secret that the prime way of influencing the election results is mass media. Each and every kind of mass media includes every possible online and offline way that passes on the necessary information about candidates. One way to achieve this objective is using different social media platforms like youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media has been a truly effective tool in many spheres of life including the election campaign. In addition to the wonderful technological sensation, popular public figures and top-level politicians are now harnessing the potential of this social media for their specific purposes. Constituency Management System. Today we are living in the era of ICT (information, communication and technology) where people are well connected to each other through multiple platforms most predominantly on social media.

Constituency Management System

If any incident happens in one part of the state, it would have deep rooted consequences in other parts of the state too. Since the politics is never static rather a dynamics state of affairs and political changes happen every day. And these changes have direct or indirect implications on various stakeholders’ i.e. political parties, civil society organizations, and political consultancies, media organizations and of course people at large of that particular constituency. Digital Media Strategies in Political Campaign. Digital Media Strategies in Political Campaign With the advent of digital media, the nature of political campaigning has changed over the years.

Digital Media Strategies in Political Campaign

Digital campaigning, at a national level, was first introduced by the Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2009 Lok Sabha Election. The 2014 Lok Sabha Election was a testament to the same where the BJP, with its dedicated social media campaigning, took the country by storm. Since then parties across the country have been drifting away from more traditional structures of reaching out to their audience and have started embracing digital campaigning. See Ways to Make Election Campaign a Great Success. The election season is celebrated like festivals here in India.

See Ways to Make Election Campaign a Great Success

Besides, the political survey agency has commercialized it further that the whole candidate region is engulfed with its impact. The election campaign company can organize this huge planning and can make you a winning candidate with their exceptional professionalism in your state or region. No matter what elections you are contesting, they can make your positive impact on the people.

Chunav Prachar - Role to Win Political Election. Chunav Prachar (Election campaign) is an important part of the electoral process, occurring at the end of each 5 year term.

Chunav Prachar - Role to Win Political Election.

An election campaign is the touchstone of democracy which enables voters to make an informed choice. Leadtech helps candidates understand their constituency members, through scientific methods of data collection, and launch an effective campaign. The primary importance of a campaign right before election lies in its ability to reach out to thousands and even more people through a singular mechanism.

Candidates hold rallies and sessions which are attended by many. Reaching out to people personally through live speeches and other methods breeds reliability among masses, giving the candidate an edge. Digital Marketing Strategy for Successful Political Campaign. The whole credit must-go-to digital marketing if any business is getting tremendous response users wise.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Successful Political Campaign

So, in the same way, they are making it possible in the election campaigning as well. The Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns. Digital Marketing benefits your election campaigning: It just does not matter what part of the world you live in, the political campaign firms have a significant role to play if you want to be successful in your election campaign.

The Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns

They evaluate your election survey campaigns thoroughly and make it emphatic with their professional approach. They know very well that today’s world is digital and if you don’t walk simultaneously with this field, you will lag behind by miles. Besides, if you will observe minutely, you will find that almost all the industrial sectors are retaining digital companies' assistance to run their business successfully. So, they should also make sure that they don't stay back in implementing digital world assistance to make a candidate election survey campaign a successful one. So, as a responsible firm, make sure you start involving digitalization in your work process to make a mark in your region. How To Win Parliament Election? The Indian political landscape is an ever-changing concept.

Owing to this, the nature and method of campaigning has also evolved over the years. Make a Powerful Door-to-Door Campaign With Political Campaigning Firm. Impress your voters: If you are looking to secure your future as an election candidate, make sure you control both these aspects door to door campaign and political campaign firm aspect minutely. At present, it is not that easy to impress the voters because the modern generation is so intelligent that they already know who is who? Besides, the internet has also made things quite easy and the voters can acquire any information related to their region or state election candidate. As an election candidate, with the assistance of political campaign firms, you can impress your voters emphatically. How to Win Assembly Election in India? - Leadtech. Indian elections are very touché from the rest of the world.

We can clearly notice that Indian voters have the intangible mindset. Some contestants will lose the contest even after doing good work and development in their constituency while some may win without fulfilling their promises. No one can guess, on what basis, voters are going to vote which will impact them like caste, creed, colour, cash, religion, region, etc. or development and growth aspects. Some of the factors might influence voters other than above-mentioned things are Party of the candidate, family background, celebrity status, the main leader of the party. Political strategists can do the necessary survey and will find out the voter’s pulse and percentages. Election Campaigning Is An Art Not Everyone Knows It.

What a Strong Political Campaign Strategy needs? Posted by leadtech on March 11th, 2020. What a Political Consulting Firm can do for you? In a big democracy like India, elections are more than just a process of choosing a representative. From 1951 to now, Indian elections have made considerable progress, from ballot papers to electronic voting machines and from fax to email. As India’s whole elections process has changed, so the methods to win elections are also getting change. Six Facts about Election Management Companies in India. India is a rich and diverse country. Can Political Strategists Help in Winning Election in India? Gone are the days, when elections were won only through campaigning and canvassing. Can Political Campaign Agencies Help You Win? Hire Professional Election Campaign Management Company for the Coming Political Consultancy in India. Legislative Assembly elections will be held very soon in February 2020, in the capital city, New Delhi.

A total of 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly will be next elected. What can political campaign companies do for you are they worth it. Role of Advertising and Election strategists in Indian Elections 2020. Make your Election Campaign a Great Success. At present, the elections are of massive importance for every single party in India. Moreover, it demands huge planning if you want to consider any chances of winning the elections. Whether it is assembly elections, Rajya Sabha elections, Lok Sabha elections, the pre-poll survey company can help you massively to take the positive stride regarding the campaign. They do everything possible to enhance your chances and also deliver your positive image among the voters as well. Know Accurate Election Statistics with Election Management Company. How a political campaign management firm helps candidates on social networks?

Constituency Management. Switch to the best election campaign management company. Leadtech. Get Accurate Analysis in the Political Door-to-Door Campaign – LeadTech. Voters can’t be taken for granted. Leaders have to perform and deliver good governance to the expectations of constituents. Opinion Poll Company in India. An opinion poll is a strategy to gather data about the perspectives or convictions of a given gathering. Constituency Management. Election Management Software. Leadtech.