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Bites off the beaten path. Wp-content/uploads/2009/05/50-gf-foods-you-can-eat-today.pdf. Tasty Eats at Home » 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living: Make Your Own Convenience Foods. Diane over at The W.H.O.L.E.

Tasty Eats at Home » 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living: Make Your Own Convenience Foods

Gang is hosting an incredible series during the month of May called 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living. This series came about during a conversation among several of the gluten-free food bloggers. We decided that we were tired of hearing the same old complaints about the gluten-free lifestyle – that it’s really complicated, the food is horrible, it’s expensive, etc. (In fact, I even once had a gastroenterologist tell me that the gluten-free diet is expensive!)

These are gripes that are heard over and over among those people that must eat a gluten-free diet. Today, I’m sharing some easy gluten-free solutions to those old standbys in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) – convenience foods. But even those with the best of intentions know that the reason we reach for these foods is that they’re so gosh darn CONVENIENT! Make your own “convenience” foods! Sounds counterproductive? Cook In Bulk – Make large quantities of dishes, and freeze individual portions. Is a Green Smoothie Diet or Juice Fast Healthy? I frequently get asked the question about whether or not a green smoothie diet is healthy and how long one should go on such a diet to lose weight or to cleanse.

Is a Green Smoothie Diet or Juice Fast Healthy?

Another question I get a lot concerns juice fasts. I’ll start off by talking about juice fasts, then I’ll get to smoothie diets. Juice Fasting Is Not Healthy There, I said it. Juice fasting for more than a few days just isn’t good for your body. I realize that there is a lot of debate on the topic of juice fasts. On the other side, opponents of juice fasting claim that frequent or long-term (30+ day) fasts disrupt metabolism and can lead to nutrient-deficiencies. Juice fasting is working against your body. Read more about why I do not recommend juice fasts for weight loss and detox. What About A Green Smoothie-Only Diet (AKA Green Smoothie “Fast”) I regularly drink meal-replacement green smoothies.

However, I would never, ever do (nor advocate) a green smoothie-only diet for a couple reasons. 10 Raw Green Smoothies Recipes - Fast, Cheap & Easy. Aram’s Place. I work with cilents that often are dealing with anxiety.

Aram’s Place

It is interesting work because anxiety can usually be cured within about 5-10 sessions, if not faster. Some people take longer but cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to be the front line therapy and even more effective than medications. I love doing this work because I love seeing people overcome obstacles and figure out that they are much more strong and able to deal with issues then they originally thought.

They also learn skills so that they can master other anxieties and keep moving forward into the life that they want. By the way, I’m not a big fan of diagnosing people but it sometimes help. Personally, I’d rather the person tell me what is going on and then figure out what strengths they have and how they’ve overcome issues like these before. Just as you are more than what you present when you have the flu, people are much more than they present with when they come to a visit with me. That changed in the last two days. Aram’s Place. 40 Day Juice Fast with VitaMix and Nut Milk Bag.

The Ungourmet: Mini burritos and a big bowl of picante sauce for Super Bowl Sunday. The Ungourmet: A good for you white bread.