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Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Oil And Gas Legal contract service. Guardianship refers to the bun… Bonds - Supreme Court’s view on Divergent Dying Declarations. Talk to our proffessional lawer. Get Free Legal Advice. IP Protection of AI Generated work in India. The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts Introduction - Law Docs. Every contract is a set of reciprocal promises.

The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts Introduction - Law Docs

Most often at one end of these is the obligation on one of the parties to do or get done a certain thing on a specified date or in a specified time period. Failure to adhere to the prescribed time may or may not be fatal to the entire contract depending on whether time is of essence in the contract. Construction contracts being extremely dynamic in nature and dependent on several unforeseeable and unpredictable circumstances, delay in completing the works is not unusual. However, disputes arising from such delays are also not scarce. Status. Content Restrictions In The Indian Broadcasting And Cable Sector. The Indian Media & Entertainment Industry has made significant contributions to the economy, where it is anticipated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)[1] of 13.5per cent during the period of 2019-24 to reach around Rs 3.1 lakh crore (US$ 43.93 million) by 2024.[2] The necessity for regulating content arose as the unique audio-visual impact in broadcasting turned out to be a powerful medium of communication.

Content Restrictions In The Indian Broadcasting And Cable Sector

It was able to illicit thoughts and passions. “The motion picture is able to stir up emotions more deeply than any other product of art”[3] In Shankar v State of Tamil Nadu[4], the convict was said to have been influenced by the depiction of crime in films. The regulation of content is divided across different authorities and self-regulatory organizations. The broadcasting and distribution segments are majorly regulated by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), respectively. Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 6. Structure of Subsidiaries- Law Docs. Status. Notices Regarding Property Transactions. Define Notice Regarding Property Transactions The law relating to notice is adjective law and so to be followed rigidly.

Notices Regarding Property Transactions

A notice failing to satisfy the requirements of a statute is fatal to the suit. A notice may be an actual notice, constructive notice or a notice to the agent. Notice is an announcement of intimation or caution. Accounting and Book keeping Difference. How to get Barcode Registration done ? Analysis of Tragedy of The Anticommons. Competition for freely available common resources has always been part of the growth and survival of all entities including living beings.

Analysis of Tragedy of The Anticommons

When the resources are finite, the competition stiffens and the fittest obtains maximum benefits. Cybersecurity and Data Protection - The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 was introduced in Lok Sabha by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Mr.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection -

Ravi Shankar Prasad, on December 11, 2019. The Bill seeks to provide for protection of personal data of individuals, and establishes a Data Protection Authority for the same. The Bill broadly provides the following: \Applicability- shall apply to government, (ii) companies incorporated in India, and (iii) foreign companies dealing with personal data of individuals in IndiaObligations of data fiduciary: A data fiduciary is an entity or individual who decides the means and purpose of processing personal data. Such processing will be subject to certain purpose, collection and storage limitations.

Get your Barcode Registration done. Analysis of Tragedy of The Anticommons. Employee Stock Option Plan [ESOP] Employee stock ownership plans is considered as perquisites with respect to taxation..

Employee Stock Option Plan [ESOP]

On the other hand, for an employee, ESOPs are taxed at two below-mentioned instances – While exercising – in form of a prerequisite. When an employee exercises his option, the difference between Fair Market Value (FMV) as on date of exercise and the exercise price is taxed as a perquisite. While selling – in the form of capital gain. An employee might sell his shares after buying them. Compromise Deed - There are various instances wherein to put an end to a dispute the parties in dispute choose to resort to alternate dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation or mediation etc.

Compromise Deed -

The objective of the parties to choose alternate means to resolve disputes arises out of the need to save the time, money and other resources among other reasons. One of the most commonly occurring scenarios that the parties witness is to achieve a “compromise” by adhering to certain terms and conditions mutually agreeable to all the parties in dispute with each other. Get Agmark Certification Online - Law Docs. The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts Introduction - Law Docs.

Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law: 1986 vs 2019. Online Legal Service - Law Docs. Mobile Applications- latest development - India slapped a ban on 118 Chinese mobile apps, following a similar action on other apps in September.

Mobile Applications- latest development -

Flickering Point of Unilateral Arbitrator Appointments-Litigation,Mediaion. Introduction.

Flickering Point of Unilateral Arbitrator Appointments-Litigation,Mediaion

An Analysis of ‘The Tragedy of The Anticommons. Get GI trademark for your buisness. Structure of Subsidiaries- Law Docs. Amendments in Sebi (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation 2015- July 2020. Payroll Maintenance - Benefits, Documents Required. Online labour agreement. Get Professional Tax Service Online. Step by Step Guide to Mediation In India. Disputes are an inevitable part and parcel of our everyday lives.

Step by Step Guide to Mediation In India

Despite taking relevant care and precaution, no individual can give an infallible affirmation with respect to disputes arising in any personal or commercial association. Owing to the same, all the contracts have a dispute resolution clause, pre-deciding the mode of dispute resolution in advance to ease the process and save the time and energy of the parties. We can all agree that no two people can have an unconditional agreement over anything and there will always be a conflict of opinion. Therefore, having a dispute is a normal course of events, however, how the same is dealt with holds paramount importance.

The litigation system in India ever since its inception is looking forward to an effective method of resolving disputes and one of such practices is Mediation. 1. The first-ever legislation recognizing Mediation as a statutory practice is the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. 2. 3. 4. (a.) (b.) Convening the process 2. Cybersecurity and Data Protection. What is Import Export Code IEC? Get your business registered. Secretarial Audit Online - Law Docs. TDS: All about Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Online TDS return is a statement given to the IT department every quarter. It is essential for every deductor to deposit income tax and file for TDS return on time. TDS is the abbreviation for tax deducted at Source.

A Company or any person making payment is required to deduct tax at Source if the payment exceeds the prescribed threshold limit. Income Tax Return. Get Lawyer to fight for you. Meaning of Vakalatnama A “vakalatnama” also known as VP the abbreviation VP stands for “vakil patra” vakalatnama. Vakil patra is a document that is submitted to the court of law by the concerned advocate/ solicitor/counsel/lawyer who declares that he/she is being appointed by his or her client to represent them in any legal matter. TDS: All about Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Registrations For Business. Register for Shop and Establishments. Compromise Deed - Law Docs. Agmark Certification. Companies And OPC Annual Filings. Annual General Meeting must be conducted within the stipulated timelines. However, if it is not conducted within the stipulated time frame, for the special reason, Registrar of companies may provide an extension for a period not exceeding three months, which can be applied before the last date for holding the AGM.

Index of misc drafts and paints - Law Docs. ESI Registration. Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law:1986 vs 2019- Consumer Act. Information Technology. Supreme Court’s view on Divergent Dying Declarations. Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law: 1986 vs 2019. Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law:1986 vs 2019- Consumer Act. An analysis of introduction of death penalty in POCSO Act. Get Udyog Aadhar to your business.

Supreme Court’s view on Divergent Dying Declarations. Professional Tax : Slab, Rates & Applicability in India. Professional tax is a tax that is imposed by the State government on all salaried individuals. Indemnity and Guarantee. Online labour agreement. Industrial Design Registration. Affidavits for Students. Amazon Antitrust Paradox. Motor Vehicles & Transport Law 2020 - New traffic Rules. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Service Agreement with Lawyer. Motor Vehicles. Reply To Legal Notices. Directors or KMP : Registration of Directors or Key Managerial Personnel. Job application and offers - A step bt step guide.

Food Processing in India - Examples, Definition, Purpose. An Analysis of ‘The Tragedy of The Anticommons. Get Agmark Certification. The testing done across these laboratories include chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, pesticide residue, and aflatoxin analysis on whole spices, ground spices, ghee, butter, vegetable oils, mustard oil, honey, food grains (wheat), wheat products (atta, suji, and maida), gram flour,soyabean seed, bengal gram, ginger, oil cake, essential oil, oils and fats, animal casings, meat and food products. Agmark Registration is available for following products Hides, skins, Goat Hair, Animal Casings, Bristles, Wool, Raw meat (chilled and frozen), Handpicked selected groundnuts, Cashew Kernels, Ambadi seeds, Rape and mustard seeds, Taramira seeds, Groundnuts, Walnuts, Vegetable oil cakes, Ghee, Vanaspati Creamery butter, Essential oils, Vegetable oils, Tobacco, Bura, Sugarcane, Gur (Jaggery), Lac, Arecanuts, Myrobalans, Tendu (Bidiwrapper Leaves), Senna Leaves and pods.

Insider Trading. Maintenance - A Supreme Court bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan, R. GST Return Filing - Benefits, Procedure, Document Required - law Docs. Consumer Law In India - Law Docs. The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts. Partnerships - Pollution Registration- LawDocs. Get your business registered.

Tax Avoidance Structure. Why Death Penalty Should Stay - Human Rights and Morality. Hire Purchase Agreeement. What is Resolutions - Law Docs. Amendments in Sebi (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation 2015- July 2020. A certification of quality. Cybersecurity and Data Protection. An Analysis of ‘The Tragedy of the Anti-commons. Mediation as a Practice in India. Benefits, Required Documents, Procedure. Closure Of LLP. Create & track your documents. ISO Certification. Accounting and Book keeping Difference. Pollution Registration- LawDocs. Consumer Complaint. – The Absurdity of Consent in Custody: An Overview on Custodial Rape.