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Entering the Social Media Realm: Nonprofits. Design by Emilia. SMEcom Team Teaching Project So now the semester is almost over, and for my Social Media class we had our team teaching presentation on Social Media E-Commerce!

Design by Emilia

I’m so relieved to finally have it finished, but I definitely learned a lot about social media throughout the entire process. We used so many different forms of social media throughout the project. Our team used google docs to share information and to work on the assignment when we weren’t together. We also used Pearltrees to collect and curate articles we found relating to our topic. One thing that was exceptionally cool about our project was using google hangouts to discuss the project. Overall, I’d consider our presentation to be a success.

If you want to check out our Storify story, click here. Geo-Location now and in the future. #ESUSM « SM with jen. 4 Apr Earlier today my team presented our project in my social media class, #NewhouseSM4.

#ESUSM « SM with jen

Our presentation (#ESUSM) was all about social media and how it is best used for small businesses. Overall, I think it went really well. We probably could have integrated and/or intertwined our specific parts a bit but tther than that, a job well done. First I wanted to talk about a collaboration tool I just used for the first time last night: G+ Hangouts. G+ Hangout With Teaching Team #ESUSM - @DroMUSIC90 @JenFolger @jfwheeler2003 @DR4WARD Yes, at first it looks exactly like Skype. Another thing that we did on G+ Hangouts last night was simultaneously view and edit our presentation together. My team also collaborated using PearlTrees, yet another social media platform that I have learned about due to #NewhouseSM4. After we did our presentation today in class, we ran some analytics on Screenshot from my #ESUSM hashtracking report. Like this: Like Loading... Social Media is Not a Waste of Time [Infographic] #1 Relay Challenge. Report: Consumers more likely to engage with mobile ads.

March 26, 2012 Report: Consumers more likely to engage with mobile ads Consumers are significantly more likely to click through a search ad on a smartphone or tablet than they would on a desktop computer, said Matt Lawson, VP of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software, a provider of paid search management services.

Report: Consumers more likely to engage with mobile ads

Consequently, Marin Software's study “State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US 2012” anticipates 25% of Google's US paid search clicks will come from smartphones and tablets by December 2012. Mobile smart devices constituted only 5% of paid search clicks in January of this year, said Lawson, describing the projected increase of paid search clicks by the end of 2012 as “explosive adoption.” Marin Software's report found that consumers were more likely to engage with mobile ads than with desktop ads; click-through rates on smartphones were 72% than on desktops and 31% higher on tablets than on desktops. The Hunger Games. How to Make Your Tweets More Trustworthy [STUDY] Ever feel like you tweet something important, but no one believes you?

How to Make Your Tweets More Trustworthy [STUDY]

A recent study shows you how to boost the credibility of your tweets, making people take them more seriously. And it's not just marketing fluff; the study was conducted by researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University. Among the lessons for how to get trustworthy tweets: Gain followers and retweets, include URLs in your posts, have a profile picture, and fill out your bio with information related to topics you tweet about. The researchers surveyed more than 250 Twitter users to determine what factors do and don't lend tweets credibility. Then they scored that group of factors on a scale of one to five, five being the highest. Here are the top 10 things that make tweets more trustworthy, along with their respective scores: And here are the five least gravitas-lending factors for tweets:

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