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Patricia Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination. Documents menu Black feminist thought demonstrates Black women's emerging power as agents of knowledge. By portraying African-American women as self-defined, selt-reliant individuals confronting race, gender, and class oppression, Afrocentric feminist thought speaks to the importance that oppression, Afrocentric feminist thought speaks to the importance that knowledge plays in empowering oppressed people. One distinguishing feature of Black feminist thought is its insistence that both the changed consciousness of individuals and the social transformation of political and economic institutions constitute essential ingredients for social change.

New knowledge is important for both dimensions ot change. Knowledge is a vitally important part of the social relations of domination and resistance. Reconceptualizing Race, Class, and Gender as Interlocking Systems of Oppression The Matrix of Domination Multiple Levels of Domination. Lorber-night-to-his-day. Reproductive Justice Virtual Library - BerkeleyLaw. CRRJ Reproductive Justice Virtual Library Now, there's a simple way to begin or deepen your understanding of reproductive justice You can introduce yourself to RJ or deepen your understanding of it right here. Search for a specific resource, skim titles covering a particular topic, or take a crash course by reading all the annotations. However you use the Reproductive Justice Virtual Library, we hope you will find it easy, useful, and informative. Enter the Research Hub Explore a broad range of topics or search in specific categories, like author, year, etc.

New to RJ? We've collected a handful of resources that we think will lay a solid foundation of understanding for anyone new to reproductive justice. Feedback Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Featured Topic Area Native Americans and Indigenous communities have survived various forms of reproductive oppression. Click Here for Race ethnicity: Native American Indigenous Featured Resource About the Library About the curator Dr. About the Center. Coming to Grips With Feminicide. Since the completion of our edited book, violence against women who defend human rights is growing at an alarming rate. Flor Alicia's is one of many cases of relatives threatened or murdered for the human rights activities of their family members. Several of Flor Alicia's relatives, including her mother, are well-known human rights defenders in Chihuahua. Her aunt is Alma Gómez, a long-time women's rights advocate, former state senator and co-founder of Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres and Justicia Para Nuestras Hijas (Justice for Our Daughters) in Chihuahua.[2] Alma Gómez co-authored one of the chapters for "Terrorizing Women.

" Read more work by Rosa-Linda Fregoso and other writers in the Public Intellectual Project. The violence in Mexico is benumbing. "Mexican armed forces," as journalist Jeremy Kuzmarov notes, "are notoriously corrupt and have an abhorrent human rights record. " Women defenders of human rights are especially vulnerable. Critical Human Rights Framing. It's All In the Family: Intersections of Gender, Race, and Nation - COLLINS - 2009 - Hypatia. Women's Studies. Women as Academic Authors, 1665-2010 - Special Reports. 1665-1970321,368 authors 1971-1990609,635 authors 1991-20101.1 million authors All years2.0 million authors Anthropology 27.2% female authors(45,099 authors) 32 subfields Classical studies 19.6% female authors(21,069 authors) 22 subfields Cognitive science 30.2% female authors(17,584 authors) 6 subfields Demography 32.5% female authors(15,201 authors) Ecology and evolution 18.5% female authors(427,476 authors) 24 subfields Economics 9.7% female authors(129,059 authors) 16 subfields Education 37.2% female authors(56,299 authors) 21 subfields History 20.4% female authors(39,931 authors) 38 subfields Law 13.1% female authors(53,160 authors) 23 subfields Mathematics 6.6% female authors(19,547 authors) 30 subfields Molecular & Cell biology 26.7% female authors(392,159 authors) 39 subfields Mycology 21.5% female authors(10,251 authors) 14 subfields Operations research 7.6% female authors(11,321 authors) 11 subfields Organizational and marketing 19.7% female authors(50,811 authors) 5 subfields Philosophy 35 subfields Plant physiology.

Understanding the Complexities of Gender: Sam Killermann at TEDxUofIChicago. The social paradox of gender. The Feminization of Poverty. "Poverty is the worst form of violence. " –Mahatma Gandhi What is the "feminization" of poverty? The feminization of poverty is the phenomenon in which women experience poverty at rates that are disproportionately high in comparison to men. Though in industrialized nations a great emphasis is placed on women shattering the glass ceiling and climbing the corporate ladder (and rightly so), the most unquestionably pressing and widespread socioeconomic issue faced by women around the world is poverty--and often extreme poverty at that.

Of all the people in the world living in poverty, 70% are women. The actual term “feminization of poverty” was conceived in the 1970s, yet has only truly gained recognition among scholars and activists in the past two decades. In this context, poverty is not defined as simply a lack of money, but rather also the denial of access to fundamental human rights, including health, education, nutritious food, property, representation, etc. Why is it important? Feminization of Poverty .pdf. Biocolonialism as Imperial Science. Feminism 101: Patricia Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination | Mind the Gap. Posted by Winter in Feminism 101. Trackback This is the second in a series of posts offering readings in feminist theory.

We hope that these posts will make some important feminist ideas more accessible to people who haven’t read much theory. I have decided to discuss Patricia Hill Collins’s chapter ‘Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination’ from her book Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment, because it gives a very good explanation of intersectionality, a theory which I’m sure you’ve seen discussed on feminist blogs.

‘Intersectionality’ argues that we should focus on how different systems of oppression interlock. The chapter is quite long, dense and theoretical but I’ll try and pick out some points which have significant implications for feminism. Collins begins by emphasising the importance of knowledge in empowering oppressed people. Ok, that’s not too difficult to acknowledge, but: This is important and much more challenging. International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. The failure to protect indigenous women from violence. Forced Sterilization of Native Americans: Late Twentieth Century Physician Cooperation with National Eugenic Policies | The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity. California Seeks Answers On Questionable Prison Sterilizations. Hide captionLawmakers in California have called for an internal audit after an investigation revealed that women were receiving sterilization procedures improperly at several state prisons, including the Valley State Prison for Women, pictured here in 2000.

Gary Kazanjian/AP Lawmakers in California have called for an internal audit after an investigation revealed that women were receiving sterilization procedures improperly at several state prisons, including the Valley State Prison for Women, pictured here in 2000. Sitting in her San Francisco living room, Kimberly Jeffrey is combing her son Noel's hair. He groans, but she meets his energy with calm — and adoration. Noel's birth was not an easy time. "As I was laying on the operating table, moments before I went into surgery, [medical staff] had made a statement," Jeffrey recalls. 'A Real Conflict Of Direction' When some of these sterilizations came to light this summer, lawmakers demanded answers from prison health care officials.

Excerpt Forced Sterilization in Multnomah County, OR. Sterilization Racism and Pan-Ethnic Disparities of the Past Decade The Continued Encroachment on Reproductive Rights. Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State -- F. Engels. Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State -- F. Engels. Female Presidents. Born into a rich Christian family, she was educated in the USA. In 1927-29 Member of Government Council, 1929-49 Leader of Opposition against her brother-in-Law President Chiang Kai-chek and 1948 Honorary Chairperson of the Kuomintang, 1949-54 Deputy Premier Minister, 1954-59 Vice-Chairperson of The Peoples' Republic (Deputy Head of State), 1954-76 and 1975-78 Vice-Chairperson of the National People’s Congress, Vice-Chairperson of China People’s Consultative Consultative Conference, CPPCC.

In 1968-74 the Post of Chair of the Republic was vacant and she and the other Vice-Chairperson, Dong Bow shared the Presidential Powers. In 1976 the Chairman of the NPC died and the 21 vice-chairmen, including Song, acted as collective heads of state until 1978 when a replacement was elected. 1980 she was Chairperson of the 3rd Session of the National People’s Congress. Soong Qingling was widow of Sun Yat-Sen, Provisoric President of China in 1911. Louis.Theroux.Under.The.Knife.WS.PDTV.XviD-REMAX.avi. Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States. Lutz Kaelber, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Vermont Presentation about "eugenic sterilizations" in comparative perspective at the 2012 Social Science History Association: 1, 2. American eugenics refers inter alia to compulsory sterilization laws adopted by over 30 states that led to more than 60,000 sterilizations of disabled individuals.

Many of these individuals were sterilized because of a disability: they were mentally disabled or ill, or belonged to socially disadvantaged groups living on the margins of society. American eugenic laws and practices implemented in the first decades of the twentieth century influenced the much larger National Socialist compulsory sterilization program, which between 1934 and 1945 led to approximately 350,000 compulsory sterilizations and was a stepping stone to the Holocaust.

This site provides such an overview. Link to "Eugenics" and Nazi "Euthanasia" Crimes gateway page. Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's The Eugenics Archive utilizes Flash for enhanced search features, cross referencing, and interactive images created with Zoomifyer.

Get the Flash plugin at The Eugenics Archive will open in a new window. I prefer the original, HTML-only Eugenics Archive site, take me there. Eugenics Archive Blog Sterilization Laws Based on a task force recommendation, the North Carolina legislature is considering paying $50,000 to living individuals sterilized by the state against their will or without their knowledge.

Examine the Chronicle of how society dealt with mental illness and other "dysgenic" traits in the final section of our website DNA Interactive.