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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram: What Happens in One Minute on the Internet. Data is being created all the time without us even noticing it.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram: What Happens in One Minute on the Internet

Much of what we do every day now happens in the digital realm, leaving an ever-increasing digital trail that can be measured and analyzed. Just how much data do our tweets, likes and photo uploads really generate? For the third time, Domo has the answer - and the numbers are staggering.For example: DisneyInstitute : #INFOGRAPHIC: The collaborative... This Is Your Mom on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Social media: It's not just for college kids anymore.

This Is Your Mom on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Families use Facebook to stay in touch across generations. Friends well into middle age share photos on Instagram. There's even an 80-year-old grandmother on a quest for 80,000 Twitter followers. But how does social media's widening reach affect the family unit? The brand-engagement firm GMR Marketing recently polled about 1,000 moms and kids to see how social media has penetrated family life and affected mother and child relationships. More families have three generations on social media than just one, according to GMR's findings, speaking again to its increasing ubiquity. While more than three-quarters of moms said they'd "definitely" accept a friend request from their child, just 43% of kids said they'd do the same. SEE ALSO: The Rise of the Mommy Blogger [INFOGRAPHIC] Teenagers are also much more shy about broadcasting their family connections via social media. Check out the infographic below to see the survey's full results.

Pinterest Popularity Explained: What's Behind The Pinning Addiction? (INFOGRAPHIC) What makes some social media sites reign supreme while others whither and die?

Pinterest Popularity Explained: What's Behind The Pinning Addiction? (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's a question that marketing gurus and users themselves have often pondered. Take Pinterest. At first glance, the site resembles a collage of images ranging from Hello Kitty cupcakes to nail polish and ornate wedding dresses. But take a closer look at the user demographics and you'd be sorely wrong to dismiss the concept. Nearly a third of all Pinterest users have annual salaries of $100,000 or more, almost 70 percent are female and the largest age demographic represented on the site are people between 25 and 34.

Moreover, since the pinboard-style website's inception in September 2009, the site has seen a nearly 900 percent increase in unique visitors, with 17.8 million unique monthly views in February, up from 11.7 million one month earlier. Its referral traffic -- that is, the number of users it sends to other websites -- is also through the roof, beating out Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. A Few Ways That Men Can Use Pinterest [Infographic] Must-Know Pinterest User Demographics. It's no secret that the Internet loves Pinterest.

Must-Know Pinterest User Demographics

Now, most users are even spending more time, on average, pinning than they are on hanging out on Facebook. Here's what you need to know about Pinterest user demographics. With an average of 1.36 million users daily, the social photo pinboard has taken the web by storm, and top online retailers are following suit. Who are these feverish pinners? According to full service agency Modea, the majority are female mothers — 28 percent have a household income of $100k+. SEE ALSO: 10 Most-Followed Users on Pinterest Using stats from comScore and a few other analyses, full service agency Modea has put a few interesting facts about Pinterest into visual form with this infographic.

Infographic - Six Emerging Educational Technologies. The 2011 Horizon report identified six new technologies that will affect teaching and learning in the K-12 education community over the next five years.

Infographic - Six Emerging Educational Technologies

"Four to five years for Personal Learning Environments to have an impact? " perhaps the Horizon report predictions on impact is already due for an update.? Many innovative teachers are already harnessing these tools to to reframe the information landscape of the traditional classroom. As I noted in Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Top Down or Bottom Up? Head to the vendor area of an educational conference and you'll see a "top-down" vision of innovation in schools - expensive stuff that delivers information - lots of flashy equipment like display systems, interactive whiteboards, etc. In SmartPhone – Dumb School, I added While I’ve seen some cutting edge schools / teachers that have effectively embraced mobile technology and social networking, too many educators see smartphones as a distraction from learning. Trackback URL.