Social Studies

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Smithsonian's History Explorer. 3-6 Student Interactives - Social Studies - UEN - Nightly. SecretBuilders. 3-6 Student Interactives - Social Studies. DocsTeach. Fall 2010, Vol. 42, No. 3 The Archives Offers Teachers New Tools to Stir Student Interest in History By Stephanie Greenhut and Suzanne Isaacs At the end of the American history unit on the Korean War and the Cold War, an eighth-grade student gets a homework assignment.

This assignment is different from all her other homework assignments. The student is intrigued. This homework assignment, "What Kind of Leader Was General Douglas MacArthur? Larger Version The tool for "Weighing the Evidence" helps a student evaluate General MacArthur's leadership ability. In the end, the student places more documents on the side of the scale toward Interpretation One, which she labeled "General MacArthur was a great leader. " What historical interpretation did the evidence best support?

Why did you place the documents where you did? Which evidence do you think carried the most weight? The follow–up questions make her go back and take a better look. Larger Version Larger Version.


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