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Lal Chand: Wellness Messenger. Hailing from a modest background, Pakistani businessman Lal Chand is now a multi-millionaire humanitarian whose mission is to spread the message of wellness though his non-profit organisation LC Well.From conducting free lectures, workshops, seminars and counselling sessions to spreading awareness on mental health issues, LC Well uses positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience of the conscious and unconscious mind to create a better, happier world.

Lal Chand: Wellness Messenger

Lal Chand is also working on two interesting projects – LC Towers, a building constructed with wellness, sustainability and positivity at its core and his autobiography. Lal Chand leads a simple life sans obsession with material things, meditation, practising gratitude and laughter! His dream is to see more countries adopt the well-nation agenda, focusing on providing the right avenues for citizens to develop positive psychology.

The latest Bollywood news, gossip and photos straight to your mail inbox. YouTube. Lal Chand Gets Global Achiever award at Masala's. Tuesday, 10th Dec 2019 – We are pleased to announce, Mr.

Lal Chand Gets Global Achiever award at Masala's

Lal Chand, founder of LC Well bagged the Global Achiever award at Masala’s Most Influential Awards 2019 held at Armani Hotel in Dubai on the 8th of December 2019. He as well as his organization has been covered for its unique health and fitness initiative. Just recently his life and struggle was covered in Gulf News He was seen Gladly accepting his Award at Masala award ceremony.

The award is an acknowledgement for my struggle that started when I was child and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me in my struggle. The Masala Award Show organized in Dubai holds year end award ceremonies with the most influential figures from different influential leaders in UAE. YouTube. LC Well - Financial Wellness Workshop. On 23rd November 2019, LC Well in association with Design Your Life ME organized a financial wellness workshop.

LC Well - Financial Wellness Workshop

Financial wellness is a crucial part of one’s overall wellbeing and LC Well recognizes that. The workshop was conducted by Rasheda and Shakil Khan and was attended by locals and expats in Dubai. They have been delivering financial wellness workshops for corporations all over the globe for over 5 years. Centre for Wellbeing. Live meet up held with Mr. Lal Chand. Living the age full of life in such a true sense that it beholds the peace of mind and inner satisfaction is needed quite hard, especially in today’s world.

Live meet up held with Mr. Lal Chand

With the emerging globalization, everyone is running to grab the opportunities, and, in the meanwhile, we forget to achieve our inner peace. In the race of materialistic satisfactions, we ignore the inner satisfaction of our heart and mind. This is what called as the area of focus of our wellbeing experts. Same is the job LC well organization do, that is to ensure the mental satisfaction and inner peace. Recently, a live meet up held with Mr. Positive Psychology & Happiness Conference 2019 by LC Well. Positive Psychology & Happiness Conference in Dubai by LC Well. Positive psychology and happiness conference takes place in Dubai.

LC Well under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Lal Chand, sponsored the two day ‘Positive psychology and happiness conference’ in Dubai. Meet the Philanthropist-industrialist Lal Chand. Positive Psychology & Happiness Conference Takes Place in Dubai. LC Well Studio Covered The 2 day ‘Positive psychology and happiness conference’ in Dubai.

Positive Psychology & Happiness Conference Takes Place in Dubai

Announcing this in a press release Mr. Lal Chand said that it was a very insightful and inspiring two days with bright minds from all over the world sharing ideas and stories on how to make this world a better place. “The event attracted many bright minds including Warner Woodworth from Brigham Young University, USA; Deborah Anne Dowling – Hult International Business School, UAE; Dr. Benedicte Gendron – University Montpellier 3, France; Gilda Corina Scarfe – Positive Action, UK; Nadir Ali Kolachi – University of Fujairah, UAE; apart from a host of distinguished speakers. The key note speakers as well as the other speakers shared a wide range of touching as well as inspiring stories, data analysis to uplift and inspire participants,” he added. Lal Chand: Once a poor Pakistani boy, now a billionaire in UAE. Dubai: It's that spot of darkness in his past he'll never be able to get over.

Lal Chand: Once a poor Pakistani boy, now a billionaire in UAE

In Grade 8, while many of his peers were sleeping the sleep of the naive, Lal Chand was learning how the world worked; it would be a hard lesson. His mother, who suffered from a heart condition, passed away because the Chand family could not afford her by-pass. It's a deep wound that still haunts the now 60-year-old. This boy would go on to change the fortunes of his entire family. He would become a multi-millionaire industrialist and philanthropist. Emotional distress In Grade 8, first he had to contend with the emotional distress. How to exercise when tired converted. Yoga with Handpan. Lal Chand. LC Well DMCC. Lal Chand (Sindh) Pakistani politician Lal Chand was born on June 1, 1960, to a Hindu family in the outskirts of Taluka Bhatoro in Sindh.

Lal Chand (Sindh)

Pakistan. He got his early education from his native district Thatta. He Graduated in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. Lal Chand pursued his father’s business at the initial stage of his career. In 1989, Chand formally initiated the business of real estate with the name Lal Associate in Hyderabad, Pakistan. So What's Up In our Life in At LC Well - LC Well. Lots of online courses and seminars and free trips are at your way for healthy and better life.

So What's Up In our Life in At LC Well - LC Well

LC Well online courses and seminars are at your way for healthy life. Health is a blessing yet a difficult task to maintain. LC Well organization always promotes the concept that essence of a healthy body as well as mind lies in your daily routine. It all depends on what is your way of life, what exactly you eat, what you do, how well you perform your daily exercise and most importantly how you tackle your stress level. These are some of those questions that we, at LC well organization answer. LC Well goes to Europe! - LC Well. LC Well, with it’s agenda of creating a happy, peaceful and better world, has been on a roll since inception and time and again it provides us with something that is extraordinary.

LC Well goes to Europe! - LC Well

In February 2019, it opened LC Meditation Studio where it provides free yoga classes in Dubai 6 days a week. It also offers free counseling sessions and soon will be starting various courses like Reiki, NLP etc. LC Well Merchandise Store Coming Soon - LC Well. LC Well, with it’s agenda of creating a happy, peaceful and better world, has been on a roll since inception and time and again it provides us with something that is extraordinary.

LC Well Merchandise Store Coming Soon - LC Well

LC Well offers free meditation classes in Dubai and free yoga classes in dubai aimed for its mission towards health and wellness of society and In February 2019, it opened LC Meditation Studio where it provides free yoga classes in Dubai 6 days a week. It also offers free counseling sessions and soon will be starting various courses like Reiki, NLP etc. Recently, LC Well co sponsored a trip to Munich and Salzburg for it’s LC family. The trip was an initiative of Suno 1024 FM who were taking their listeners with them on a memorable journey.

While living in Dubai you can simply register for. LC Well Membership Holds Deep Wisdom For your Body. - LC Well. It is a famous proverb that says a healthy body occupies a healthy mind and to support this argument, many doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and health consultants are doing their job. LC well, in this regard, is doing the same job of considering your health concerns while taking into account the natural body functioning of your body. “The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil. LC Well Yoga Session at Electra, Dubai - LC Well. Electra Dubai Chapter and LC well jointly celebrated World Day for safety and health at work and organized an amazing Yoga session powered by LC Well . It Was enlightening to see Electra taking positive approach towards well-being of it's employees. See video Electra a fully integrated solution house based in Dubai invited LC Well on World Day for Safety and Health to gather and witness Corporate Social Responsibility for their employees – A truly positive gesture to mark commitment towards its employees and their well being. .

We conducted health and safety training in each of our facilities. Employees attended several activities from firefighting training and driver safety to yoga and meditation. to help with stress management. How to exercise when tired - LC Well. Look, not all of us have a lot of time on our hands. Most of us exchange time for money by working a job 5-6 days a week. A desk job as we all know, is deadly for health. It is highly responsible for your growing belly, locked hips and back pain. It is highly responsible for why you look at adventure seeking instagramers online with dreamy eyes. But back to the topic at hand now! So desk job, ironically, is exhausting! Although I don’t see anything wrong in doing that once in a blue moon, but if that lifestyle accounts for most days of the week for you, it’s high time you shake things up, son.

I will list out some ways you can get your workout done without sweating too much about it. Youtube Before you open that pack of chips and Netflix on your couch after coming back home, just youtube 10 minute workout for lazy people. Less is More Believe it or not, this is the best thing you will hear if you are lazy about workouts. As Good as it Gets: LC Well and Founders Grab Awards - LC Well. Not even a year into the cause, and Free Yoga Classes Dubai, the center of health and well-being has reasons to be proud of.

First of all, as you are aware, it has been consistently offering free yoga sessions and free counselling sessions 6 days a week! That’s pretty rare for Dubai and some of these testimonials will prove that to you. Second of all, it has been doing a lot of online and on ground campaigns on various well-being practices to open minds to the ideas that will change the world for the better. Further more, LC Well, leaded by it’s founder Mr. In the name of Well-being - LC Well. Humans are opportunistic, selfish and insensitive. We have often heard and read this. Seldom are these traits absolutely necessary in selective circumstances, but more than often we find these traits being proudly displayed by humans even though they bring irreversible, lethal consequences with them.

From politics to war to the environment, everything gets influenced by these traits and they change with time leading to increase or decrease of growth, depending on the circumstance. Founder of LC Well, Mr. Lal Chand feels the same is happening to the wellness industry. He mentions that people who really are in need of wellness and spirituality, either in terms of healing or just maintaining themselves as a lifestyle, end up paying whatever amount asked for but that often leads to disappointment when the amount paid is not worthy of the outcome. “Paying huge amounts of money per person for a two day workshop is unfair. If you want to get more insight on what Mr.

Yoga Motivation Tips - LC Well. Let me start by saying the biggest thing you and I need to hear – your yoga practice is the best the day when you didn’t want to practice just because you didn’t feel like practicing. This fact works for all fitness routines and we all tend to need some motivation every now and then. Usually the reason is stress, mental tiredness, too many unfinished tasks or plain slacking. Although we, LC Well, offer free yoga sessions in our JLT office, every now and then we see people skipping the class saying they got too mentally tired at work to practice yoga even when they wanted to.

Jal Neti Kriya - Method and Techniques - LC Well. Free Yoga and Meditation centre in Dubai. Well-being Organization.