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Ben C. Martin

Ben C. Martin is an experienced lawyer of Dallas. Consult him for personal injuries claim, auto accident claim, car accidents claim, transvaginal mesh lawsuit, Risperdal lawsuit, IVC Filter lawsuit and Pradaxa lawsuit or other claim.

What a Dallas Car Accident Attorney Can Do for You? Have You Suffered Side Effects of IVC Filter Complications? As per the statistics, almost 600,000 people develop pulmonary embolisms every year in the US.

Have You Suffered Side Effects of IVC Filter Complications?

One of the most widely adopted ways to treat and put a permanent stop to a blood clot. If you or loved one has suffered IVC filter complications after an IVC Filter, or Inferior Vena Cava Filter was implanted into the blood vessel to stop the occurrences of blood clots, you should get in touch with a professional lawyer who can file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of this metal spider looking device. The main role of this small, metal device is to stop a blood clot from traveling to the lungs. This device is inserted into a vein of a person who’s been suffering from pulmonary embolism. Although patients prefer taking blood thinners to prevent blood clots, but doctors largely depend on using an IVC on those patients who cannot use blood thinners. Pradaxa class action lawsuit lawyer.

Risperdal Lawsuit Payouts – Johnson & Johnson Must Pay Every Victim. There have been several cases all across the United States concerning many young men to have developed male breasts.

Risperdal Lawsuit Payouts – Johnson & Johnson Must Pay Every Victim

You must be wondering how those men developed breasts. It all happened when they were prescribed Risperdal, an atypical antipsychotic medicine that has been linked to some of the serious side effects, especially in young boys. Risperdal is the brand name for risperidone, a medicine that's manufactured by and sold by the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit. Being approved by the FDA in 1993, Risperdal has been associated with more than 420 lawsuits since then. Many people have suffered gynecomastia (breast enlargement in males) as a result of which, they had to hire a lawyer for Risperdal lawsuit payouts.

As per the allegations made by plaintiffs with respect to Risperdal, a drug developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, was approved by the FDA to treat schizophrenia in adults. What is Gynecomastia? Hernia Mesh Lawsuit. Pradaxa Blood Thinner & Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers. Pradaxa lawsuits have largely originated from one specific type of side effect or set of complications: uncontrolled bleeding.

Pradaxa Blood Thinner & Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers

Although Pradaxa is a blood thinner, and internal bleeding is something that a Pradaxa lawsuit would be largely based upon, it is the lack of an available antidote that differentiates Pradaxa from other blood thinners, such as Warfarin. Thus, Pradaxa’s lack of an antidote could be deadly to those patients who cannot rid the medication from their system. Emphasizing this point is the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) assessment that has linked the medication to thousands of adverse events. In fact, 542 of those events proved to be lethal. Additional evidence was found when, in 2011, the Institute of Safe Medication Practices connected Pradaxa to more injuries and deaths than any other drug among the 800 it evaluated. Claims Plaintiff’s Pursue In a Pradaxa Lawsuit Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlements Reach $650 Million In August of 2012, Judge David R. A Whopping Amount for Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlements. The medicine, known by the name of Pradaxa, is a blood thinner that was introduced in the market way back in 2010.

A Whopping Amount for Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlements

It was approved by the FDA in the same year it was made to reach a huge number of patients to put a stop to strokes. People who often found to have irregular heartbeats repeatedly felt the need of this medication. What is Atrial Fibrillation? Atrial fibrillation is an uneven and fast heart rate that does not let the blood flow to the body the way it should be. A normal heart rate should be regular and between 60 and 100 beats per minute, but in case of atrial fibrillation, the heart beats go higher than 100 beats per minute. Are you the one who suffered internal bleeding or hemorrhaging side effects while taking Pradaxa? A lot of people would not show any concern about their heart or how it’s functioning. Importance of Hiring a Car - Auto Accident Lawyer.

Almost everyone has a car nowadays.

Importance of Hiring a Car - Auto Accident Lawyer

It has become really impossible for us to imagine our lives without having a car parked in the garage. You would find plenty of them on the road. This is due to the fact that the advanced technology has been implemented in manufacturing the latest models of any brand. There was a time when there were only a few cars on the road, but as time passed by, the technology gave birth to more and more automobile companies that have been coming up with models one after another. The fact cannot be denied that car accidents can be caused either by mechanical failures or due to the negligence of another person.

We are able to perform various activities using our vehicle. Even if you consider yourself the best driver in the world, you can be involved in a car accident due to some other driver's sheer negligence. There are two things that have to be taken into consideration. The Law Offices of Ben C. Martin.