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One page website design in only 30 days by Digital Telepathy. 20 Professional HTML Admin Templates. If you’re a web developer, then you must have created at least once some HTML admin templates for your clients.

20 Professional HTML Admin Templates

To make things a lot easier for you and to save you some precious time, we searched the web for some ready-made HTML admin templates for you to use in your next projects. These are all professional HTML admin templates, with lots of cool features and premium designs. Enjoy! Neon Neon is flat admin template for multi-purpose usage built with the latest version of Bootstrap 3. MoodStrap MoodStrap is a highly optimized for usability through various applications as admin panel, built with Bootstrap 3. Flatron Flatron is a responsive HTML admin template and web app.

Proton Proton is a fully responsive mobile first Admin Template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.0. Avant Avant is a beautifully coded fully featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, as an intranet theme, or your next web application! Tendance Web : Retour sur 360 Webdesign de qualité pour l'année 2013 - inspiration. Une nouvelle année se finit riche en webdesign, comme chaque début d'année, le BlogDuWebdesign revient sur la rétrospective de 2013 avec nos rendez-vous des tendances web réalisés chaque mois.

Tendance Web : Retour sur 360 Webdesign de qualité pour l'année 2013 - inspiration

Pour cette année beaucoup de tendances qui se sont développées comme le Flat Design, les sites animés avec les navigations en scroll et toujours une grande quantité d'effet parallaxe. En 3 ans, nous avons pu constater une simplification des structures web et du design, ce qui nous a amené naturellement à la tendance du flat design qui continue sa progression rapidement. Ce type de design donne un côté moins personnel au web design, et standardise les sites qui restent assez similaires. Si on compare l'époque de 2010 - 2011, nous avions une tendance sur les sites utilisant des textures et beaucoup de typographies originales, désormais c'est l'efficacité qui prime sur l'univers graphique pour une grande partie des sites web.

Pour le mois de Janvier 2013 Métiers d'art - Florilège Dog studio Si Digital. 20 Cool Websites Templates & Themes For Actors and Singers. If you are new in the show business then a good website is one of the things you must have.

20 Cool Websites Templates & Themes For Actors and Singers

It offers you the possibility to create a cool online CV and also share your works, upcoming events and connect with your fans. We’ve searched the web and selected 20 of the best online presentation websites for actors, singers and bands. Which ones do you like best? Looking for more inspiration? You should check out these 10 Cool Music Websites to Inspire You. 1 Pager Bio Fun, bright and simple – this Vcard type website is essential to anyone working in the show business.

Live! Live! Photo Studio. Nocturnal. 20 Creative DJ and Nightlife Website Templates & WordPress Themes. Being a DJ or owning a club are not easy jobs and one key element to sell your business/work successfully is to have a cool, original website to attract visitors and convert them into your future clients.

20 Creative DJ and Nightlife Website Templates & WordPress Themes

Three things all these websites have in common: they’re dark, grungy and have electric colors in their design. This seems to be the trend when designing a website from this specific niche. We’ve created a list with 20 such websites, perfect for clubs, DJ, nightlife in general. Chilicongraphic. 20+ Free Slider PSDs. Using free resources is something most designers do, because it saves them a lot of precious time that can be better used in their projects.

20+ Free Slider PSDs

Having these free resources will reduce the time spent on your next project and so you will be a lot more productive. 20+ Beautiful Home and Garden Website Templates. In this article you’ll find 20+ home and garden website templates perfect for businesses like organic farming, online stores, home decorating services, gardening, real estate, interior design and decorations.

20+ Beautiful Home and Garden Website Templates

Enjoy the beautiful designs and be inspired by their creative graphics! Which template design is your no. 1 favorite? Vegetable Garden This template is absolutely perfect for an organic farming business. It has a homemade, natural feel ideal for this type of business. Electronic Store This template is most suitable for an online electronics store. Top 20 IT Website Templates And Designs. The first when starting to design a website is always gathering inspiration from other websites.

Top 20 IT Website Templates And Designs

A designer must know the current trends, especially in web design where new trends are emerging very fast. In the past few years we’ve seen trends like grunge, hand drawn, large fonts, illustration designs etc. In this article we’ve gathered 20 IT related websites to inspire you in creating beautiful and original designs. Hope you’ll get inspired and don’t forget to mention your favorite designs in the comments below.

SlickHost SlickHost is a WordPress template built on the Theme Options framework. 50+ Business and Corporate WordPress Themes. As WordPress has improved and evolved over the past several years it has become a more viable option as a CMS for corporate websites.

50+ Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

It’s no longer just an option for bloggers, as it is capable of doing everything that is needed by most business websites. 20+ Beautiful Health and Beauty Websites.