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Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - CCSTUDIO. Chronos: Wireless development tool in a watch. Description & parametrics. The CC2531 is a USB enabled true system-on-chip (SoC) solution for IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee and RF4CE applications.

Description & parametrics

It enables USB dongles or USB upgradable network nodes to be built with low total bill-of-material costs. The CC2531 combines the performance of a leading RF transceiver with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, in-system programmable flash memory, 8-KB RAM, and many other powerful features. The CC2531 has various operating modes, making it suited for systems where ultralow power consumption is required. Short transition times between operating modes further ensure low energy consumption.

Andrewdodd/ccsniffpiper. Michael Kohn - naken430asm msp430 assembler. More electronics projects on here.

Michael Kohn - naken430asm msp430 assembler

Posted: June 14, 2010Updated: July 21, 2012 Contents IntroductionDownloadNewsLicenseHelping OutTODOUsageAssembler SyntaxWhy Introduction This is an open-sourced assembler / disassembler / simulator for the MSP430 series of microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. I could really use help right now with people testing out the 2012 version of the assembler and report bugs to me so I can stabilize the new version of naken430asm. NOTE: All new developement is being done on the naken_asm project. Getting started with Contiki and CC2530. Translate this page to Introduction The Getting Started with Contiki and CC2530 is an effort to kickstart an open source development using the SDCC 8051 Compiler [1] and The Contiki Operating System [2].

Getting started with Contiki and CC2530

This Crowdsourcing [3] is trying to build an open source effort to get Contiki running on the TI LPRF SmartRF05 platform with CC2530. The CC2530 is a IEEE 802.15.4 SoC. It enables robust network nodes to be built with very low total cost. Energia Reference - Introduction. Poelzi/OpenChronos. Openchronos. MSP430 LaunchPad Mac OS X. In order to develop for the MSP430, you need a toolchain to compile your applications and a tool to upload firmware to your device.

MSP430 LaunchPad Mac OS X

Installing the toolchain manually Visit the GCC 4.x toolchain for Texas Instruments MSP430 MCUs project page. Open a Terminal, cd to wherever you want to put the files, and do the following: $ git clone $ cd mspgcc4 && perl The mspgcc4 project has switched to Git instead of subversion to build. You can accept the defaults for the questions it asks you (I chose "none" for Insight because it failed to compile on my Mac). This will take a while depending on the speed of your computer, and you may be prompted for your password because needs to use sudo to install files into certain locations. Faq:msp430_toolchain [Senslab] The TI support for MAC OS X is quite poor to say the least.

faq:msp430_toolchain [Senslab]

Fortunately I’m not the only one that just bougth a brand news iMac and/or Mac Book Pro with the secret hope to still be able to compile home made firmware to TI430 and use them to flash nodes in SensLAB and/or within the great WSIM tool. I’ll review here the step by step process that I did follow. Since my new MAC is withoutany history, the development support is really minimalistic, so you may go faster that me on this point and skip several steps.

Main steps for mspgcc Install Xcode from your MAC DVD on from the Apple web site if it is not already done on your mac. Sudo port install wget cd /tmp git clone cd mspgcc4 Make an export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11/lib" perl Texas Instruments Wiki. CC1111 USB Evaluation Module Kit 868/915 MHz - CC1111EMK868-915. Chronos: Wireless development tool in a watch. CC2541 Mini Development Kit - CC2541DK-MINI. CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit - CC2541DK-SENSOR. Description The CC2541 SensorTag is the first Bluetooth Smart development kit focused on wireless sensor applications and it is the only development kit targeted for smart phone app developers.

CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit - CC2541DK-SENSOR

The SensorTag can be used as reference design and development platform for a variety of smart phone accessories. TI is making Bluetooth low energy app development easier and faster with the CC2541 based SensorTag, which has all the commonly used sensors on a single board for quick evaluation and demonstration.

The SensorTag works with TI’s TPS62730 (step down converter), and includes TI’s TMP006 IR MEMS temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The versatility of the SensorTag means limitless app possibilities including those for health and fitness, medical, educational tools, toys, remote controls, mobile phone accessories, proximity and indoor locationing. SensorTag now supports iBeacon™ technology.

Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy. EZ430-Chronos. The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated, wireless development system that provides a complete reference design for developers creating wireless smart watch applications.


Chronos is a reference platform for many applications, such as wireless watch systems, personal displays for personal area networks, wireless sensor nodes for remote data collection, & other applications. Based on the CC430F6137 <1 GHz RF SoC, the eZ430-Chronos is a complete CC430-based development system, featuring a 96 segment LCD display and provides an integrated pressure sensor and 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitive control.

The integrated wireless feature allows the Chronos to act as a central hub for nearby wireless sensors such as pedometers and heartrate monitors.