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Bodhisattva. Gayatri Chalisa. Hindu Morning Prayers/Sholka with Narration. Siddhi Prapti Mantra - Mantra For Accomplishment Of Wants Mantra Shakti II - Shankar Mahadevan. Good Luck Sanskrit Mantra with Seed Sounds. Sanskrit mantra for abundance. Sanskrit mantra for getting answers through your dreams. Broadcast Yourself. Vedic Mantras To Overcome Fear and Anxiety - Sanskrit Spiritual. Vedic Mantras To Release Stress and Strains - Amrta Sanjivani Stotram Sanskrit.

Sri Varahi Sahasranamam - Varahi Gayatri - Sanskrit Spiritual. Devi Varahi Mantra to Remove Negativity. Prayer to remove black magic. Kubera Money Mantra (God of Wealth) ‪mantra for peace AND PROSPERITY‬‏ The power of mantras. Mantras of various deities for a specific purpose or to obtain desired objectives  - by astrologer S.P.Tata. Now a days there are thousands of mantras available in all kinds of remedial books and magazines.

Mantras of various deities for a specific purpose or to obtain desired objectives  - by astrologer S.P.Tata

The authenticity and the effectiveness of most of them is quite doubtful. Most of what we are reproducing below are from the book “Meditations from the Tantras” by Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati, one of the greatest self realized yogis of our times and an acknowledged master of the tantra. Ekadasa (11) Rudra Mantras. It is the time of Shivaratri and there are a number of mantras that are appropriate for use this time of year.

Ekadasa (11) Rudra Mantras

Of course the traditional “Om Namah Shivaya” is always appropriate, but more focused effects can be gained from using mantras that are more tailored to the different forms of Shiva or Rudra. In fact, there are techniques for determining which form of Rudra is best matched to an individual based on the specifics of their birth chart. This technique is found in Sri Sanjay Rath’s book on Astrological remedies and is summarized here. There are 12 signs starting from Aries (Mesha) through Pisces (Meena) each of which is owned by a particular planet.