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GH Automation

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Control Systems. Fully Automated Greenhouse Arduino. DIY Fully Automated Hydroponic Greenhouse - Garden Culture Magazine. When you don’t have enough room inside your home to garden year around, many people start considering the notion of putting up a greenhouse.

DIY Fully Automated Hydroponic Greenhouse - Garden Culture Magazine

Building it yourself is a lot more attractive than buying one of those kits, and you’ll find lots of DIY greenhouse projects crafted from recycled windows. Sounds cool, but you’ll have lots of problems with soaring temperatures in summer, maintaining warmth in winter, and the glass over-magnifying the sun. Then there is the problem of things like hail and high wind-borne objects breaking the glass. Why Automate Your Greenhouse? JavaScript is required for the gallery to function properly.

Why Automate Your Greenhouse?

Why automate? That is a question that I am sure goes through the mind of every greenhouse owner at some time or another. How a Greenhouse Works and Types of Automated Systems. Greenhouse Automation Systems. 2016 Guide to best Sensors and Remote Automated Monitoring Software.