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Easy Ways to Protect Your Home s Charm. Posted May 29, 2017 If you have an older home, you know that it has charm that you cannot find in recently built homes.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Home s Charm

When you want to remodel your older home, you want to do things that update the look without detracting from the charm. Tasks like maintaining the garden and wood refinishing in Toronto are two options to help you accomplish this. Keep the Homes Garden Many older homes have gardens in the backyard and few things are more whimsical than a garden.

Stick with the Original Windows Older windows with wooden frames and a shabby chic aesthetic are hard to find today. Refinish the Wood Elements. 3 Things to Do Before Having Your Floors Refinished. Posted May 12, 2017 Considering having your floors refinished?

3 Things to Do Before Having Your Floors Refinished

If you have hardwood floors, it is probably a good idea to get this done every now and again to keep the inside of your home looking as pristine as possible. With the help of the professionals, you can have your old floors looking bright and new in no time at all, and with little or no effort on your part. However, before you actually pay for interior wood refinishing in Toronto, there are a few things you will need to do in order to get ready for the process. 1. Your floor needs and deserves the most thorough attention possible, so you should be selective about who you choose to work with for your interior wood refinishing in Toronto. 2. NewRidge Refinishing Group. NewRidge Refinishing Group. Preserving Your Hardwood Floors Floors. Posted January 12, 2017 Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home.

Preserving Your Hardwood Floors Floors

They can transform a space and make it more elegant in understated ways. This feature is something that many homeowners want for themselves, but it comes with a trade-off. Keeping floors looking good requires regular maintenance and attentive care. Once you have gone through the process of refinishing hardwood floors in Toronto, do not let that work go to waste. One factor that has a big impact on wood flooring is humidity. The surface of a hardwood floor is highly vulnerable to scratching. NewRidge Refinishing Group.

4 Signs You Need to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors. Posted February 13, 2017 Hardwood is some of the most beautiful, versatile flooring materials available in Canada.

4 Signs You Need to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Over time, however, even the best hardwood floors begin to show signs of age and wear. NewRidge Refinishing Group. What Makes the Bona Recoat System Different Than Other Wood Refinishing Processes? Posted January 30, 2017 There are a lot of methods to make the wood floors in your home look fantastic.

What Makes the Bona Recoat System Different Than Other Wood Refinishing Processes?

For the best results, you should contact professionals who can recommend ideal processes. NewRidge Refinishing Group. Preserving Your Hardwood Floors Floors. Primed and Polished- 4 Things to Consider When Refinishing Hardwood Floors. Posted December 28, 2016 There are not many home remodeling projects that can make a home look more elegant and feel more timeless than a hardwood floor refinish.

Primed and Polished- 4 Things to Consider When Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing wood flooring companies in Toronto make it easy to achieve this feature. But before you make that move, take these 4 tips into account. Hire a Pro Hardwood floors can look beautiful when refinished, but only if they are done correctly. No Pay, No Gain Do thorough research to find a contractor that can adequately complete your refinishing job, but charge an affordable amount. Stain Strain, Go Away. NewRidge Refinishing Group. Primed and Polished- 4 Things to Consider When Refinishing Hardwood Floors. NewRidge Refinishing Group.

3 Ways to Accent your Home With Refinishing. Posted November 28, 2016 Few investments in your home have the effect and appeal that interior wood refinishing in Toronto can.

3 Ways to Accent your Home With Refinishing

A simple round of buffing and coating can make your whole home shine like it never has and bring out its best features. NewRidge Refinishing Group. 3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Wood Flooring in Pristine Condition. Posted November 14, 2016 There is nothing quite as fun as designing and styling your home.

3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Wood Flooring in Pristine Condition

Choosing decor, interior finishes, and accessories is a process that many people enjoy, and it is a great way to incorporate your own sense of personal style into the space you call home. Flooring is one component that comes in a variety of materials and designs and each is cared for and maintained differently. If you have recently installed wood flooring in Toronto, here are three simple tips for keeping it in pristine condition. New Ridge Refinishing Group. New Ridge Refinishing Group. What Kind of Finishing Is Right for Your Floor? Posted October 26, 2016 You may have installed a new floor or feel that it needs to be refinished.

What Kind of Finishing Is Right for Your Floor?

Perhaps you find that there are some patches in the finishing and it is getting worn or maybe you are slipping and sliding more than you expected. When calling in professionals to take on the complex task of hardwood refinishing in Markham, you may wonder what kind of finishing is right for your floor. There is no clear answer without looking at your floor and taking your tastes into account, and that is where professionals can guide you to make the right decision for your floors. Water-based Finishing Water-based finishing gives a lighter feel than other varieties and lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through. Oil-Based Finishing. New Ridge Refinishing Group. New Ridge Refinishing Group. 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Hardwood Floor Refinished.

Posted October 12, 2016 Do you have a beloved hardwood floor that has seen better days?

3 Reasons You Should Get Your Hardwood Floor Refinished

If your houses wood flooring has become dull, worn or damaged, you may want to think about hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto. When undertaken by professionals, this process packs powerful potential to refresh and renew your flooring. Beauty One of the largest and most compelling potential benefits of hardwood refinishing is the restoration of full beauty. Longevity. 3 Things to Do Before Installing New Stairs. Posted September 30, 2016 You may be building a home from scratch and want to add a sweeping staircase or want to add a few steps onto the stairs you already have. There are a number of things before contacting professionals who provide wood flooring in Toronto to give a lift to your interior spaces and improve your stairs. Make sure you and your home are up for the job and that you have everything in order before the job begins. Check the space When you want to build a staircase or add steps, the most important thing to figure out is if you have enough room.

Select the Style. New Ridge Refinishing Group. 3 Services You Need for Your Wooden Floors. Posted September 16, 2016 Hardwood stairs and floors start out as beautiful products that really add a new level of beauty to your home. However, over the years, your flooring picks up scratches, dents, bumps, scrapes and other imperfections that serve to reduce the initial effect it has on your home. Fortunately, you are not stuck with these issues forever. Three are three services interior wood refinishing in Toronto, buffing and coating you can invest in that serve to not only make your floors look like new, but keep them protected from future harm as well. New Ridge Refinishing Group. Turn Your House Into a Dream Home: Explore Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Toronto. Posted August 30, 2016 Home is where the heart is, but can anyone truly love their home when it has outdated, scratched and worn out floors?

Nothing completes the look of a room better than quality hardwood flooring. If you have been covering your floors with rugs in an attempt to hide the embarrassment, maybe it is time for a change. Contractors specializing in hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto can give your home the stunning new floors it needs. Trust the Experts Obsessed With the Details Not every contractor is equal. New Ridge Refinishing Group. Tips for Minimizing Scratches From Your Hardwood Floors. Posted July 29, 2016 While everyone who has hardwood floors would like to keep them 100 percent scratch-free, the sobering truth is that hardwood floors will inevitably get scratched no matter the lengths you go to. If you are expecting hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto in the near future, here are some things you can do to keep scratches at a minimum on your hardwood floors. Put Down Mats and Rugs Areas of your home that receive significant foot traffic should have rugs put down over them.

Not only are rugs protective, they are also stylish. New Ridge Refinishing Group. New Ridge Refinishing Group. 3 Reasons Your Home Needs a Hardwood Floor. Posted June 10, 2016. Why It is Important to Hire a Professional for Hardwood Floor Installation. Posted June 27, 2016 While you could handle your own hardwood floor installation in Toronto, there are actually some very good reasons why this is best left to a professional. It may seem self-explanatory, but if you have never done a floor installation before, you may not take some important steps and the final results may not end up how you expect. NewRidge Refinishing. 4 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Refinish Your Wood Floors. Posted May 26, 2016 Wood floors are luxurious and can add class to any room. NewRidge Refinishing. New Ridge Refinishing Group - Toronto.

New Ridge Refinishing Group. Kitchen remodeling arlington va. Your kitchen is much more than just a place for meal preparation, it is often the room where family and friends gather to socialize and enjoy each other’s company. Even family decisions are made here. New Ridge Refinishing Group. Floor Installation Markham. Floor Installation Markham. Gert Stair Installation Markham.

New Ridge Refinishing Group. New Ridge Refinishing Group. Wood Flooring Services in Toronto. Three Primary Rules for Cleaners: Residue is Bad- Many wood cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil Soap claim to be acceptable for your floors, but the truth is that they are not. A lot of cleaners leave behind residues that dull the shine of your floor.

To test this, just spray your cleaner on a window and wipe it off and you will get an idea of what residue is being left on your floor by how clear the glass remains.Neutral pH is Good- Another misconception is that vinegar and water makes an acceptable wood floor cleaner. Vinegar is the common name for Acetic acid (pH 2.4) and can degrade your finish from frequent use. Ammonia is also a very common cleaner that has a pH around 12 and can ruin floor finish too. Quick Fix Products Are Bad. Stair Installation service in aurora on.