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La Vita Nuova Inc is proud of to offer you the highest quality of Permanent Natural Hair Dyes, with NO P-Phenylenediamine (NO PPD), NO Ammonia and NO Parabens, and we guarantee a perfect grey coverage and NO reaction, or we will refund your money. We also carry the Locherber line of Natural Cosmetics.We would like to suggest that you try a healthier life style by using SANOTINT Natural Hair Care products.

How to Dye Natural Hair The Right Way? Natural dyes are one of the feasible ways to colour your hairs in desirable ways.

How to Dye Natural Hair The Right Way?

The natural dyes are treated with the natural healing substances that can help in providing a rich and deep colour with the perfect coverage of grey hairs. On the first application itself you can feel the silky shine and feeling. The natural dyes like Sanotint dye are composed of the PPD or P-Phenylenediamins of up to 0.6% for any hair dye in the market today. It is free from ammonia, provides grey coverage and is Paraben free. Sanotint is said to be one of the safest and a natural hair dye product available in the market for bringing the results that are desirable and do not cause any damage to the peace of mind or health.

Sanotint - Classic Hair Color Dye with Ingredient Information. "Do-it-yourself" hair colour, Applies as a cream, with any remaining product, which has not been dispensed, may be capped and saved for future use. (7 months after open) You can mix two or more classic hair colours for your own style.

Sanotint - Classic Hair Color Dye with Ingredient Information

This will allow you to select a color from 30 splendid shades. Application Instructions: Use gloves.In equal parts, mix in a cup the cream pigment supplied in the tube with the fixing emulsion (activator), and mix well. Apply the mixture on dry hair, using a brush, starting from the roots. Divide the hair, lock by lock. 55 ml tube of Hair Colour 55 ml bottle of Fixing Cream 15 ml bottle of Restructuring Conditioner 1 pair of plastic gloves Detailed instruction leaflet. Know all About Sanotint - Your Natural Hair Dye with Ingredients, Use and More.

The way you look usually has a huge bearing on how you feel.

Know all About Sanotint - Your Natural Hair Dye with Ingredients, Use and More

What’s more, the quality and condition of your hair can do wonders to our overall look. So if you have been thinking about giving yourself that much-needed makeover, here’s your chance to make a fresh start! Natural Hair Dyes: You Need To Know Guide - GoNoBuddy. Hairs unlike a watch or suit is a style statement that no one wants to slip off.

Natural Hair Dyes: You Need To Know Guide - GoNoBuddy

It means it is worth ensuring whether you are looking one colour or another you need to know the one that suits your personality. Best Natural Hair Colour Canada with Sanotint. Sanotint - Natural Hair Dye - Questions and Answers. Sanotint is the answer you were looking for your hair.

Sanotint - Natural Hair Dye - Questions and Answers

Here you can find many question about hair dyes and how Sanotint works. Recent Ask Questions by Customers 1) Why In Sanotint Light does it say to do a patch test for people sensitive to PPD? Is there still some in the product and how risky is it if someone is allergic to it? With many people that have allergies, depending on how long they have had the allergy, how sever the allergy was and if they have a low immune system, they become susceptible to other allergens. Therefore, the warning is there because you may have a reaction to something else and you may not know about it. La Vita Nuova Has a money back guarantee, if you experience a reaction to the product, we will refund your money for the product. 2) At the very end under the ingredients for Restructuring Balm it's mentioned what the natural permanet Hair dye Sanotint light may contain. 3) Is Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate a PPD (para-Phenilendiammine)?

Sanotint Light is PPD free. 1. One of the best hair dye for gray coverage.

Glowing and healthy hair can be expected with the lost lasting excellent colour outcomes. The hair dye allows you to mix two or at times more colours to experiment or design your hair colour at your own ease. Dye is also known to be one of the best because of its low allergy issues and is not composed of any kind of animal origin, so free from GMO. It is dermatologically tested and does not contain parabens, ammonia, alcohol and metals as an ingredient. The product is also approved by the Ministry of Health. Sanotin hair dye is prepared without the addition of any kind of preservatives. Sanotint, also comprises a minute amount of PPD i.e. 0.1 to 1.6% and is present in the form of Phenylenediamine. Product Composition: Benefits of Using Sanotint Hair Dye. Very simple.

Benefits of Using Sanotint Hair Dye

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Best Natural Hair Mascara by Sanotint

Sanotint Ash Chestnut Hair Color. LaVitaNuovaInc. Best Sanotint Classic Ingredients, Application, and Composition. Premium Ppd Free Hair Color From Sanotint. MIGLIORIN - Diet Supplemant to Help You Get Natural Hair Glow. Know All About the Sanotint - Natural Hair Dye to Start your New Life with exhuberant Energy Levels. Enjoy the Best Hair Dye in US and Canada With Premium Solutions for Your Hairs. Sanotint Your Natural hair dye to Bring that fresher Look. Sanotint, The best natural hair dye PPD free & no Ammonia Hair color.