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Why Arguing In Relationships Isn't All That Bad - Blush. We hear it a lot. It’s the age old question that we think holds the answer to whether or not our current relationship is “the one.” While some relationships are definitely too dramatic to survive an I-35 road trip, others are healthy as a horse even with lots of squabbles. I mean without arguments, life would be kind of boring. OH ADMIT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE. PS–Relationships completely devoid of tiffs can also be red flags for apathy. 1. Paramount Pictures If a couple doesn’t argue, then one would assume there is nothing to actually argue about. More times than not, secrets are lethal in relationships. 2. Warner Brother Pictures Being open is also super beneficial in relationships (and the sky is blue!). So—guys—you can’t speak for your partner. Expressing yourself, even if it’s not necessarily in a calm fashion, can do more for your relationship than you think. 3.

NBC So when you argue, there is a high chance that both of you will suck at it. 4. Amour: Vaincre sa jalousie. 5 Love Languages, 7 Days, 1 Couple. The best-selling relationship advice book gets put to the test. WebMD Archive There comes a point in just about every marriage, it seems, when couples stop speaking the same language. She says, "Can you empty the garbage already!? " He hears, "Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag! " He says, "We haven't had sex in a month! " After 30 years as a marriage and family counselor, Gary Chapman, PhD had heard a lot of couples' complaints -- so many complaints, in fact, that he began to see a pattern. When Chapman sat down and read through more than a decade worth of notes, he realized that what couples really wanted from each other fell into five distinct categories: Continue reading below...

Words of affirmation: compliments or words of encouragement Quality time: their partner's undivided attention Receiving gifts: symbols of love, like flowers or chocolates Acts of service: setting the table, walking the dog, or doing other small jobs Physical touch: having sex, holding hands, kissing. Understanding the Five Love Languages. After 30 years as a marriage counselor, I am convinced that there are five basic love languages – five ways to express love emotionally. Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved. Words of Affirmation One time when my wife and I were visiting our daughter and son-in-law and our two grandchildren, our son-in-law took the garbage out after dinner.

When he walked back into the room where we were talking with our daughter, she looked up and said, "John, thanks for taking the garbage out. " Inside I said, "Yes! " because I knew the power of appreciation. If your spouse's primary love language is words of affirmation, your spoken praise and appreciation will fall like rain on parched soil. Acts of Service Do you remember the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words"?

Maxine, who had been married for 15 years, came to my office one day because she was frustrated with her marriage. Receiving Gifts Quality Time Physical Touch. Buying Choices: The 5 Love Languages. Love Languages. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter By discovering you and your partner’s love language, and opting out from being passive aggressive, you’ll level the playing field when it comes to communicating your needs in a healthy and effective manner We‘ve heard it all before: communication is the key to a successful relationship. Yet most of us inadvertently end up withdrawing and resorting to the silent treatment in hopes our partner will eventually figure out what’s bugging us. After all, if they really knew us, they’d know what we’re thinking, right? As much as you can’t expect you or your partner’s communication habits to change over night, what you can do is aim to communicate each other’s needs more effectively. One effective way is by discovering each other’s love language.

It comes as no surprise that disengaging tactics are causing harm in more ways than one. Take the Love Language Quiz! Talks to get you through your quarter-life crisis | Playlist. 7 ways to practice emotional first aid. You put a bandage on a cut or take antibiotics to treat an infection, right?

No questions asked. In fact, questions would be asked if you didn’t apply first aid when necessary. So why isn’t the same true of our mental health? We are expected to just “get over” psychological wounds — when as anyone who’s ever ruminated over rejection or agonized over a failure knows only too well, emotional injuries can be just as crippling as physical ones. We need to learn how to practice emotional first aid. Here are 7 ways to do so: Pay attention to emotional pain — recognize it when it happens and work to treat it before it feels all-encompassing.

Yes, practicing emotional hygiene takes a little time and effort, but it will seriously elevate your entire quality of life. See Guy Winch’s TED Talk, Why we all need to practice emotional first aid. Et autres contrariétés. Je m’étonne toujours de lire des femmes qui aiment être dupées. Elles adorent, il faut le croire, que l’homme se refuse pour mieux se donner, qu’il feigne l’indifférence pour attiser une flamme érotique, qu’il parle mal pour mieux les chérir ensuite.

Je ne parle même pas ici de 50 Shades, d’autres le font mieux que moi. Je parle de ces situations entendues partout, au coin des zinc, dans les bus, quand les femmes parlent à l’oreille mais qu’on entend quand même ‘’il m’a rendue folle, c’était merveilleux’’. Je suis sans doute un robot un peu bête, un bulldozer du sentiment et de la relation, mais je n’ai jamais adhéré aux complications romantiques, aux attentes fiévreuses, aux mensonges charmants, aux manipulations amoureuses. J’aime aimer, et quand j’aime, j’aime le dire, et être aimée en retour. Je suis une gentille brute en amour, je tombe fort, j’aime vite, je ne me retiens pas. What Men Secretly Want a free presentation. 6 Phrases More Important Than, "I Love You" | Natasha Craig. "I love you. " It's one of the most sought after phrases in the world. The things people will do to hear someone say, "I love you" have surprised us in countless stories, movies and songs.

The things people will do for someone who loves them are equally as astounding. Why do we love hearing, "I love you" so much? Maybe its the promise of holding a place in someone's heart, or the awakening knowledge of a new significance you hold in someone's life. Often it's the phrase expressed before a relationship takes it's next step, the expression that one is loved for all their silly quirks, for their looks, for their heart, or for who they are (the good, the bad, and the imperfection). People thrive off that idea, that they are enough, that they are someone's everything. We love to be loved. So why then is love such a complicated thing? Is it because love is ultimately bad? I believe in love. There are six phrases that I think are as important, and possibly more important than "I love you.

" 1. 2. Sciences - Ce que le pouvoir fait au cerveau. Le pouvoir est une drogue. Ceci n’est pas une métaphore, mais une constatation médicale. Le pouvoir entraîne accoutumance et dépendance, comme l’héroïne, comme la cocaïne. Le pouvoir, réalité sociale, modifie la réalité biologique, hormonale et neuronale des personnes qui en ont.Une personne dépendante a sans cesse besoin de ce dont elle dépend. Peu à peu, la quantité ou l’intensité de ce dont elle dépend doit augmenter pour retrouver le même plaisir.

Il faut donc de plus en plus de pouvoir à la personne qui dépend du plaisir procuré par le pouvoir.La victoire déclenche la même accoutumance que le pouvoir. Gagner déclenche de puissantes décharges de testostérone et de dopamine. Les conséquences politiques sont claires : écraser autrui procure du plaisir, un plaisir addictif.« L’un des plus grands dangers menaçant le monde vient de ce jaillissement de testostérone dans le sang d’un dirigeant à haut besoin de pouvoir lorsqu’il gagne. Les hormones du pouvoirLa testostérone. 1. 10 facts about infidelity. 1. Pairbonding is a hallmark of humanity. Data from the Demographic Yearbooks of the United Nations on 97 societies between 1947 and 1992 indicate that approximately 93.1% of women and 91.8% of men marry by age 49.

More recent data indicates that some 85% of Americans will eventually marry. Further reading: Anatomy of Love, by Helen FisherThe Marriage-Go-Round, by Andrew J. CherlinMarriage, a History, by Stephanie Coontz 2. 3. Why We Love, by Helen Fisher 4. Nisa: The Life and Words of a ! 5. “Justifications for extramarital relationships: The association between attitudes, behaviors, and gender,” by Shirley Glass and Thomas Wright in the Journal of Sex Research 6. “Infidelity: who, when, why,” by Irene Tsapelas, Helen Fisher and Arthur Aron in The Dark Side of Close Relationships II 7. 8. 9.

“Genetic variation in the vasopressin receptor 1a gene (AVPR1A) associates with pair-bonding behavior in humans,” by Hasse Walum et al in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 10. Why Him? Vlog: Amitié brisée, mon vécu, comment s'en remettre. Pour détecter et sortir des jeux de pouvoir en entreprise. « Les victimes d'hier sont les bourreaux de demain. » Victor Schoelcher (Homme politique antillais) Parmi les jeux de pouvoir les plus présents en entreprise, le plus courant est le triangle dramatique. Le triangle dramatique mis en exergue en 1968 par le Dr.

Stephen Karpman (psychologue américain spécialisé en analyse transactionnelle) est un mode de fonctionnement relationnel préjudiciable pour chaque personne impliquée et pour l’entourage. La plupart d’entre nous tombons encore régulièrement dans le panneau, par manque de vigilance, tant dans notre vie professionnelle que personnelle. A chaque fois, on en sort épuisé et meurtri. L’objet de cet article est d’analyser la problématique du triangle dramatique dans le contexte de l’entreprise et notamment de répondre à trois questions-clés : Comment le détecter ? Qu’est-ce que le triangle dramatique ? Le triangle dramatique illustre schématiquement un jeu de pouvoir impliquant trois rôles différents mais intimement liés : Comment l’éviter ? Décoder des situations de communication problématiques. Issu de l’analyse transactionnelle, intégré dans les jeux psychologiques décrits par la théorie, le triangle dramatique a été modélisé par Karpman et s’applique à toutes les interactions humaines, qu’elles soient dans le domaine personnel, en relation de couple ou dans le domaine professionnel, en relation d’équipe de travail.

Ce modèle énonce que, dans certaines situations d’interactions conflictuelles, les acteurs (en psychologie sociale, celui qui est en situation sociale est appelé un acteur) vont créer un jeu psychologique dramatique au tracé prévisible pour endosser un des rôles prédéfinis et interchangeables du drame. En formation (communication, assertivité, management, gestion de conflits…) nous sommes souvent amenés à décoder des situations de communication problématiques à l’aide du « Triangle de Karpman ». Pour le résumer très rapidement, il schématise un jeu où la communication est malsaine et les relations néfastes pour les individus qui en font partie.

La victime : These Are The Only 5 Rules You Must Obey When You Argue With Your Spouse - xoJane. It’s a moody winter day, but when the alarm goes off my husband bounds out of bed. He’s excited because we are going on vacation. It’s going to be a nice weekend with friends in the country. I wake up groggy and upset that there is still so much packing to do in a short amount of time. I’m angry that I always have to do everything, and my husband doesn’t feel the same pressing responsibility to get the house in order before we leave. I bark at him to put his breakfast dishes in the sink, and slink off to take a shower. I’m so furious when I see that he hasn’t packed his cell phone charger, that I almost leave it home on purpose, but like a good wife, I pack it along with his toothbrush, shaking my head at his irresponsibility. By the time we are ready to leave, I need an extra large coffee or an hour meditation class. As I pass by the kitchen, I see the breakfast dishes are still in the sink.

With this, I clomp out to the car and take a seat in a huff, seething. Do Happy Couples Masturbate? -- The Cut. “I have an important question about married life, which remains incomprehensible to me, but I am trying to understand,” I Gchatted my childhood friend Vanessa last week. She’s been with her husband for a decade. “When the hell do you masturbate?”

If a hobby is an activity pursued for pleasure, then masturbation is perhaps the hobby most of humanity shares. Though the prevalence of masturbation varies by age, most men and women in all age groups say they do it, and the majority of Americans of both genders continue to indulge at least up to age 60. Not that the role of masturbation in a sex-positive relationship is entirely clear. On the other hand, well, masturbation is sort of inherently antisocial. The practicalities are particularly awkward in New York, where personal space is always at a premium. Of course, the real major hazard, even for a sex-positive couple, is that one person gets offended. But — what kind of index of relationship happiness is masturbation? 5 Alternatives to Taking Your Spouse's Last Name. A Kinda Snobby Question You Need To Stop Asking When You First Meet Someone.

Check out this video or the recap below it. Like Upworthy on Facebook When meeting someone new, what's usually the first question you're asked? "So, what do you do? " There's a lot riding on your answer. Click image to Zoom What we do for a living is such a small part of our identity, yet people use that one piece of information to decide how valuable we are as a person. We want people to care about what's on the inside and to see us as a whole person. So people tend to go after money, big jobs, and fancy cars as a way to get attention and love. Since childhood, we've felt the pressure to succeed. It's not a coincidence that two of the most popular book genres are "how to get rich" and "how to cope with low self-esteem.

" We're sold a tale that everyone has the same opportunities, that the rewards go to those who really deserve them, that the 1% got there purely because they earned it, and that those in poverty deserve that too. Equating our value to monetary success can cause depression. This 109-Year-Old Woman Says The Key To Living A Super-Long Life Is To Avoid Men Completely. 17 Honest Valentine's Day Cards For Couples With An Unusual Take On Romance. One Thing That Will Ruin a Perfectly Good Relationship | Psychology Today. Why I Don't Want to Be My Husband's Wife | Alexandra T. Mai.

Even before the knot is tied, I find myself struggling with what it means to be a wife and whether I even want to be one. As I contemplate the prospect of marriage and wifedom, I'm apprehensive about the role and the inherent expectations. I'm in the middle of a struggle between the stereotypical world-view of marriage formed by the nuclear family unit, and a modern view which is influenced by the rise of non-traditional families and the ever changing role of women in society. Reflecting on my own upcoming marriage, I don't buy into the idea that I'd be the gentle caregiver preoccupied with the household and children while my husband, the strong breadwinner, occupies his mind with the family's finances and ponders the 'big things' thoughtfully by swirling his scotch.

I don't see why I need to strap on the apron and reach for the spatula just because I have an extra X chromosome. I grew up in a loving home, but one where I was too often reminded that I was a girl. Wife. 17 Weird But Endearing Things Couples Do To Annoy Each Other. 15 Unavoidable Stages You Go Through After Getting Cheated On | Bustle. Yes, I've Been the “Crazy Girl” in a Relationship, but Let's Talk About What That Really Means - xoJane. Stacy And Holly's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series. Exposing 5 Sex Myths That Impact Your Choices as a Woman. Why I Didn't Settle, and Why You Shouldn't Either. Yasmina Khadra: Les Kouachi "sont quelque part les enfants de la France, pas les enfants de l'Islam" (VIDÉO)

14 Valentine's Day Dates for Couples Who Have Already Done Everything (and Are So Over Dinner and a Movie) 12 Lessons Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage | Justin Ricklefs. When Her Good News Makes You Feel Bad | Glennon Melton. How To Get Over Other People's Opinions of You--By Not Giving a Sh*t. 9 Things Successful Couples Do Differently | Kali Rogers. I CHEATED: The Year I Cheated on My Husband With My Ex (My Brutally Honest Story) No. 37: Big Wedding or Small? Comment tomber amoureux de n'importe qui: l'expérience fascinante.

17 Reasons Men And Women Choose To Stay Single. A foursome opened up our relationship. An Albino Model Has Had To Explain Why He's Black. And Not. At The Same Time. An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband's New Girlfriend | Tina Plantamura. 16 Characteristics of Real Love | Carol Morgan. 4 Unhealthy Ways We Betray Ourselves Everyday | Dr. Deborah Caldwell. 6 things I wish I’d known about marriage when I got married. 3 Things Worth Giving Up If You Want To Enjoy Dating Success In 2015 | Lisa Copeland. 3 Ways I Sourced My Sexy -- Almost No Lingerie Required | Meg Dennison. 10 Bad Excuses for Considering a Breakup | Sheila Blagg.

'My Husband And I Have An Open Marriage' | YourTango. 15 Phrases That Will Change Your Life In 2015. How to Be Lonely in America | Carlota Zimmerman. Sorry Not Sorry: How to Non-Apologize. 5 Life Changing New Year's Resolutions | Michelle Renee. The Truth About How Much a Happy Couple Should Have Sex. How To Heal A Broken Heart. Time May Not Heal A Broken Heart After All, Study Says. Why Couples Shouldn’t Do Couples Therapy (Says the Couples Therapist) | UnTangled. Marriage Is For Liars | UnTangled. The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage | Kelly M. Flanagan. How to Be Authentic and Find True Friends in a Competitive World | Heather Spires. 4 Huge Mistakes I Made As A Wife (I'm The Ex-Wife Now) | YourTango. 10 Characteristics of Friendships That Keep | Adrienne Partridge. 50 Things I Want For My Little Sister | Lexi Herrick. The New Year, the New You and Relationship Resolutions | Jill P. Weber, Ph.D.

10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World. 5 Lessons From A Twenty-Something Divorcée | Glamour. Mobile Toones. L'Amour et l'Occident. Un essai sur l’amour qui fait du bien parce qu’il fait mal. Infidélité: apprivoisons la jalousie (parcours de lecture) The Christmas I Realized He Wasn't the One | Evelyn Lauer. L'Amour, le couple, le pouvoir et les Hommes - >>>Problèmes de couple - Conseils pour sauver son couple. L’amour, le couple, Le Pouvoir et les Femmes - >>>Problèmes de couple - Conseils pour sauver son couple.

Petits abus de pouvoir en privé - Christine Calonne, psychologue. Le chantage affectif : Quand ceux que nous aimons nous manipulent - Susan Forward. Critiques livre "La Non-violence active" de Olivier Maurel. Chantage affectif ou communication non-violente ? Les ratés de la communication: non demandes et petites manipulations. La culpabilisation est une spirale qui mine le couple. Emotions et culpabilisation. Manipulation - chantage affectif : Ne vous laissez plus manipuler ! Dépasser ses souffrances passées pour s’investir dans son couple - Les souffrances de Marion. Des liens qui tuent : us et abus du fantasme dans un couple. Clement_Violence_conjugale_ou_chicane_de_couple_Quebec-2.pdf.

Petits abus de pouvoir en privé - Christine Calonne. 3 avril 14 – Femmes et hommes : rapports de force et luttes de pouvoir dans le couple | Chemin citoyen vers une nouvelle alliance des femmes et des hommes. Petits abus de pouvoir en privé. When A Friendship Dies... | Dawn Q Landau. 14 Signs The Person You're Dating Might Really Be Perfect For You. 7 Things Happy Couples Do All The Time | YourTango. OM. Select the right relationship: Alexandra Redcay at TEDxUpperEastSide. Moral dans les Chaussettes et Vie Orgasmique.

Pour lire une intervention de Emmanuelle Duschesne. Réconciliation - Journée pour élimination de la violence faite aux femmes. TEDxSF - Nicole Daedone - Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman. Letter of apology to men | One Taste CEO Nicole Daedone. Lettre d’excuses aux Hommes… Par Nicole Daedone | HappyLittleThings.