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"Chord Scales" and accompanying Irish dance music. By Han Speek © 1996 I - Which Scales Are Relevant ?

"Chord Scales" and accompanying Irish dance music.

[You 'd better believe this. To prove it, one would have to collect numerous Irish trad. dance tunes and classify them according to the scales they use. This is a huge task. "Chord Scales" for DADGAD. A method that I have found to work very well when trying to figure out suitable chords for backing up an Irish tune ("not song !

"Chord Scales" for DADGAD

" Did I say that ? Well why not for songs. Try any of the songs on any Altan CD. Ornamentation. Dedicated to guitar in Celtic and World music. YouTube. YouTube. Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar in DADGAD Tuning.