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ClassDojo Presents a New Series of Videos on Growth Mindset. A few months ago ClassDojo published a series of videos about growth mindset.

ClassDojo Presents a New Series of Videos on Growth Mindset

Those video, produced in association with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales, were accompanied by discussion guides to use with students and their parents. The series proved to be popular so ClassDojo has announced the launch of a second series of videos and discussions about growth mindset. The second Big Ideas series produced by ClassDojo continues with the theme of growth mindset. In the first episode of the new series we see the main characters Katie and Mojo tackle the problem of the "the dip. " The video aims to teach students how to identify a "dip" and what to do about it. Applications for EducationClassDojo's Big Ideas video series can be used in any K-12 classroom. For resources to use with older students, take a look at the Mindset Kit produced by PERTS at Stanford University. Storyboard That Offers Earth Day Lesson Plans.

Disclosure: Storyboard That is an advertiser on

Storyboard That Offers Earth Day Lesson Plans

Podcasts: paths to learning and interaction. Free Vector Post it Notes + Push Pins. Adhesive Notes and pushpins are pretty popular in web design and so to make my life easier – and hopefully yours too :) – I made a pack of vector post-it notes and drawing-pins.

Free Vector Post it Notes + Push Pins

There are 9 unique post-it notes, out of which I made 6 color combinations (yellow, blue, green, white, pink and orange) for a total of 54 colorful sticky notes plus shadows; and if you need a worn out look some of the paper notes are wrinkled as well. About the vector Push Pins – there are 3 kinds (tall, flat and round) in 7 color variations (red, green, yellow, white, blue, pink and orange) and from different angles; over 100 vector thumbtacks in total.

At the bottom there are two format versions for downloading, one contains ai + png files and the other eps + png. They are the same but I kept them in separate files as the eps files are larger and if you only need the ai there’s no point in downloading the whole thing. 3 Tools for Creating Comics on iPads. This morning I received an email from a reader who was looking for suggestions for tools that her students can use to create comics on their iPads.

3 Tools for Creating Comics on iPads

I recommended some paid and free apps to her. The free tools that I recommend are featured below. Make Beliefs Comix is a free multilingual comic strip creation tool that I’ve featured many times over the years on Free Technology for Teachers. Make Beliefs Comix iPad app supports the creation of comics in seven languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin. The free Make Beliefs Comix iPad app allows students to create two, three, and four panel comic strips. Animation Desk is an iPad and Android app (free and premium versions available) for creating short, animated videos. 5 Great Writing Activities from Read Write Think. Over the years Read Write Think has published dozens of excellent templates and tools for elementary school language arts lessons.

5 Great Writing Activities from Read Write Think

Five of my favorite Read Write Think activities are featured below. Read Write Think offers a good interactive guide that can help students craft a good persuasive essay. The Persuasion Map asks students to start with a thesis statement before walking them through developing support for that thesis. Students can print their persuasion maps or email them to you. RWT offers a number of lesson plans that incorporate the Persuasion Map.

Essay Map provides students with step by step guidance in the construction of an informational essay. Buncee Buddies Connects Classrooms for Earth Day. Earth Day is a little less than a month away.

Buncee Buddies Connects Classrooms for Earth Day

This year Buncee wants to see what you and your students are doing to recognize Earth Day. Buncee Buddies is a free service that connects classrooms to Skype and or share messages through Buncee cards. Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2016 aims to connect classrooms around the world to explore how they celebrate Earth Day in their parts of the world. Teachers worldwide can register their classes for the project and create Buncees about the importance of environmental protection, methods of execution, and what the local environment is like in their corner of the world.

StoryTop Story Maker - Create Simple Image Based Stories. StoryTop is a good web-based tool for creating digital stories and comics.

StoryTop Story Maker - Create Simple Image Based Stories

StoryTop features an easy-to-use drag and drop tool for creating your story. To use Story Top simply select your background, characters, and text bubbles from the menu and drag them into your story box. After selecting the basic story elements you can then add additional elements like plants, animals, and vehicles. When your story is complete you can save it in your Story Top account or send it to friend. The Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts of the Week. Good morning from the World Headquarters in Woodstock, Maine.

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts of the Week

A week of 50f weather had me thinking about the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camps. A few more early bird registrations came in this week. These are going to be great days of hands-on learning with small groups of dedicated teachers. I hope you can join us. Thanks to everyone who sent me nice notes this week about my new addition to the family, Mason the dog.