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A Critical Analysis Of The Wage Code, 2020 - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction Wage Code: ‘No establishment which depends for existence on paying fees less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue.

A Critical Analysis Of The Wage Code, 2020 - Learn Lawdocs

By living wages, it is meant more than the bare subsistence level- the wages of decent living.’ -Franklin D. Roosevelt India’s regulatory framework governing labor laws has been very complex. Wage Code Bill The Wage Code Bill initially drafted and presented for the first time in Lok Sabha in August 2017, which referred to a Parliament Standing Committee. The Wage Code aims to amalgamate and rationalize the old and obsolete laws relating to wages and bonuses as stated in the preamble of the bill. Wage and bonus payments [3] It also seeks to regulate wage and bonus payments in all employments where any industry, trade, business, or manufacture is carry out.

Corruption Perception Index CPI - corruption as misuse of public properties. What it is?

Corruption Perception Index CPI - corruption as misuse of public properties

CPI or Corruption Perception Index is an index published annually by Berlin-based Transparency International since 1995, that according to levels of Public Sector corruption, rank the countries accordingly on the basis of experts assessment, evaluation and some public surveys. CPI generally defines corruption as the misuse of public properties and power for one’s own benefit. This year’s CPI published in January 2021, which ranks a total of 180 countries on a scale of 0 to 100, on the basis of the corruption index between the time period of May 2019- May 2020 from 0( highly corrupt ) to 100 ( clean). Functions of serious Fraud investigation office - Learn Lawdocs. Fraud-Corporate frauds and financial scams have significant catastrophic effects on multiple stakeholders, the public at large and the economy.

Functions of serious Fraud investigation office - Learn Lawdocs

Often companies try to paint a ‘rosy’ picture that the company’s financial health is all rainbows and unicorns, to portray themselves as a successful company. They undertake multiple fraudulent and unethical routes to window dress their accounts to paint false picture to the shareholders. Analysis of the Abrogation of Article 370 - Learn Lawdocs. Abstract This analysis primarily focuses on the revocation of Article 370 by the Modi Govt. on 5 August 2019 by using Majoritarian power.

Analysis of the Abrogation of Article 370 - Learn Lawdocs

The abrogation of Article 370 clothed to be against the very spirit of the Indian Constitution, principles of humanity, and therefore the democratic norms at a broader level. All About Shell Companies - Learn Lawdocs. Presently, none of the pivotal Indian Statutes including the Companies Act of 1956[1] and the Companies of 2013 give a definition for a ‘Shell company’.

All About Shell Companies - Learn Lawdocs

Even when there have been evident and longstanding efforts made by the Indian parliamentary panel to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to define such a ‘Shell Company’.[2] Through precedents and conventions, a shell company can be understood to be a company that exists only on paper. Neither does it have actual active business operations nor any significant assets. These companies do not engage in any economic activities but have a corporate legal personality.

In common parlance these non operational companies are used as a vehicle for financial maneuvers or even kept dormant for future use. Even though is no statutory provision regarding adjudication of such companies, The Securities and Exchange Board of India has identified certain parameters for the classification of shell companies. Including some entities. The Indian Supreme Court’s take on Contingent Contracts v. Frustrated Contracts - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction The Indian Contracts Act, 1872 (ICA) defines the term “contracts” under §2(h) as an agreement between two or more parties that engenders liability that is enforceable by law[1].

The Indian Supreme Court’s take on Contingent Contracts v. Frustrated Contracts - Learn Lawdocs

But sometimes these obligations might be affected due to sudden unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that are incapable of being known beforehand, eventually discharges the parties from their contractual obligations[2]. Technical SEO - Learn Lawdocs. Technical SEO is the process which improves technically the websites in ranking of its pages in search engine.

Technical SEO - Learn Lawdocs

To improve the website and to make faster it , easy to crawl and understandable to search engine so that get to know the search engine, what content is about or it is relevant or not , they are the pillars of technical optimization. It is a part of on-page SEO which helps to increase the traffic and in ranking the website. There are some important elements of Technical SEO crawling, indexing, rendering and website architecture. Technical SEO relates to all the activities of SEO but it not includes content optimization and link building.

IP Protection of AI-Generated work in India - Learn Lawdocs. Change in the existing legal framework of intellectual property does not match the pace with which technological advancements are being made.

IP Protection of AI-Generated work in India - Learn Lawdocs

The time taken by Google or Tesla to create an updated version of its software and unleash it in the market would be a fraction of the time taken by the legislation of any country to introduce changes in the law that are well updated with the technological developments. Promote blogs-Strategy-Generate Traffic - Learn Lawdocs. Promote Blogs- Getting more and more people to read your blog is both an art and science.

Promote blogs-Strategy-Generate Traffic - Learn Lawdocs

Employ these 20 recommendations on the way to get your blog notice. Every business owner who has ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to realize readership. Though we would all love it if readers just magically came to us, the truth is, it takes some work to create an audience. It is easy to urge frustrated and just hand over on blogging, but once you experience the advantages, you will understand that your blog can have an incredible impact on your business by attracting traffic to your site, helping you build a social media audience, and making an impact on prospects and clients alike.

Following are 20 proven strategies that will assist you to Promote Blogs boost readership and increase traffic to your blog. Maintenance of Wife Under Personal Laws - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction This paper deals with Maintenance of wife under Hindu Marriage Act and dissolution of Muslim act.

Maintenance of Wife Under Personal Laws - Learn Lawdocs

The concept of maintenance aims to put the wife back to the same position of power and comfort and lifestyle as she was at the time when her marriage existed. The article also highlights the point that why women need maintenance. There is no patent amount given by the husband for the maintenance that the husband is liable to pay to his wife, and it is upon the discretion of a financial condition of the husband and what comes out of the court decision to fix the amount of maintenance that the husband needs to pay either in the monthly basis or in form of a lump sum. Umar Javeed v. Google LLC -GMC - Learn Lawdocs. Podcast3 PLAYING x OF y Track Name Track Artist 00:00 00:00 Audio Description Introduction MC Mehta v. Union of India, commonly known as the Taj Trapezium case where the Supreme Court espoused the cause of protection of national heritages such as the Taj Mahal from deterioration and damage due to atmospheric… February 25, 2021.

IP Protection of AI-Generated work in India - Learn Lawdocs. Internal Aids to Construction - Learn Lawdocs. Meaning of internal aidLong titleTitle of an orderPreambleHeadingNotesPunctuationDefinition clausesRestriction and Extensive Definition.Ambiguous Definition. IP Protection of AI-Generated work in India - Learn Lawdocs. Infrastructure Union budget 2021 - Learn Lawdocs. Infrastructure Union budget 2021 in the budget presented by Finance Minister in 2021. It consists of 6 pillars of the development process and here we are going to discuss Infrastructure the major pillar of budget.

So the infrastructure keypoints for this Union budgets were The Minister made a proposal regarding PLI ( production linked Incentive) scheme there would be an allocation of 1.97 lakh crore for the next five years in 13 sectors to create and develop global champions for Atamanirbhar Bharat. For the Textile sector, MITRA ( Mega Investment Textile Parks) scheme to introduce the under infrastructure and NIP pipeline would be expanded for 7,400 projects in the near future. Offenses Act 2000 - Under The Information Technology Act. Offenses Under The It Act, 2000 This Act is call the Information Technology Act, 2000 and it applies to the entire India.

This offenses act, 2000 also applies outside India where the offense committed by any person. Offenses Under The Information Technology Act,2000: Healthcare Sector - Learn Lawdocs. The highlight of the healthcare sector for this Union Budget 2021 as per the speech of the Finance Minister is there would be an allocation of Rs 1.41 lakh crore for the Urban Clean India Mission.

The Urban Swach Bharat 2.0 Mission to be launched at an amount of Rs 1.41 lakh crore over five years and will focus on complete fecal sludge management, wastewater treatment, source segregation, management of waste from urban construction, bioremediation of legacy dump sites. It always has been the Modi government’s top priority to make our country cleaner. And from time to time people are made aware of how they can keep their surroundings clean and help India become greener. We have seen several schemes being launched under the NDA government. Budget in defence Sector - 2020 - 2021 - Highlights. The first-ever paperless budget, of re-elected Modi government during a pandemic, that too everything digitally. Our finance minister makes sure to keep the curtains high in every sector while releasing this year’s budget. A total of around 4.78 lakh crore allocated for our defense services, which is quite increased than last year’s allocation of about 4.71 lakh crore in 2020-21.

How To Use LinkedIn?- Let’s Learn - Learn Lawdocs. Constitutional Morality in India - Learn Lawdocs. In the words of B.R. Online Business Company Registration In India - Law Docs. WhatsApp Chats Admissible - Learn Lawdocs. Are WhatsApp Chats Admissible in Evidence? Whatsapp chats admissible: There are many categories of electronic evidence are Like website date, messages exchanging on social networking sites. How To File Income Tax Return? A Complete Guide - Must Check. The earned Individuals and businesses have to need to pay taxes as per the central government rules. All You Need To Know About A Lease Agreement-Lawdocs. A lease deed is a contract between the owner and the tenant. A lease/Rent agreement is signed for the long term, ranging between 1 - 5 years even more than that. Once you signed the contract, there is no choice to change. Hire Purchase Agreement - Legal Service Provider In India.

Importance of ISI Mark Certification for Consumer and Manufacturers- Lawdocs. Tips To Make Your Business ISO Certified. Get international recognition. Enhance reputation. Get certification for quality, safety & efficiency. A Complete Guide To Hallmark Registration Process -Lawdocs. Free labour contact template-Lawdocs - Gifyu.

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Rent Regulation & Guide in India - Right to Rent Legally - Law Docs. Law Docs's answer to What is the procedure to create a rent agreement in banglore? - Quora. Law Docs's answer to Tell me the brief process to register a company as LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) in India? - Quora. Law Docs's answer to How do I register a Pvt. Ltd. company? - Quora. Partnership Firm - Law Docs's answer to What are the advantages of copyright registration in India? - Quora.

Law Docs's answer to What is company audit? - Quora. PTEC Registration Online In India - Coggle Diagram. Law Docs's answer to How can I close an LLP myself? It was just registered, never operational. - Quora. Online ISI Certification In India. ISI Certification Online In India. Internal Audit Definiation - Benefits & Procedure - Law Docs. Audit Certification. Everything that you need to know about Provident Fund (PF) Registration. Best Online Accounting Services. Easiest for E-Filing Income tax Returns Online.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Companies And OPC Annual Filings. Benefits, Document Required, Procedure. Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill 2019 - Law Docs. Compromise Deed - Hire Purchase Agreement - Lawdocs - Medium. Information Technology - Promissory Note - Website Agreements - Takeover - Maintenance - Goverment of India - Law Docs. Content Restrictions In The Indian Broadcasting And Cable Sector. Professional Tax : Slab, Rates & Applicability in India. TDS: All about Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) The Absurdity of Consent in Custody: An Overview on Custodial Rape. Amendments to Companies Act 2013 in light of the Covid-19 Outbreak. Guidelines For Job Work Activity Under Gst -

Analysis of The Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instrument) Data Localisation Vis-à-vis Data Privacy. Squeeze Out Provisions Applicable To Minority Shareholders-A Perspactive. Amendments in Sebi (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation. Product Liability(Consumer Protection Act, 2019) – IP Protection of AI Generated work in India – Banking Sector – E-commerce – What Amazon tells us about antitrust ? Partnership Firm - Law Docs. Consumers Law in India - Consumers Rights. How to send a legal notices? - Legal Notices format in India. Employer-Employee Communication - Role, Importance, Definition.

Legal definition of Brokers - Law Docs. Media and Entertainment Industry in India. Child Education Advice - Law Docs. Create online voice. What is business process? - Definition, Importance, Types. Find legal drafts to prepare your business plan. Format, Meaning, Types, Examples. Difference between hypothecation and pledge. Sign off legal documet. Use the SmartDrafts to upsell. Find legal drafts to prepare your business plan.

What is business process? - Definition, Importance, Types. Get Agmark Certification.