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You May Not Need A Lawyer To Handle Your Auto Accident Matter. If you are injured in an accident and you believe that someone else is responsible, you are probably asking yourself what the next best course of action is to take.

You May Not Need A Lawyer To Handle Your Auto Accident Matter

You are probably unsure if you will need help with legal matters or if you can handle things on your own. Sometimes, you may not need a lawyer. Conditional GreConditional Green Carden Card. It Is Never Over Until It Is Over An American citizen, who is married to a foreign national, may file a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to have his or her spouse become a permanent resident of the United States.

Conditional GreConditional Green Carden Card

If the petition is approved, the foreign national will be granted permanent resident status (Green Card). However, if at the time the petition is approved the couple has not been married for at least two years, the beneficiary will receive only conditional Green Card, valid for two year. For all practical purposes, the Green Card holder is entitled to all the benefits of a permanent resident. How Long After a Car Accident Can I Sue? Auto accident claims have a two-year statute of limitations following a car accident.

How Long After a Car Accident Can I Sue?

This means that after two years since the accident took place, you can no longer file a claim against the erring party. For property damage resulting from a car accident has a statute of limitations of 3 years from the date of the accident. Who Can Represent You in Immigration Cases? Do you have any legal issues regarding your immigration status or any other immigration-related matter?

Who Can Represent You in Immigration Cases?

Knowing who to hire in immigration cases is vital. Before hiring someone to represent you, you have to know and understand what specific field of law they are experts in. In this case, make sure to hire an immigration lawyer and verify their credentials. YOUR AUTO ACCIDENT CASE, CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE AND THE STATUTE OF LIMITATION IN MARYLAND. CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE Contributory negligence simply means that in addition to the party at fault, someone else contributed to the accident.


For example, when an accident occurs, the question becomes whether both parties contributed to that accident, or whether one party was the primary cause of the accident. Maryland is a “contributory negligence state” because it considers contributory negligence when making a determination as to who is liable after an accident. In contributory negligence states like Maryland, if the injured party was partially at fault, or in other ways contributed to the negligence, he or she is completely barred from any recovery (gets nothing).

Even if they were just 0.0001% at fault, they will recover nothing from the other negligent party. How Much Can You Recover as Damages? Being caught in an auto accident claim for damages can be very stressful and tedious.

How Much Can You Recover as Damages?

Hence, hiring a lawyer in Maryland could be the wisest option you can take if you are located in the east. The amount of compensation you are entitled to claim for your injuries depends on the circumstances of your case, and who can best assess these circumstances but a legal practitioner? In addition to the amount of your financial losses brought about by the accident, the following factors are also appreciated in coming up with the rightful amount – the severity of your injuries, how long you suffered from your injuries, and whether you are able to recover fully.

Will My Divorce Affect My Immigration Status? Divorce or separation may affect your lawful status and ability to stay in the United States if your stay is based on a visa that was granted in connection to your spouse’s application.

Will My Divorce Affect My Immigration Status?

That is why it is important to choose whether and when to separate or get a divorce. Child Custody Laws in Maryland. Not every Maryland romance will lead to a happy ending.

Child Custody Laws in Maryland

This is but a truth and a fact. Fortunately, we, a law firm in Silver Spring, Maryland, can help you sort out all legal questions regarding divorce and eventual child custody issues. If you and your ex have children, custody can be agreed upon. However, most states, like Maryland, have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act. When to Seek Help From an Immigration Lawyer. The United States is a melting pot of international students, professionals, and other migrants.

When to Seek Help From an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration issues are always a hot topic and hence, need a careful way of handling it. This is the reason why our law firm in Silver Spring, Maryland. Personal Injury: Know About Your Legal Rights. Have you been in an accident or know someone who has been injured due to an accident, but you don’t know how to get your personal injury claims?

Personal Injury: Know About Your Legal Rights

We are here to help you. Legal matters are our expertise, and we can guide you to understand your rights. No-Fault Grounds for Divorce. Sometimes, married couples fall out of love and no matter how much they try to salvage the relationship; it just isn’t working anymore. Deciding to divorce and go through complicated legal matters might be difficult. But in the end, it’s what’s best for all parties involved. Fault Grounds for Divorce. When two married people choose to go on their separate ways, the easiest and the best course of action is to get a divorce. Reaching into that decision is not easy, but there certainly is a good reason for it. It’s All About Alimony. Divorce is tricky. But finalized divorce can be trickier, especially when your ex-spouse files for an alimony claim. Alimony or spousal support is a form of monetary support that one spouse gives to the other for a court-specified timeframe.

The court usually awards support during the divorce process. However, alimony claims can still be filed after the divorce has been finalized. Parents’ Visitation Rights to Their Child. Custody and visitation arrangements are two of the most controversial issues during divorce. Under Maryland law, both parents are natural custodians and the court system usually takes into account what’s only the best interest of the children.

Though the court mostly grants joint custody to both parents, there are cases where sole custody is granted to one parent. When it comes to these legal matters, the court will determine the child visitation rights of the other parent. Step-Parents and Their Legal Rights to the Child. Most of the time, the parent-child relationship is determined by the DNA that they share. In Maryland, any biological parent has secured and protected rights to their child including physical and legal control. These situations make it difficult for step-parents to request or be granted custody or visitation of his or her step-child. Although it may be challenging, any lawyer in Maryland knows that step-parents have the standing or the right to be considered and heard under several factors: Degree of step-parent’s involvement in the child’s life.Length of time spent together.Presence of an emotional relationship between the child and step-parent.Financial support is given.Impact on the child if custody or visitation is denied.

When Sole Child Custody Is Given. Different Types of Child Custody. In Maryland, custody and visitation of either parent can be difficult to arrange, especially if there is animosity between both parents. This could complicate legal matters even more. So before getting into the custodial battle, it is important to know the different types of child custody. Getting Started with Divorce: the Process. What to Do in a Car Accident? So you were just involved in a car accident. There are probably many things going through your head such as whether you or someone else was injured, the damages to your vehicle, and more. Finding the Best Lawyer for Personal Injuries. The Importance of a Lawyer in Removal Proceedings. 3 Immigration Tips to Keep in Mind. Are you planning on moving to the United States for a better life? , a Law Firm in Silver Spring, Maryland, has compiled a list of immigration tips that help ensure you and your family all the rights of American citizenship or residency.

Do your research. There are a lot of rumors and myths surrounding immigration that can mislead you, so always be careful about where you seek advice from.