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Droid. Web. C++ and Beyond. IDE. Codepad. Online Training / Courseware. Security News. Java. Git in 5 Minutes. Many people consider Git to be too confusing or complex to be a choice for version control.

Git in 5 Minutes

Yet Git considers to grow in adoption, and many interesting things have grown up around it. This document is geared for someone wanted to get started with Git, often coming from a Subversion background. For most basic needs this document will cover 70 to 90 percent of your use. Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X.

See also my blog Contents Optimization manuals This series of five manuals describes everything you need to know about optimizing code for x86 and x86-64 family microprocessors, including optimization advices for C++ and assembly language, details about the microarchitecture and instruction timings of most Intel, AMD and VIA processors, and details about different compilers and calling conventions.

Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X

Operating systems covered: DOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X Intel based, 32 and 64 bits. Note that these manuals are not for beginners.


Algorithms. Baseball Project. Android. Linux. Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting by Rackspace. Web Devel. The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology. Textbooks. Boost C++ Libraries. The Boost Statechart Library - Overview. (formerly known as boost::fsm) Overview Contents.

The Boost Statechart Library - Overview

Asio. Copyright © 2003 - 2010 Christopher M.


Kohlhoff Boost.Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern C++ approach. Overview. Very Simple Server. Asio_doc.pdf (application/pdf Object) Boost Async Client sample. The Boost C++ Libraries.


Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. Library of Recordings. Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices (9780135974445): Robert C. Martin. S/W Architecture. My Hacking Pearltree. C++