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3 Well-Meaning Assumptions About Women You Never Realized Were Sexist. Source: iStock I was recently talking to a man about a female friend of his, who had just told him about being sexually harassed at work. He was appalled. He said, “It makes me so mad. She’s this sweet, Midwestern girl without a bad bone in her body. She just doesn’t deserve it.” I pointed out that being an assertive, mean, or worldly type would not have made her “deserve” to be harassed either, but this conversation reminded me how common benevolent sexism is – and why it’s one of the hardest forms of sexism to call out. Benevolent sexism – which is often perpetuated by people of all genders who feel positively towards women that conform to traditional and stereotypical ideas about feminine behavior, and who would never think their own actions had any malicious motivations –refers to discrimination that is couched in favorable terms and which is often presented in ways that express appreciation for women or comes under the guise of protecting or caring about women. 1.

What You Can Do: 1. Consent: Not actually that complicated | rockstar dinosaur pirate princess. Dino tea party, by KaffySmaffy on Tumblr A short one today as my life is currently very complicated and conspiring against my preference to spend all of my days working out what to blog. But do you know what isn’t complicated? Consent. It’s been much discussed recently; what with college campuses bringing in Affirmative Consent rules, and with the film of the book that managed to make lack of consent look sexy raking it in at the box office. You may not know this, but in the UK we more or less have something similar to ‘affirmative consent’ already.

It’s how Ched Evans was convicted while his co-defendant was not – and is along the lines of whether the defendant had a reasonable belief that the alleged victim consented. Even the comments in response to this cartoon illustrate the depth of lack of understanding of consent It seems a lot of people really, REALLY don’t get what ‘consent’ means. You say “hey, would you like a cup of tea?” If you say “hey, would you like a cup of tea?” This woman just explained consent with the most perfect metaphor : The Loop. Consent. It’s a powerful word that, for some bizarre reason, is still argued about to this day. It seems many people still don’t really get what “consent” means. As Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess points out, it’s actually a pretty simple concept: “Whoever you are initiating sexytimes with, just make sure they are actually genuinely up for it. That’s it. It’s not hard. Really.” And it shouldn’t be. If you’re still struggling, just imagine instead of initiating sex, you’re making them a cup of tea.

You say, “Hey, would you like a cup of tea?” If they are unconscious, don’t make them tea. If you say, “Hey, would you like a cup of tea?” If they say, “No, thank you,” then don’t make them tea. They might say, “Yes, please, that’s kind of you,” and then when the tea arrives they actually don’t want the tea at all. If they are unconscious, don’t make them tea. If someone said “yes” to tea around your house last Saturday, that doesn’t mean that they want you to make them tea all the time. 9 Facts That Prove Women Are Not Equal To Men.

By Caitlin Abber 21h ago Today is International Women’s Day, which is a day of discussion, reflection, and most importantly, action around women’s issues and causes. One of the biggest campaigns of the day is Not-There, which is focused on talking about how women around the world really haven’t broken through the glass ceiling after all. Don’t believe the hype? Here are some facts about the state of equality around the world: The U.S. is 1 of only 9 countries that doesn’t provide paid maternity leave. 1 in 30 women in the world has given birth before she turns 18. 1 in 3 women in the world is physically or sexually assaulted at some point in her life. Want to spread the word about gender inequality? Editor at MTV News. @everydaycaitlin. A Suggestion For All Heterosexual Men About How Women Feel. It was in the boys’ locker room of my high school that I learned the true meaning of homophobia.

I took a weightlifting class my senior year, and one day after I was standing around talking with a couple of guys I ran cross country with. The subject of homosexuals came up, and one of them said something that’s stuck with me ever since. “I don’t want some guy looking at me the way that I look at girls.” Even at the time, I thought that very telling, and have told the story many times in the decades since. It’s a tribute to the depth to which masculine privilege is embedded in our society that I missed that part of the lesson for so many years.

It’s said that though not all men harass women, all women are harassed by men. There is, however, a corrective available, and I urge all straight men to avail themselves of it. I can tell you from personal experience it’s not easy. Was it the same as what women go through? This post originally appeared at Medium. Official trailer for college rape documentary The Hunting Ground. “No means yes, yes means anal!”: This new film will change how you think about rape culture. There is nothing subtle about “The Hunting Ground,” a new documentary about sexual violence on campus. The film starts with a montage of elated young people finding out that they are officially college bound. Happy tears are cried. Proud parents exchange hugs. Director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering, the team behind “The Invisible War,” are setting you up to knock you down. Hard. It’s quite possible that you already know most of what is laid out in the film.

It hardly matters what you already know about sexual violence on campus; the film is still likely to shock you. The power of “The Hunting Ground” is that by chronicling the voices and stories of so many survivors, it also captures the culture that allows the problem of sexual violence to fester. Early in the film, a young woman recounts how a guy she went to school with had aggressively propositioned her. The frat guy who propositioned the woman in “The Hunting Ground” just wanted a photo. The Hunting Ground (2015) Stop Asking Already: 6 Reasons Why Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Stay in Their Relationships.

Trigger Warning: This article contains detailed descriptions of intimate partner violence, including physical assault, sexual assault, and victim-blaming. It’s not uncommon for an intimate partner violence (IPV) survivor to be asked, rather pointedly, “why they stayed.” And it isn’t okay. When video surfaced of Janay Rice being knocked out by her then-fiancée/now-husband, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens, questions swirled about “why she stayed.” Many people asked, why would someone marry a man, after all, who punched them out in an elevator, then dragged their body out of it? The graphic footage, which should have elicited sympathy for all that Janay Rice had been through, ended up just causing more humiliation for her as she was put in the spotlight across media channels. Instead of her abusive husband’s behavior being condemned, hers was.

Her act of staying confounded folks, and even sparked a conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #WhyIStayed. 1. Lenore E. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 Things Women Are Tired of Encountering in the Media. How Gender Double Standards Cause The Wage Gap. Why Girls Today Think Sexual Harassment Is Normal Stuff. You Don't Have to Hate Women to Be Sexist: Everyday Ways You May Be Sexist Without Knowing It. So you’re a man and you consider yourself an awesome ally to women. You may even identify as a feminist and actively work to further the movement’s goals.

That’s all great, but it doesn’t give you a pass when it comes to sexism — and you may be perpetuating it without even knowing it. “But I’m not sexist. I don’t hate women!” Let me stop you right there, as I (and likely most other people who have called out sexism) are told this all the time. Loving and respecting women has nothing to do with whether or not your actions are sexist, and you certainly don’t have to hate women to be a sexist.

In reality, the simple fact that you are an active participant in a culture that privileges men, especially white, cis, straight men, over all others means that, at the least, you benefit from sexism, and, at the worst, you actively participate in it. So, no, you don’t have to hate women to be sexist. It’s all in the details, folks. So how can you be sexist without even knowing it? How Might This Look? Why Bathing in Male Tears Doesn't Mean I'm Anti-Man. This has been cross-posted with permission from Daily Life. Whenever feminists try to discuss issues pertaining to violence against women, oppression and outright misogyny, we’re often met with tedious ‘whataboutery’ and ‘not all men’ responses from people who find it uncomfortable to have their privilege reflected back at them and critiqued.

But there’s a special breed of person known as a Men’s Rights Activist (or MRA) who likes to go one step further. These people like to talk about something called ‘misandry’, which translates to the not-technically-made-up-but-completely-powerless ‘hatred of men’. MRAs will have you believe that misandry is: a) rampant within the feminist community and b) capable of causing equal if not greater harm to men than millennia of oppression and disadvantage could ever possibly do to women. If the reactions of frothing, faceless MRAs who hide behind fake avatars and even faker names are anything to go by, ironic misandry is hitting them where it hurts. Ironic misandry: Why feminists joke about drinking male tears and banning all men. - Why "I Bathe In Male Tears" is the new "This... Black Man Brings White Girlfriend Into Harlem Barbershop. Watch What Happens Next.

Woman Wears Hidden Camera to Show How Many Times She Gets Harassed ft. David So. Upworthy. Projet Crocodiles. Le sexisme et le cinéma, l’éternel combat. | Diglee. J’annonce immédiatement la couleur: je vais parler du film « It Follows », et je vais BEAUCOUP en dire. Donc SPOILER ALERT. Ceux qui ne l’ont pas vu n’auront plus vraiment de surprises. À vous de choisir de me lire ou non. L’idée de ce post n’est pas tant de vous dire de boycotter « it follows » ou autres films sexistes. C’est plutôt d’essayer de nous aider, tous, à nous rendre compte des clichés sexistes et discriminatoires que ce genre de films véhicule: d’en discuter, et de les intégrer progressivement comme étant néfastes et non représentatifs de la société. Reconnaître la connerie c’est déjà un peu la combattre. Se faire plaisir avec un film ou une série un peu limite, ce n’est pas la fin du monde non plus: on ne va pas se mettre à interdire tel Disney ou tel série HBO parce qu’elle prône des idées qui nous semblent discriminantes.

C’est surtout dans les nouveautés que je place tous mes espoirs. LoveMaureen. Why Sexual Assault Survivors Stay Quiet. 6 Things You Might Not Think Are Harassment, But Definitely Are. Trigger Warning: This article contains references to rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Editor’s Note: Because of the racist undertones of the video in question, Everyday Feminism has removed the link to its source. Also, while this cross-published article focuses on the ways in which women are targeted for street harassment under a patriarchal system, Everyday Feminism recognizes that queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people also experience street harassment. Originally published on Bustle and cross-posted here with their permission. I never cease to be astounded by the way that some people react to stories of harassment in the street. Just yesterday, Bustle shared a story about a woman who taped herself walking around New York for 10 hours and the unsolicited harassment she was subjected to as she strolled around, minding her own business.

No. No I don’t think that. Women are victims of sexual violence every single day, even in “liberal” cities like New York. We can tell. 6 Ways to Respond to Sexist Microaggressions in Everyday Conversations. Stop au processus d’auto-victimisation. L ‘auto-victimisation est un processus psychique ou l’individu se positionne dans une place de victime. Victime de son entourage, victime de sa hiérarchie, de ses collègues… On peut tous, un jour ou l’autre, se positionner en victime alors que la voie de sortie est de comprendre là où l’on a été victime, là où doit cesser de l’être. « Je n’y arrive pas car j’ai été dénigré(e) dans mon enfance », « Je n’aurai pas ce poste car je suis issu(e) d’une communauté discriminée », « Mon Boss ne me donnera jamais de promotion car il me hait »… Toutes ces phrases ne sont pas fausses dans les faits, mais contraignantes dans le positionnement qu’elles donnent et disent de celui qui les prononce ou les pense.

Car si l’on part du principe que l’on sera victime ou que l’on est victime avant d’avoir commencé la bataille, on a toutes les chances de s’y perdre. Avoir conscience que l’on a été victime permet de sortir du statut de victime et de l’impuissance qui en découle. Retirez vos lunettes névrotiques. La victimisation personnelle : une maladie du 21ème siècle ? La victimisation, comprise ici comme une tendance à l’apitoiement sur son sort, est l’un des blocages psychologiques les plus importants que nous puissions affronter en tant qu’individus.

Quand un obstacle survient, entraînant remise en question et prise de conscience de nos limites matérielle à un moment T, nous tendons en effet très souvent à adopter un point de vue négatif, reposant sur un certain degré de fatalisme et de pessimisme. L’échec impacte toujours notre état d’esprit, nous ne pouvons le nier. Mais alors même que certaines personnes le conçoivent comme une source de motivation, un moyen de mettre en lumière nos faiblesses et par conséquent la route à suivre pour atteindre ses objectifs, d’autres sombrent dans le déni et finissent par se fermer à leur environnement. Cette réaction est commune. La victimisation personnelle est en quelque sorte un refus d’assumer les conséquences de nos choix, de nos actes. Quoi que l’on puisse penser, ces croyances sont erronées, limitatives. 1. The plight of the bitter nerd: Why so many awkward, shy guys end up hating feminism.

I feel your pain, bitter, lonely, nerdy guys. I really do. It sounds corny to say it like that, but I don’t know how to say it and be believed. I know that because, having experienced this emotion from the inside for most of my life, I sure as hell resisted believing it when I heard people saying it. There’s no one more resistant to being empathized with or more prone to call attempts to do so “patronizing” than the bitter lonely guy, especially when women try to do it but even when other nerdy guys try to reach out. People like Captain Awkward and Dr. Nerdlove and the founders of the Good Men Project spend huge chunks of their lives trying to help nerdy guys, but still get regularly blasted with extreme vitriol as “feminist SJWs” by said nerdy guys. I’ve tried to write sympathetically about this stuff in the past: the guilt, the shame, the constant feelings of inadequacy. He talks about how in the “battle of the sexes,” awkward shy guys damn sure don’t feel “privileged.”

And it sucks. Psittacisme. Définition, traduction, prononciation, anagramme et synonyme sur le dictionnaire libre Wiktionnaire. Français[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Emprunté au latin psittacismus, dérivé de psittacus (« perruche, perroquet ») issu du grec ancien ψιττακός, psittakós (« perroquet »). Nom commun[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] psittacisme /psi.ta.sism/ masculin Note[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Peut se dire pour une personne. Dérivés[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] psittaciste Paronymes[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] psittacose Traductions[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Néerlandais[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] Étymologie manquante ou incomplète. Nom commun[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] psittacisme /Prononciation ? Psittacisme. Synonymes[modifier | modifier le wikitexte] napraterij.

9 Stunning Photos of 'Butches' That Shatter Society's Stereotypes About Masculinity. Yoko Ono - Cut Piece (1965) 13 Questions That Men Never Have to Ask Themselves. Heather Petty — igperish: Aziz Ansari is a Feminist I love... Pourquoi le mot humanisme ne peut remplacer le mot féminisme. An Idiot's Guide to Free Speech. You Don't Have to Hate Women to Be Sexist: Everyday Ways You May Be Sexist Without Knowing It.

Bobandrace.png (685×527) Alexandre Dumas et la convention naturaliste - Une heure de peine... When Jews Dominated Professional Basketball. Bobandrace.png (PNG Image, 685 × 527 pixels) Le racisme comme système - Une heure de peine... Le sexisme anti-hommes... et pourquoi il n'existe pas. Violence conjugale, violence de genre | CVFE. Victimes - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale => non-équivalence H/F 2.

Facteurs de risque - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. Conjoints ayant des comportements violents - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. Conjoints ayant des comportements violents - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. De quoi parle-t-on? - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. Mythes et réalités - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. Accueil - Trousse média sur les agressions sexuelles. Accueil - Trousse média sur la violence conjugale. TEST. A quel point êtes-vous sexiste ? Le sexisme anti-hommes... et pourquoi il n'existe pas. BOOB WARS AND DRAGON CROWNS (Jimquisition) Sexual Harassment at ComicCon! ft. David So. Un pavé dans la mare 7 : l'humour. Des fans de GTA V réclament le retrait de la Bible et de "50 nuances de Grey" des magasins.

Mon viol, et le policier qui a tout aggravé. Agression antisémite d'un couple à Créteil : trois hommes mis en examen. No, women aren't as likely to commit violence as men.

Shia LaBeouf

Selfie Klip. Ungarische Polizei: DU bist selbst schuld an Vergewaltigung • WOMAN.AT. Victimes de viol? C est de votre faute, dit la police. Analogie viol victim blaming. Petite leçon de sexisme ordinaire, par Nicolas Kalogeropoulos. La Suède cherche un mot pour désigner la masturbation féminine. Un drame familial se termine par un coup de fusil dans les rues de Grenoble. Guillaume Leroy: Réflexions autour du concept d’homme battu. Pour perpétuer sa domination, le patriarcat fait croire que les femmes sont aussi violentes que les hommes. Anna Kendrick Says People Have To 'Fight Back And Own' The Word 'Feminist' 5 Tips For Being An Ally. La sensation je fais ce que je veux : dire aux femmes qu'êtres libres c'est montrer ses attributs sexualisés. Reprocher aux femmes de montrer ces attributs sexualisés. Départ : la "liberté" des hommes est passée par la mise à nu des corps des femmes.

Why Attacking Dr. Matt Taylor and #ShirtGate Belittles Feminism. Julien blanc #howtomakeherstay. Pour Cécile de Ménibus, Rocco Siffredi est ''une sous-merde''