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Tax Avoidance Structure - Learn Lawdocs. Tax Avoidance Structure – We all read the articles published in the leading magazines about Google, Microsoft and other MNCs saving millions in taxes every year.

Tax Avoidance Structure - Learn Lawdocs

Conflict is not about them saving millions but that after earning loads of revenue how do they save taxes with such stringent taxation laws around the world. There is nothing illegal in the processes adopted by them but a mix bag of simple and complex techniques adopted by highly paid taxation geniuses at work in these companies. This article analyses and explains some of the ways multinational organizations such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. avoid tax liabilities through international transactions, tax havens & Tax avoidance agreements. It will also discuss the essentials of tax havens, ways to transfer profits and features of a tax friendly jurisdiction. What is tax structuring and how does it help large corporations? How does the Double Irish Sandwich Structure work? Fig.

Fig. Scheme of Arrangement between East West Pipeline - Learn Lawdocs. Section 232(6) of the Companies Act, 2013 (“Companies Act”) included a statutory requirement for identifying an appointed date in a scheme for the first time.

Scheme of Arrangement between East West Pipeline - Learn Lawdocs

Following the enactment of this requirement, therefore, schemes formulated under the Companies Act must specifically indicate an appointed date. Facts: This appeal was filed under Section 230 of the Companies Act, by the Appellant, a transferee Company. It is stated that the business of East West Pipeline Limited – transferor Company or demerged Company with regard to pipeline business would be hived off and merged with the Appellant. For this purpose, the First Motion Application was filed before the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai Bench. Issue: Whether an appointed date may be prospective or alternatively, whether the appointed date may be linked to the occurrence of events with uncertain dates?

MEL_Windmills Pvt Ltd v. Mineral Enterprises Ltd and Anr.

Functions of serious Fraud investigation office - Learn Lawdocs. Fraud-Corporate frauds and financial scams have significant catastrophic effects on multiple stakeholders, the public at large and the economy.

Functions of serious Fraud investigation office - Learn Lawdocs

Often companies try to paint a ‘rosy’ picture that the company’s financial health is all rainbows and unicorns, to portray themselves as a successful company. They undertake multiple fraudulent and unethical routes to window dress their accounts to paint false picture to the shareholders. Role of international organizations - Learn Lawdocs. ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ means the world is one family, where all another state/nation is its family members.

Role of international organizations - Learn Lawdocs

This world is protected or maintained with the help of some international organizations who are central competent in global governance, humanity, education which has a positive influence on global development. To make a firmly working of the entire globe International organizations play a key role. This is explained thoroughly in this article. For every Department we have a different organization for example for the protection of labor union around the globe we have ILO( International Labour Organization), For health & Medical Drug purpose we have the WHO( World Health Organization), and So on.

Education-Recent Development In Education Industry - Learn Lawdocs. The year 2019 saw some incredible technological advances in education.

Education-Recent Development In Education Industry - Learn Lawdocs

With EdTech all set to disorganize the fate of education, the coming year vows to proceed unequivocally on this way of advancement. In any case, the acknowledgment of EdTech has been far more slowly than desired, with Educational institutions proceeding to be obstinately opposed to a new semblance of educating and learning. Budget 2021 And Educatory Trends. Iba Rules-Status of party appointed - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction Iba Rules-At the advent of the increasing scrutiny in the evidentiary aspect of international dispute settlement, reliance on party-appointed expert presents itself as a contentious issue especially in the light of legal vacuum in the model law as well as the institutional rules.

Iba Rules-Status of party appointed - Learn Lawdocs

This vacuum arises as there is no clear threshold for independence and impartiality of the ‘party-appointed’ experts, the lack of threshold, in turn, affects the integrity of the tribunal and leads to a dissuasion from the procedure as laid down in ‘conduct of proceedings’. Family Courts - Functions and Duties - Divorce or child custody. Family courts are designed to deal with disputes arising in family matters such as divorce or child custody.

Family Courts - Functions and Duties - Divorce or child custody

One of the main goals of family court is to settle legal problems that can occur in families. The first Family Court case was established in the state of Rajasthan in 1985. Family Courts Act, 1984 was enacted on 14 September 1984 to establish family Courts in India to promote conciliation and secure speedy settlement of disputes relating to marriage and family affairs. Hashtag - Blogs - Use of Hastags - Learn Lawdocs. Nowadays, Hashtag is most commonly used on the social media platform.

Hashtag - Blogs - Use of Hastags - Learn Lawdocs

‘Chris Messina’ was the one who proposed the use of Hashtags in a 2007 tweet. The hashtag is introduce by its symbol Hash ‘#’. It is mainly use in posts and blogs like Instagram and Twitter. For example, if you search ‘#trend’ on Instagram then it will show all the posts, videos that have been tag with that hashtag. As the hashtag is became commonly used on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Tax Avoidance Structure - Learn Lawdocs. All about common internet and technology contract in India - Learn Lawdocs. Advocate Pragati mudgal DistrictcourtIndore, M.P.

All about common internet and technology contract in India - Learn Lawdocs

The internet has revolutionized people’s way of communicating. In addition, the way people are doing business has also changed the internet and electronic data exchange. It created a new kind of trade and trade called e-commerce. Benefits Of Using Linkedin - Learn Lawdocs. Benefits Of Using Linkedin LinkedIn is that the most important business-oriented networking website geared specifically towards professionals.

Benefits Of Using Linkedin - Learn Lawdocs

A professionally written LinkedIn profile allows you to form an internet professional brand which can help open doors to opportunities and networks that you simply will not are aware of without the help of social media. LinkedIn gives you the facility to showcase your profile, recommendations, and connections, not only is your profile the first professional impression of you when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates, but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your achievements. Many people still underestimate the importance of LinkedIn in their job search and are sometimes to embrace in social media. There are many reasons using LinkedIn can add value to your job search. Many of recruiters use LinkedIn to research and recruit candidates. Offenses Act 2000 - Under The Information Technology Act. Offenses Under The It Act, 2000 This Act is call the Information Technology Act, 2000 and it applies to the entire India.

This offenses act, 2000 also applies outside India where the offense committed by any person. Offenses Under The Information Technology Act,2000: 1) Tampering with Computer Source:(Section 65) New Trends and Legal Challenges in ADR - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction New Trends in ADR – The following article is aimed at enhancing the understanding of the new trends and legal challenges in the field of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). This is colloquially referred to as EDR that stands for External Dispute Resolution. The following article would give you a holistic understanding of the concept. It will further enhance in understanding the emerging trends and prevalent challenges in ADR. What is ADR? Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) stands for a wide range of processes and techniques for resolving disputes. Economic Offences-Evolution of laws Governing - Learn Lawdocs.

Introduction During the earlier times, the laws penalizing the economic offenses were not very strict and this resulted in the offenders not getting the punishment they deserved, and they were usually able to stay away from the clutches of law. This was resulting in an increase in economic offenses and this was a grave concern for the people and the government. Over time, to address this issue, the laws dealing with economic offenses have been strengthened by way of amendments and the introduction of new laws. This article aims to examine the evolution of economic laws in India. Enforceability of International law - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction International law governs the legal relations and conduct of States when dealing with each other – through instruments such as treaties, customs, general principles of law, judicial decisions, and the opinions of the most highly qualified publicists of international law belonging to these states.[1] Even though there are various sources from which international law is derived, its enforceability is regarded as a grey area.[2] International law has been infamously criticized as law without the backing of a sanction,[3] which in effect makes it a non-law for its critics.

This paper seeks to analyze whether international law is enforceable, the methods of such enforcement, and any suggestions that could tackle the problems faced currently with enforcement. Methods of enforcement of International Law Moral Sanctions Apart from the UN charter codifying enforcement of international law, there are other agencies and interests that also ensure its enforcement.

Evolution Of Securities Laws In India - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction Securities Laws- The prosperity of securities market is a critical indicator of a healthy economy or quintessential for a growth and development. In India, securities have been traded for more than two centuries now, though historical evidence regarding initial stages of securities market is meager and obscure.

This note attempts to trace the evolution of securities law in India. Firstly, the notes trace the circumstances around the securities market in pre independence era and the consequential developments. Secondly, the post-independence, development particularly pertaining to the enactment of legislations to regulate securities market and protect investor’s rights. Exchange Board of India was constituted with the enactment of SEBI Act, 1992. Maneck Chowk and Ahmedabad Mfg. Co. Ltd - Learn Lawdocs. Citation: (1970) 2 Comp LJ 300 (Guj) Facts: Messrs. ludequip Limited had filed this petition under section 391(2) of. the Companies Act, 1956, for sanctioning a scheme of compromise and arrangement between the creditors and members of Maneck chowk & Ahmedabad Manufacturing Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company) and the compromise proposed by the company and approved by the creditors and members of the company. In re Alleged anti competitive conduct by Maruti Suzuki - Learn Lawdocs.

Podcast3 PLAYING x OF y Track Name Track Artist 00:00 00:00 Audio Description Introduction MC Mehta v. Digital Marketing - Blog - Social Media - Learn Lawdocs. Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is an online platform where we can promote and sell our products online. After 2013, Digital Marketing has become common as all the companies and shop owners are doing online marketing of their products and selling them online.

The world is growing up day by day as every business is coming on the online platforms. Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Management Non Debt - Learn Lawdocs. The Ministry of Finance vide its notification dated 17th October 2019 issued the Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instrument) Rules, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “Rules“), in supersession of the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India) Regulations, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as “FEMA 20R“) and the Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018.

The Rules bring a number of investor friendly changes. POSCO ACT Against Child Abuse - Learn Lawdocs. POSCO Act Against Child Abuse (Protection of Children from sexual offense) was introduce by Virendra Kumar. Guidelines For Job Work Activity Under Gst - Learn Lawdocs. Domestic Violence In India: Reinterpreting The Meaning Of Shared Households - Learn Lawdocs. Introduction. MEL_Windmills Pvt Ltd v. Mineral Enterprises Ltd - Learn Lawdocs. Facts: There was a scheme of demerger involving a company where in there were certain pending investigations in respect of its mining business and the mining business, windmills was not being demerged. Hashtag - Blogs - Use of Hastags - Learn Lawdocs. Gst Implication on Canteen Facility - Learn Lawdocs. The introduction of Goods & Service Tax (in short GST) nation vide w.e.f. 1 1st July 2017 subsuming various laws have been laid to a major extent on the erstwhile Service Tax law.

How is GRDP impacting the Indian IT industry? - Learn Lawdocs. GDPR India, the sixth largest economy in the world, famously known for being an IT hub worldwide, managed to maintain world dominance with the industry with over 100 billion dollars in the export of IT software in the year 2017-2018. The various clientele that India serves are located from the European Economic Area [EEA] have come under the lens of the General Data Protection Regulation [ GDPR] since May 25th 2018.

This law addresses the export of personal data outside European Union, carving a niche for itself in data protection across the region. Why did GDPR come into force? Mediation In Divorce Proceedings - Learn Lawdocs. Different Theories Of Divorce - Learn Lawdocs. Internet Of Things (IoT) - Learn Lawdocs. Responsibilities As A Hr After Covid-19 - Learn Lawdocs. Impact of Cybersecurity on Capital Market - Learn Lawdocs.

MEL_Windmills Pvt Ltd v. Mineral Enterprises Ltd - Learn Lawdocs. Whether Supreme Court can set aside an award - Learn Lawdocs. Fashion Importance in Today's World - Learn Lawdocs. Mental Health During COVID-19 - Learn Lawdocs. Famous Places To Visit In Kota, Jaipur, And Udaipur - Learn Lawdocs. WhatsApp Messenger - Learn Lawdocs. Divergent Dying - Supreme-Courts-views - Learn Lawdocs. Hong Kong Conundrum: The Applicability Of Nsa LawDocs. Are WhatsApp Chats Admissible In court As Evidence? Construction Contracts- Indian Contract Act - Issues. Start-ups - Planning and Executions - Indian government.

Amendments in Sebi Regulation - Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulation. Offenses Act 2000 - Under The Information Technology Act. Role of international organizations - Learn Lawdocs. Compulsory Registration Of Land (Delhi Requisite) - Learn Lawdocs. Evolution Of Securities Laws In India - Learn Lawdocs. Guidelines For Job Work Activity Under Gst - Learn Lawdocs. Consumer Protection with respect to E-Commerce - Learn Lawdocs. Banking Policy - Learn Lawdocs. Tax Exemptions For “start Ups” - Startup- Learn Lawdocs. Benefits Offered By Linkedin - LinkedIn GroupsLearn Lawdocs. Liabilities Strict v. Absolute - Principles-Learn Lawdocs. India Justice Reported 2021. Hashtag - Blogs - Use of Hastags - Learn Lawdocs. Vodafone Retrospective Tax Case - Learn Lawdocs.

Product Liability(Consumer Protection Act, 2019) Get Advice for preventive protection. What is company audit? Benefits, Document Requirement - Law Docs. Consumer Act- Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law:1986 vs 2019. FSSAI Regulations In Light Of Covid-19. Dying Declaration - Supreme Court view - Legal Factors. Save Yourself From Disputes By Getting Free Legal Advice From Legal Expert. Everything that you need to know about Provident Fund (PF) Registration. Double Hatting in Domestic Arbitration. Analysis of Recent Amendments in Ibc. IP Protection of AI Generated work in India -

Release and NOCs. Get virtual solution face to face. Status. Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace: An Analysis POSH Act, 2013. Information Technology - Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Oil And Gas Legal contract service. Guardianship refers to the bun… Bonds - Supreme Court’s view on Divergent Dying Declarations. Talk to our proffessional lawer. Get Free Legal Advice. IP Protection of AI Generated work in India. The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts Introduction - Law Docs. Status. Content Restrictions In The Indian Broadcasting And Cable Sector. Structure of Subsidiaries- Law Docs. Status.

Notices Regarding Property Transactions. Accounting and Book keeping Difference. How to get Barcode Registration done ? Analysis of Tragedy of The Anticommons. Cybersecurity and Data Protection - Get your Barcode Registration done. Analysis of Tragedy of The Anticommons. Employee Stock Option Plan [ESOP] Compromise Deed - Get Agmark Certification Online - Law Docs. The Issue of Delay in Construction Contracts Introduction - Law Docs. Let’s know the changes in Consumer Law: 1986 vs 2019. Online Legal Service - Law Docs.